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  1. Hadn’t realised it was a 3 year deal mate, that’s mental at our level yet another mad Falkirk decision they may come to regret. With makeshift LB McGill going off injured tonight it reiterates that A new LB must be top of the list in positions to address in January. I certainly would have him back if the opportunity came about but wouldn’t bend over backwards to get him.
  2. Fair enough. By no means was I suggesting it would work just suggesting it was a possibility. His ability to get up and down the flanks maybe a problem. He’s done well in the role he’s currently in though like you say whoever comes in over the next few weeks I’d like aggy to have some place in the starting 11. As for tonight’s came I thought it would be another case of ruing the missed opportunities as we could’ve been out of sight at half time but credit to airdrie for soaking it up when we had to and McInroy for providing a touch of class. Was surprised at QP, not sure if it was just an off day for them but they never really laid a glove on us. I understand they had injuries but so do we. Now to follow it up on Saturday.
  3. Noticed on Saturday Leon McCann was dropped to the bench for Falkirk and they’ve just announced the signing of a LB Taylor-Sinclair. Things have gone from bad to worse for him. Not sure I’d take him back tbh but could solve the left back issue if we don’t have one lined up.
  4. McCabe has the quality and experience to play anywhere on the park imo. The only vulnerability I feel is the lack of height at the back. Alloa exposed us a couple of times from set pieces, max currie isn’t the most commanding in the box either. Like I’ve mentioned before I don’t know why we don’t try Agnew at LB good left foot, good tackler and will get good crosses into the box. Would free up a space in midfield for McCabe. As for the game tonight I’d imagine like the previous encounters with QP it will be tight and they play good stuff. It’s about time we “win” a big game though.
  5. Yeah pretty worrying if some of the 500 tickets are still going maybe the time of year coupled with people being cautious with rising cases, plus the stream being available are factors though which is fair enough. Merry Christmas diamonds
  6. Our average home attendance this season is pretty low at 693. Hopefully with the 500 fans limit it will allow most home fans to get in that want to.
  7. Totally agree would be good to hear more about the injury situation. As I mentioned about Kerr there is no doubt over his qualities but the fact he doesn’t manage more than a handful of games before injury is a real worry and that’s now been the case for a few seasons.
  8. Agreed, no consistency shown by the SPFL making us play at Montrose in gale force winds then not seeing out the last 15 mins in a game we were strolling to victory in because of fog. And, to make matters worse we’ve now lost our best out and out striker in a totally meaningless 70 odd minutes of football. We’ve been shafted there’s no doubt it.
  9. Agreed. A must win. I hope the players show a reaction after the last 2 league poor performances against cove and Montrose. Having said that Clyde’s record against us is rotten, Since that last defeat at Broadwood we’ve beaten Clyde 4 times 13-3 on aggregate. Quite remarkably if results really went against us tomorrow we could end up closer to East Fife in 10th than Cove in 1st. Must win
  10. Very true… An undoubtedly bigger wage plus a much larger playing budget may tempt him away. I have always rated Murray and I think he’s done a decent enough job in improving us and bringing a bit of pride back, so I can see why Falkirk may look at him. One thing as tonight has reiterated we don’t seem capable of winning the “big” games.
  11. I agree and as I have said before that will be downfall of this team in terms of going for the title. Gallagher and Smith bring a lot to the team but to win a league you need a player to reach 20 goals imo and we don’t have one. Salim and Gabby McGill were maybe signed in the Hope one of them could reach those sort of numbers but have both had injury problems to be fair to them so the jury is still out. A player of the calibre of Andy Ryan / Declan McManus is probably the last piece of the jigsaw for this team as I think everyone notices our talent. Having said that finding and funding a 20+ a season goal scorer is easier said than done.
  12. Is there any chance of the stream being fixed ? What an utter farce this has been from start to finish
  13. Ian Murray seems to be high up on Falkirk’s list of potential managers. I’d Imagine he must be in the thoughts of Morton also. Do we know when he’s currently contracted until? Hopefully it doesn’t amount to anything.
  14. Results didn’t really go our way today. Hopefully we catch Montrose tired out on Tuesday after their Scottish cup exploits. Queen’s Park will certainly come full of confidence next week. Can’t help but feel the next two games will go a long way in defining our season. Cove seem to be on a good run.
  15. Yeah that’s it ! Would’ve been the same season we beat hearts at Tynecastle in the league cup
  16. Not in my time anyway. The game at firhill that comes to my mind is the game we won 1-0 in the challenge cup sure that was the season we won it. Di Giacomo scoring.
  17. Hard to be overly critical about Saturday, given the standard of performances and run we’ve been on. Agree with the point made above about Eastons chance that really felt like our chance that we had to take. Credit to Cove though for taking their chances when they came along. One thing that is worrying is if we are to make a real tilt at the title we’d need a player to really hit 20+ Goals imo. I’m not sure Gallagher or Smith (as much as I highly rate them both) will either get. Would be good to see Salim (if/when fit) or Gabby McGill getting a run at it. Also agree with getting McCabe back to CM asap! Does anyone know what Kerrs injury is ? Is it just a constant reoccurring thing? … A long way to go but credit where it’s due. For players/ staff and fans alike to be disappointed to be 2nd 2 points off top we must be going in the right direction.
  18. Anyone else tried to sign up to watch the game and got an error message? Used East fifes stream last season and never had an issue.
  19. Certainly an interesting encounter. Surprised it’s taken this long for East Fife to get going. Not sure how far away Kerr and Lyons are for playing a full 90 minutes. Would be good to see McCabe pushed back into midfield. Walker did fine on Saturday although did at times look uncomfortable playing on the left
  20. Kerr is a real asset and the piece we are missing at the back. Just a shame he is injured so much. Thought we’d have gone for a defender this week to let McCabe slot back into midfield where he is more influential. Still thing Agnew is a shout for LB or at least worth trying out. Good left foot good footballing brain and plenty of experience.
  21. Defence definitely needs sorting out McCabe and McGill both playing out of position. Kerr is good but rarely fit enough to manage a run of games. Think as someone mentioned Watson from Dunfermline maybe available ? Never showed up today which is disappointing but won’t be too hard on the team, we have done brilliantly in recent weeks. Can’t afford many performances like today if we have aspirations of going up, however.
  22. Going by social media he has an ice pack on his knee. Hopefully nothing major, would be a blow for Saturday.
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