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  1. Who do you think we can finish above realistically going by what we’ve seen so far ? Don’t think its just the system from 1 to 11 we have been utterly hopeless. I think they have to take a large portion of the blame the last two games have any had “pass marks” ? None in my opinion . As I said last week there are ways to lose games that are acceptable creating chances, good pieces of play just coming short and putting a lot of effort in etc. The way we are losing just now is the worrying part we look a team with no ideas , no confidence and ultimately limited quality. Lapses in concentration costing us goals also.
  2. What’s the excuses this week then ? Don’t worry there’s always next week ? I said at the start of the season I’d take 4th place and run and that got shot down by some. It doesn’t even look likely we’ll be able to get that. I don’t see any positives or any hope coming from that team and I actually believe it is a whole lot worse than the team we had last year all be it the league has got stronger . Always wanted Murray to succeed but comments like we could go second etc are utterly ridiculous and deluded tbh. That’s us saw us play most teams in the league and most look better than us. A part from Robert in patches the signings look poor. Don’t think I’ll bother with the donation to Falkirk next week it could be embarrassing.
  3. Only in some games when things are going our way the attackers seem to play well . As I mentioned previously it seems like it’s curtains if we concede first in a game. Who’s going to dig a goal out of nothing for us when things aren’t going our way like today or like the Dumbarton game? If we were to sustain a reasonable attempt at promotion they need to turn up more often than not and just now they are not. Agree with the coach shout another person in and about the dressing room with alternative ideas would only be a pretty logical thing to help Murray.
  4. Totally agree with this. I want Murray to succeed but there’s ways losing can be acceptable imo but the games we have lost this season have been utterly hopeless. As soon as we concede this season it feels like there’s no way back for us even with 60 mins of football to play today. Heads go down and it’s hit and hope passes. Are we in a much better state now than we were when Murray came in 2 years ago? ... I’m not convinced
  5. Well here we are again. Poor stream and an even poorer performance. Yet Another chance to lay down a marker and another chance slips us by. Goalkeeper dodgy, defence a mess, midfield anonymous and toothless in attack . Don’t think I have any positives for anyone today. I think as I mentioned at the start of the season I would take fourth spot and run but I fear with that team we will be lucky to scrape 4th. 10 points from 7 games is extremely disappointing and with Montrose and Falkirk next up I can see us having 10 points from 9 games shortly. It’s hard to believe it’s the same team that play today and v Dumbarton that played against Clyde and Forfar. I think if we are bitterly honest we have an average team for this level but should have the advantage of the extra training sessions but that’s difficult to see as for the management team In Murray and Miller I’m sure they haven’t got it easy but have they improved us much over the piece the answer would be no. I think it was always clear that this season would be tougher than last but we haven’t shown any signs we can take ourselves up a level for me. I also have to add this may be an unpopular opinion but for all Robert looks like our only hope at times and I’m sure will go on to bigger and better things. he’s not interested in defending, desperate to win the ball back or put himself in a 50/50 and that’s not what we need either. Maybe more time in the Scottish game will get it out him but the graft has to come with the natural talent
  6. Yeah agree with that we just have to take care of ourselves I still think any place in the top 4 is perfectly acceptable. Wouldn’t be surprised if the current top 4 is the top 4 come may in one order or another. I just hope we can start building a gap from 5th upwards. Starting hopefully against cove this Saturday.
  7. Pretty pleased with today overall. As has been mentioned before I think we are pretty comfortable when we take the lead in games you can see our confidence growing. Think the second half Forfar came out a bit more and we took the foot off the gas but we showed resilience to see it out professionally. Thought Murray had the team and tactics spot on. Maybe dropping one of the more defensive midfielders (McKay, Kerr or Sabatini) for an attacker is the way forward. Undoubtably, the next few weeks or so will define the way our season will go but if we turn up like we turned up in the first half today we are more than capable of beating any side in this league.
  8. Feels like a must win for us imo - Very much like the Clyde game did. Hope we can put aside the two cup games. As has been mentioned the first goal is crucial. Hope we give stokes a go over one of the defensive midfielders. Is there any ideas when ally Roy will return to the fold ?
  9. Maybe it’s because I missed the era of the club getting to Scottish cup finals etc but I honestly couldn’t care less about the cup competitions. An unwelcome distraction from the league where our absolute priority should be. Unless we get a “big team” away which helps financially I have never seen the fascination. If we get papped out relatively early unscathed in regards to injury that’s fine with me. Wouldn’t read too much into the two games we’ve lost this week all will be forgotten if the team that played against Clyde turn up at Forfar next Saturday and get the 3 points.
  10. Totally agree. Sick of myself still going on about Chucky but how we never could have just gave him what we wanted or matched Stirling for a striker who has that extra bit of quality who can get us a goal from pretty much no where (who openly wanted to play for us). It’s there for everyone to see what a difference he would make. I never watched tonight due to work but I’m getting Dumbarton vibes from these comments and that’s extremely disappointing after Saturday. I think we have a solid enough squad o all round but we are lacking that bit of extra bit of quality that can come up with something when we need it. If someone offered me Callum smith and Chucky over the attackers we have now I’d take it every time.
  11. Aye mate hopeless [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] still my second favourite Australian to play for airdrie behind Simon storey
  12. Great season and great memories that season even if it culminated in disappointment. Micky B as mentioned was indeed a personal favourite. That team would wipe the floor with the current one imo
  13. What a difference a week makes in football... Fair play to the team and management who took a huge amount of stick (from myself included). We certainly put last week behind us and showed glimpses of what a decent side we could be . Think the team selection was spot on. At times I think we could’ve taken it up a gear as well. Good to see Gall get a couple and Connell get off the mark. Not sure the going’s on at clyde but they certainly look a shadow compared to last year going by their showing today
  14. Great analysis mate and interesting findings. I’m sure it shows what most were already thinking. I know we are only a few games into the season but I think the attacking options we had at the end of last season are far superior to the options we are currently looking that. We had Chucky and Callum smith both creative and good strikers . Kurtis Robert’s who all be it was a bit of enigma showed glimpses of what he could do going forward. Even big Nat sitting deep allowed other such as McKay to bomb forward and was a threat from set pieces. I hope oreilly and Robert get a run out this week as we need to find a spark of creativity from somewhere. This Saturday already terrifyingly has the feeling of a must win for us.
  15. Difficult to be overly critical of the defence as we have talked about before the same defence had the second least goals scored against them last year . Big Sean had a bit of nightmare today especially on the second goal but he’s far more often than not a solid defender. For me the concern lies solely attacking wise . I can’t see where the goals will come from. We are so toothless going forward . Slack passes, poor final balls and poor shots. Think the Dumbarton gk was praised for a couple of saves but off the top of my head I think the shots (maybe from Connall) were straight at him. We huffed and puffed but didn’t look like we knew how to cut Dumbarton open which is worrying as there will be much harder teams to break down than that. Even with their keeper being injured at the end I don’t think we’d have scored. Glad they are training tomorrow as today has been a big reality check anyone who thought we’d sail to the top 3 are wrong. I’m surprising myself saying this but I hope Ally Roy is back soon I think we need him.
  16. Have wondered this myself. If this is the case why would Murray accept not having full say on the team and transfers . not appointing a new assistant would lead you to believe Miller is more hands on this season. Surely Murray would like his own men in place .
  17. No idea either mate i totally agree . we’ve signed a good few players obviously not seen by Murray to be up to starting today. But couldn’t afford Ryan who we all know can make the extra difference in quality. I know what I’d rather ...
  18. Scunnered with that today. Not one player with pass marks. Dodgy at the back and toothless going forward. As I said at the start of the season I’d take 4th place but if that’s what we are in for we will be lucky to get that. Cove with 3 wins from 3 they’ll end up streets ahead of us. Big Nat would get a game in that midfield and nice to see Chucky scoring today also. Should’ve just let the game get called off...
  19. Next time I hope we let the game get called off. Hopless performance from airdrie. Dumbarton fully deserving of the points.
  20. Had two chances he should’ve scored easily. Not taking any blame off Murray today thot btw
  21. The team that glasgow uni were supposed to be playing craigmark have tweeted saying their game tomorrow was off. I’d Imagine the agreed terms of letting them use our stadium is we have dibs on it.
  22. Full of great ideas me mate. [emoji23][emoji23] Good news tho and Fair play to all involved though. Think getting games on, in any way possible has to be the way forward just now.
  23. Seem to be missing out on quite a few promising players to league rivals with our new “left-field” approach. Still our token hibs loanee to come in ...
  24. Hadn’t thought of that mate and no idea of the viability of my suggestion . Just think in a season of uncertainty there should be an allowance for changes like that.
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