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  1. Doesn't say much for there characters doing that its actually disgusting Doesn't say much for there characters doing that its actually disgusting It says everything about the character as willing to walk away from 2yrs hard work to maintain the opportunities for the players in their squad. There are 2 sides to every story and the full story will come out for sure.
  2. Where does Bonnyton being the only Ayrshire team Not in Conference C fit in that rationale?
  3. Judging by the phone call last night from your 20’s coaching staff they don’t agree with you!
  4. Our squad are gutted they’ve only 2 games in Glasgow or out of Ayrshire all season. The point made about Annandale travelling and not complaining is arse for elbow and missing the point. Teams want to travel to test themselves against different teams and players. Ayrshire teams are playing teams they know and players they’ve played against for years. All the Ayrshire sides signed up expecting and committing to travelling.
  5. Yes there are concerns from other teams, my phone has been going all night!
  6. For the Ayrshire teams it’s just an expensive rehash of the previous Ayrshire 19’s league with some 17’s thrown in. The Ayrshire teams should’ve been spread across the conferences - why have Bonnyton got special treatment? Are the other Ayrshire teams not deemed good enough to compete in Glasgow? Conferences should’ve had at least 3 Ayrshire teams in each to encourage competition and DEVELOPMENT. I’ll stick by my piss poor effort comment and add Lazy to it... Ill put money on conference C not starting with those 12 teams and finishing with less. 14-12-9
  7. Very disappointed in the conference split. Same old same old for Ayrshire teams - piss poor effort!
  8. It also will depend on all the teams that have applied being able to field a team
  9. Our home games will not have an entry fee, we will however have a donation bucket at the gate.
  10. Dam Park is the most expensive pitch hire in Ayrshire. It’s over £100 just to get them to put the floodlights on!
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