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  1. Out of interest Do we have any idea who the players were that we were in for, that Stuart Miller had mentioned?
  2. Fair play to him then. Just felt we could’ve and should’ve pushed the boat out a bit to secure him after him pretty much spelling out he wanted to play for us. Get we need a larger squad for full time training but quality over quantity is what we need to get out of this league.
  3. Have to totally agree the Chucky situation still irritates me. You’ve got a obviously talented player who wants to play for our club liked by the fans and management team and we somehow let him slip through the net and end up at an average league 2 side. How many games this season have we struggled to score. Like you say I’d rather have a match winner than a team padded out with average squad players. The season we last got to the playoffs chucky and beany carried us all the way through with a pretty poor side overall. Don’t want to totally slate the club but A poor decision not securing Andy Ryan along with letting Colin Cameron go has and probably will still hurt us.
  4. Liverpool need to break their own transfer policy and panic buy this month if they want to win the league again imo.
  5. As I mentioned a few days ago I wouldn’t lose much sleep about anyone moving on especially if it helps the club out financially at the moment. MacDonald hasn’t lived up to his exploits of last season a bit like McCann also. Think he’s pretty replaceable . Hopefully with these links with Dunfermline they can loan us a couple of their fringe players like smith and Chucky last season. All the best to Kyle though you certainly can’t fault his effort hope he does well. Not looking forward to another football less Saturday tomorrow.
  6. Think the criticism of crighton isn’t totally fair can think of one glaring error at east fife that cost us a goal. I think he’s had a couple of nightmares so far this year but he’s an asset to have and the partnership with Fordyce has been pretty solid over the last season and a bit. All in all, a good captain and leader On and off the park. The coaching thing is a strange one you forget he’s only 30 so has plenty of years in him playing yet. I think he still has a lot to offer airdrie as a player. McDonald and McCann haven’t hit the heights of last year so far so maybe dropping Kerr to centre half and playing a back 3 could be a shout freeing up another attacker. For me our main problem lies in going forward so many times this season we’ve barely created a chance or even mustered a couple of shots. Dumbarton , east fife, Montrose & Edinburgh city all spring to mind we could’ve played those games all day and still not scored. Think people are getting too caught up in wanting to blame the defence. When In so many games our attackers have offered up nothing.
  7. For what is worth, and without going into much detail again, I still feel the playing squad has regressed this season from last and we were in a much better position to get promoted when the season was called to now. I can’t see football returning in 3/4 weeks. Sadly. And to the relevant authorities to let clubs at our level build squads and set up streaming equipment and protocols for a farce of a season this year shows their utter contempt. As for the playing squad I wouldn’t be overly disappointed to lose any of them to be honest. And if offers were to come in from higher levels for Robert or the likes of Leon McCann etc with the prospect of not playing in the near future we should take the money and run imo.
  8. Only logical thing to do at this point is call the season and award raith rovers the title imo In all serious though I wonder if our league would’ve been treated with as much contempt if it had been the season rangers were in our league. We’ve been disallowed finishing last season then allowed to build squads and set up live streaming equipment to compete in a farce of a season this year. I doubt they’ll have even asked if our clubs would like to continue or not at this point. I don’t hold out much hope for the return of football at this level in 3/4 weeks. Sadly.
  9. Back to our toothless coward like performance today. No one with pass marks today. Disappointing after two positive results at Falkirk and Clyde to turn in a performance like that. Going forward I think fresh blood is required this January if we have any ambition of making the playoffs. The only positive I can think of is, as I think I mentioned before, my total apathy towards all domestic cup competitions means it hopefully won’t live long in the memory. League far more important to me.
  10. Positive news Regarding Connell. With Roy coming back he will almost be like a new signing also to compete with Gallagher and carrick. Not sure if we can expect any further movements but a new backup keeper and a creative attacking centre midfielder wouldn’t go a miss. As for the returning loanees, don’t know much about Burke but Moore the few times I’ve seen him play has impressed so wouldn’t be against getting him involved.
  11. Have also thought of the similarities to Willie McLaren . As a young fan In the 03/04 promotion season He will always be one of my favourite airdrie players that season as you mention he was top class. Could glide past opponents and score with ease. Great times ! Shame he never reached his full potential as I’m sure Robert will.
  12. Hutton is a solid keeper in league 1 and he won us numerous points so he should stroll it. A good leader on the park and a good guy to have about the place . Will give you everything and should pick you up points along the way. Wasn’t too long ago brechin fans were waxing lyrical about their team before the rapid decline. All the best to you and especially Hutts getting out of the predicament you’re in.
  13. No problem with game getting called off today with temperatures being so low all week. Most seasons postponements aren’t much of an issue this year being the exception with teams risking themselves training for a game with little chance going ahead . Going forward though you obviously have problems with your pitch if you have games called off as regularly as you do and in all months of the year it does start to become a bit of a farce. With temperatures to remain the same all week you could pretty much call off your game next week already. As for the artificial “livi” argument Dumbarton probably have had more games called off in the last week than livi in recent seasons so that’s a non starter. Airdrie used to have games called off due to water logging all the time and now we never do. We also use the stadium to train so don’t pay to train somewhere else and rent out the pitch during the week creating income so I don’t think it’s a pie in the sky project these thing generate their money back over time.
  14. If we can have a better calibre player even if it’s only for one season we have to take it imo. If we make a few quid then that’s a bonus. Apparently a host of English clubs joining the Scottish clubs in chasing Robert now will be interesting to see where he will end up. As far as the livi chat goes not sure if dykes was talked up as much as Robert has been before he moved to livi. No guarantees it would all work out like that for airdrie and Robert also with big sell on clauses. I’d imagine another successful couple of months at airdrie Robert could aim higher than that and for a bigger wage if that’s what he wanted. Anyway, doubt we will see any football tomorrow. Happy new year to all diamonds
  15. Another positive performance and result today have been critical so again praise where it’s due also to the team and Murray. Was quietly confident but you never know what you’ll get from us. However, the first half an hour or so was as good as I’ve seen us play in a long time can only hope that we can string a few results together and can push on. The next 2 league games are again very much winnable in Dumbarton and Peterhead. As for David Hutton can only echo my sentiments from a few days ago. A great servant over the past few seasons putting in many quality performances. A player who loved to play for airdrie and will be missed on and off the park. Hope he gets the game time he needs at a decent club and wish him well.
  16. Always rated Hutton highly he had his moments but has won us countless points over the seasons he’s spent with us. A very vocal keeper and leader on the park so Disappointed to be losing a steady goalkeeper but understandable he wants game time at his age. His antics winding up opposing fans and his save at Celtic park will live long in the memory. We are losing a big character around the place and a player who loved to play for airdrie sure he’ll get a good reception if ever to return.
  17. Have been critical of airdrie in recent weeks so credit where it’s due that is a massive 3 points and a performance out of no where and hopefully is the catalyst to kick start our season . As airdrieman says 9 points from 9 is very manageable and having beat the “best” team in the league that should give us confidence to take on anyone else .
  18. I don’t think it’s leaders that we lack I think it’s quality. I don’t fault the guys efforts the majority of the time I just can’t see who has that extra bit of quality to win us a game or score out of nothing. Overall we have an average squad with a raw Robert being the stand out. Going back to the last season that we made a go of it with Chucky and beany we had a pretty poor squad overall imo we just had those two who could get us there with an extra bit of quality. Saw the Falkirk game has been moved to Sunday now and I’ll now miss it fearing the worst about it. Falkirk look a different animal to last year and we are going through a tough time would hope Murray would ring the changes but can’t see that though. Would’ve fancied our chances last year as well. If the Falkirk game doesn’t go our way we have Clyde Dumbarton and Peterhead all away I’m sure after that. We need a clean slate and 9 points.
  19. Farce. Announce 3 points to Airdrie. In all seriousness though a swap to an airdrie home game like we did against Dumbarton earlier on would’ve made more sense ... or an indefinite postponement given our recent form. As for the game I’ll miss it now but can’t see anything other than a comfortable Falkirk win. Would’ve fancied our chances last season but not this season.
  20. Was meant to add in yesterday’s rant has anyone else noticed how bad Murray is coming across in these interviews. I get it’s only a few minutes and the media guys work for the club but he doesn’t come across that great. We get the same brushed under the carpet short answers every Saturday without any depth or detail. More alarmingly after the cove game he said he didn’t know how long Robert’s contract lasted ??? How does the manager not know how long his players are signed for ? Also yesterday he didn’t realise we’ve got 4 away games in a row? These are things you’d expect any manager worth their salt to know... As I said maybe it’s the questions but a bit more depth maybe two interviews a week wouldn’t go a miss on how trainings going , progress etc??
  21. The last year v this year just comes down to opinion mate . I genuinely believe we were on to something last season whether that would’ve came to anything or not we will never know and I can’t see us being close this year. In terms of goalkeeper I think currie in the long run will prove better than Gallagher/Hutton but it’s not showing now . The midfield of Kerr McKay and Sabatini is very defensive and one dimensional I think last year with millar nat (who scored today) and Kurtis Roberts (all Be it not world beaters) had different qualities and offered different options certainly were good enough for this league. Totally agree with the attack last year being better . Robert would come close to a replacement for smith . Connell isn’t as good as chucky would be and to be longing for ally Roy to return to action who wasn’t good enough to get a look in last year ...
  22. Who do you think we can finish above realistically going by what we’ve seen so far ? Don’t think its just the system from 1 to 11 we have been utterly hopeless. I think they have to take a large portion of the blame the last two games have any had “pass marks” ? None in my opinion . As I said last week there are ways to lose games that are acceptable creating chances, good pieces of play just coming short and putting a lot of effort in etc. The way we are losing just now is the worrying part we look a team with no ideas , no confidence and ultimately limited quality. Lapses in concentration costing us goals also.
  23. What’s the excuses this week then ? Don’t worry there’s always next week ? I said at the start of the season I’d take 4th place and run and that got shot down by some. It doesn’t even look likely we’ll be able to get that. I don’t see any positives or any hope coming from that team and I actually believe it is a whole lot worse than the team we had last year all be it the league has got stronger . Always wanted Murray to succeed but comments like we could go second etc are utterly ridiculous and deluded tbh. That’s us saw us play most teams in the league and most look better than us. A part from Robert in patches the signings look poor. Don’t think I’ll bother with the donation to Falkirk next week it could be embarrassing.
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