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  1. Going by social media he has an ice pack on his knee. Hopefully nothing major, would be a blow for Saturday.
  2. Still baffled how a team with 4 attacking midfielders and 2 strikers never managed to create one clear cut opportunity on Saturday but the biggest worry is how many points poor game management has cost us this season already. We need Fordyce, McCabe and Gabby McGill back in the starting 11 asap. With a Falkirk away approaching in a few weeks the Clyde game this Saturday already feels like a must win.
  3. Confirmed on SPFL twitter feed. Common sense prevails. As previously said plenty of time to reschedule this.
  4. I’d hope we’d be pushing for the game to be called off if the amount of positive cases are as bad as said to be. Not sure on the rules but we managed to scrape by on Saturday but if there’s more now it would be ridiculous. Plenty of time throughout the season to reschedule.
  5. People got too carried away after the Motherwell result. Not surprised by today’s result in the slightest albeit an extremely disappointing performance. The league cup is irrelevant imo and All focus should be on next Saturday getting the players that are injured back and getting off to a winning start.
  6. I’ll go: Javier Sanchez Broto Paul Lovering Antonio Calderon Owen Coyle Alan Gow
  7. I was the same I was going to mention it also as it looked like the bar/function room at the stadium in the background haha. All in all a good bit of business from the club though. Suddenly things are looking up again.
  8. Has it been confirmed Paul Paton won’t play any part of either game ? His loss would be huge imo.
  9. Times really Up for Murray sadly . Missing out on the playoffs is now almost a certainty in my opinion and regardless of circumstances that is totally unacceptable
  10. Would say I’ve been pretty patient with Murray over the time he’s been here but for us to be sitting 7th in league one is a real low for us, every excuse aside. We now have to be looking down the way as well as up. I’ve said all along that our squad is average at best and our league position proves that . Too many passengers and not enough quality. If we had pushed the boat out for Andy Ryan in the summer and maybe started the season with Paton and Turner things may have looked different but instead we go for youngsters and squad players to pad out the team. The summer signings have all turned out to be utterly shambolic. Currie is no better than Hutton. Mbayo, Sabatini & stokes are obviously not good enough to play As for Robert I seriously don’t get the hype - Mostly anonymous in the games I’ve seen. We don’t have a squad capable of winning the league but the bare minimum should be 4th and unless we win the next 3 games (an extremely hard ask) we have no chance imo and Murray should go.
  11. Hard to judge anything from today with little training taken place, no competitive matches in months and a red card after 3 minutes. Pretty stupid of Turner going in like that but he’ll get another chance and hopefully proves his worth. Think with 11 men we probably would’ve won but not prettily. Wonder if the play more attackers brigade are happy tonight though ? we started with 5 attacking minded players. The positive is we don’t have a cup game this midweek and can get a full weeks training under our belt.
  12. That is a very positive signing for us credit where it’s due to Murray and the club. An attacking midfielder is absolutely what we have been needing to add. Always looked a classy player when he lined up against us for Stranraer. You only have to look as far as the reaction on Twitter of Dunfermline fans saying they can’t believe they’ve let him go so hopefully we are onto a winner. As I mentioned previously, I wish MacDonald all the best but I don’t think he’ll be a massive miss at this point and I think Turner will be more of an asset to us. id line up - Currie Mckay Fordyce Crighton McCann Kerr Sabatini Carrick Turner Robert Gallagher Does anyone know if Kyle Connell came back on loan from Kilmarnock?
  13. Disappointing that it seems there won’t be another player through the door. As has been mentioned an impact/March winner type could make all the difference as I can’t see there being much between any of the teams come 18/22 games. Don’t think the squad is drastically bad but I certainly would’ve thought an attacking midfielder would’ve been high up on the priorities more so than an extra forward (Jack McKay). As airdrieman suggests there are a few at kelty which would’ve been good additions for us - Easton, Flynn & Austin all come to mind. Pretty sure Miller said back in January we had a couple of players lined up so in the clubs defence, maybe, the purse strings have tightened. Regardless, it will be good to watch the football on a Saturday again.
  14. I think it would be good to hear from the club we are all financially and emotionally invested in rather than the constant radio silence and second guessing. I Have faith in the people who are running the club but some sort of communication about the on and off park situation should be an obvious priority, and we as ever, are massively behind our counterparts. You only have to look as far as other teams social media accounts to see chairman’s and managers comments while we have nothing from anyone.
  15. Noticed Kyle McDonald played 90 minutes for Dunfermline today. Genuinely not that fussed if he comes back or not don’t think he’d be a massive miss. The young boy that played right back against cove was decent enough and if he’s a player who’ll be around longer than the end of the season I’d rather go with that.
  16. No interest in re-starting the season if the playoffs are off the table would make no sense to the majority in the league.
  17. In other news, I must say I’m surprised that league 1 & 2 are allowed to resume. At this point I had lost all hope/interest in this season. A lot of questions need answered before then though. If Murray does go to ayr, which I doubt, there couldn’t be a worse time. Also I’m led to believe part of the reason that Stuart millar took a more hands on role in the training/matchdays was the rule we have to have two sfa qualified coaches. Not sure what qualifications prunts and crighton hold but maybe we’ll be forced to bring in another coach regardless. In terms of players, for us we haven’t been hampered too much. In keeping a hold of Robert and only really losing MacDonald I can’t say I’m too bothered if he returns on loan or not - I see he’s been starting for Dunfermline. A benefit to us is our playoff rivals east fife lost jack hamilton and I think Montrose have lost Mochrie and Cochrane back to their parent clubs. Will be interesting to see if we have any more players lined up or the impact millar having left on that front. At least we’ll have football back on a Saturday though hopefully for good this time.
  18. Paul McKay is becoming a bit of a scapegoat here. Admittedly, no world beater but he’s far from the worse we’ve seen in recent times. If Kurtis roberts and Kieran millar were any better they wouldn’t be jobbing around league 2 in all fairness. As Airdrieman suggested I think the problem more lies in Murray playing 3 defensively minded players in midfield off the top of my head games we’ve done well in, Forfar away for example we dropped one to play an extra attacker which worked that day. To score more goals and create more chances that’s what we need. A centre mid pairing of Kerr and McKay along with a more attacking midfielder might work. Overall, We’ve got a pretty average team in my opinion hence some weeks we do well then the next struggle. Remarkably, if we won our game in hand on the top 3 we’d be second after our pretty gloomy start - which says all you need to know about the league.
  19. Fair play just an opinion mate . I just thinking having watched some of the games the standard is pretty average and isn’t a lot better than our league and the squads of some of the teams aren’t that great. I Think even ayr and Morton have regressed. And gone are the days of the a strong Falkirk and thistle in there. I just think if we put together a half decent squad and managed to get there one way or another we’d have a better chance staying there than say a few years ago. I agree we need more quality over quantity and even if that means getting a couple more part timers in then so be it.
  20. Agreed in league 1 the hybrid model has provided limited success. I’d imagine a lot of the thinking behind it is if we are to get to the championship we could be competitive with the majority being full time sides instead of propping up the table as the part timers tend to do. For what it’s worth, I’ve watched a good few championship games this season and the step up doesn’t look that big to be honest (if you take hearts out the equation). Raith with largely the team of last season who were nothing great last season are second, teams like Alloa , Arbroath , QoS won’t be much better than teams like Falkirk cove Montrose and ourselves. Of course we’d need to get there first .
  21. I’m hoping if anything it’s just youth players involved in a set up like that?
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