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  1. Who is he and what's his background ?? I'd like to genuinely know also. Thanks.
  2. Some things are more important for now than that i'm afraid.
  3. Mate the boys club from alloa are doing nobody any harm good on you for giving it a go in men's football but you can't take over non league football . The wos football league at tier 7 and 8 will be ran by junior officials and junior officials will have a big say in tier 6 and in time tier 5 that's gonna happen common sense tells you that to compliment i may add who's already involved unless of course you are in tier 4 and then a new gaffer for the lowland will need to be found.
  4. Why is it sensible to go 14-14-14 and stop relegation to the LL? Because of the situation the country and world is in. Would be especially harsh to relegate anyone only further causing harm especially from an incomplete season. That's just my opinion.
  5. Only sensible decision in these times is a 14-14-14 and no promotion from the lowland or highland till scottish football gets on its feet again.
  6. Why not let good clubs and good football men like at the ants get on with it nobody on here needs a minute by minute update on things ffs. Well to an outsider looking in many will see a clydebank supporter with 'sources' and obviously conclude someone within the club is leaking info to him it's not rocket science.
  7. Great league well done all involved especially my nephew who banged in a few goals for a certain team in lanarkshire
  8. Narcos or narcos mexico which is best??
  9. It's desperate let's face it and totally pointless. Good luck to you and the association.
  10. Thoughts with all junior clubs all over the country during this time. I've done my little bit and donated to a few clubs donate a ticket schemes.
  11. Long time reader of these forums on/off thought i'd join in to pass the time during lockdown if that's alright with you! Post now edited to clarify
  12. Just binged watched all 9 series for the 5th or 6th time. Fantastic still!!
  13. Are people enjoying the new format during lockdown? I was but now not so much.
  14. Long time reader of the forum on and off you are an excellent poster. Can you see this ever working in reality ? Yes it's all good ticking boxes and saying we now have a 'pyramid' a plastic version imo to use a phrase but is it really worth it? I really do worry that most clubs have been dragged into this charade. If only junior leadership had been better for the fantastic junior grade clubs in scotland .
  15. Scandalous accusations being thrown about by clydebank in particular .
  16. Can people stop calling it a pyramid when it wasn't a proper functioning pyramid covering the whole country pre pandemic and certainly won't be post pandemic where everything will be limited even more the folly of those who have invested so much into this will get royally shafted the writing is already on the wall for crying out loud.
  17. Interesting thread as a scotsman exiled down here . Thanks for all the comments keep them coming enjoyed reading and keeping up on the scene up the road.
  18. Who are currently the best teams in the west at 19s soon to be 20s. Thanks
  19. Why is anyone even bothered about this association. Bit desperate trying to lure in teams with a begging social media call to come join us. Stick them where they should be bottom tier of pyramid and let them enjoy the football at that level.
  20. Needs to be in the squad now and sooner or later the clamour and evidence to start him will be obvious.
  21. As a fully paid up member of the tartan army was really looking forward to this one ah well always next year to qualify
  22. Keep up the good work bud been a fan for years now
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