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  1. I would suggest the opposite. The title has imo been over for a few weeks. I thought Clyde would’ve wanted to turn up and put in a performance for the occasion which obviously had significance to yourselves. As Ian Murray said we had a few players not risked in this game with all eyes on the playoffs. Agnew, Watson, Gabby McGill and Frizzell all out, all of which would’ve probably started. Subbing our Keeper, our RB MacDonald ending the game up front it felt more like a training game for us. Make no mistake Clyde have got away with one this season, turmoil off the park and a poor team on it. With the league getting stronger again next season, Clyde will be an absolute shoo-in for relegation.
  2. If Murray gets us promoted and ”IF” he leaves for Falkirk, Hibs, Raith or whoever then so be it and he will leave with my best wishes. As it stands though I’m sure he knows he’s got it good at airdrie he’s unanimously well liked, he’s been given time to build a team and backroom staff of his choosing and we are currently having our best season in a long time. If I was Murray I’d be holding out for a more stable club than Falkirk though we all know if they get off to a bad/average start again next season he’ll be out the door. The grass isn’t always greener with Leon McCann the number 1 example. From an Airdrie point of view I hope he stays and we can retain this squad hopefully for a shot at the championship. *Also I find this chat about a youth academy strange I’ve no idea why we’d want on we’ve got the best squad we’ve had in years because all our money can be spent on the first team squad.
  3. Yeah, stream never worked the last time I’m sure. I’d hold off until the last minute to buy. Should be a decent game can’t remember the last time we won at Links Park. Always wary of Montrose, I’d imagine they’ll be up for it after the drubbing we handed them out last time. Two teams sussing each other out for the likely playoff.
  4. Hope there’s nothing to this youth academy talk. We are having the best season in years on the pitch without a youth set up or director or football and I’d imagine the common denominator is we are able to put all available money into the first team squad. Why change that? Surely we can set up partnership with local youth team to create some sort of pathway.
  5. Believe it was just to suit BBC alba tv purposes. Think they showed the league 1 playoffs also they played on the Monday and Thursday . Which is even worse.
  6. Cheers mate, but think the final was scheduled as that last season before they decided to televise it and change it to a Tuesday + Friday night, was wondering if anything like that had been mentioned yet.
  7. Noticed the SPFL released the premier league playoff dates today. does anyone know if ours are out ? Guessing the semi final would be a Wednesday Saturday job. The final (If we get there) was Tuesday Friday I think. Although some finals in the past have been Sundays I’m sure.
  8. Have to say having supporting the diamonds since around 1999/2000 that’s the worst feeling coming away from a game. Cove will go on to win the league now and rightly so. Without the fan base they’ve obviously bankrolled themselves to success. It was a great effort from the players over the 90 mins you could see they put everything into it, I never saw the Cove goal coming although a draw over the piece was the right result imo. Driving into airdrie as well it was the first time in a long time I’ve seen diamonds scarfs / tops about the town. The town obviously responded well with the 2000 attendance which was great just shows you with a better crowd a decent atmosphere can be made in that stadium also. I think as far as the title hopes go we should draw a line under it and take the hit and the disappointment now and use it to our advantage going into the playoffs. We don’t want another feeling like yesterday. This team/ coaching staff deserve promotion and there’s no team we should fear playing. As shineonyoucrazydiamonds states above I think Murray should use the last few games to rotate give fringe players minutes and ensure the likes of McCabe Frizzell Easton Smith etc go into the playoffs well rested and fresh. It would’ve been brilliant to win the league but equally it would be brilliant for this team to break our playoff curse as we are more than capable of winning them and any team we face won’t be as high quality as cove imo. Hopefully the disappointment of yesterday once it settles spurs us on to promotion. We deserve this success.
  9. Listening to super scoreboard there and they were talking about the games on this weekend. Got to airdrie v cove and Gordon Dalziel laughed saying he was never there when he was DOF, and it reminded me of what an absolute farce we’ve been over the years . I’ve erased all that from memory. Even if you put the on the park success to one side I’m grateful we’ve got a bit of stability from top to bottom. Great to see everyone pulling in the same direction to hopefully bring the success we all deserve. Bring on Saturday
  10. Not the best we’ve played but a good 3 points for us today, thought the work rate and effort were there in abundance so maybe that’s what Murray meant in his post match interview. Alloa missed a couple of chances and currie made a superb double save. Having said that it felt comfortable and we missed chances of our own with smith and afolabi. Wasn’t overly confident going into it after the last game at the recs and was expecting a lot more from Euan Henderson. You can tell Alloa are only a couple of players away from being further up the table, I have no doubt they’ll pull away from the bottom. Think Alloa should’ve had a penalty with McCabes handball but we could’ve had 4 last week so we’ll take it. Thought Alloa’s stream and commentary were excellent, what a difference with the actual camera as well compared to the pixellot effort. Also the replays are a great addition. In comparison to Peterhead’s a few weeks ago it’s night and day, albeit its £8 more expensive, it’s well worth it Lastly, I echo the congratulations for Dycey’s 100th game what a indispensable player and captain he’s turned out to be for us… long may it continue.
  11. Yeah I’d agree with that barring the Montrose game. Can’t complain though take wins and points any way they come. On a side note with Murray and the players getting publicity for doing well, what’s the score with contracts? Is Murray and the full squad’s contract up in the summer? If so, I’d like to think we are taking action whilst the feel good factor is around the place, especially for the likes of Fordyce, McCabe, Easton, Frizzell, Gal and Smith.
  12. What’s the Alloa stream like? Noticed it’s not Univtec
  13. Yeah I second this, the team deserve a good turnout. On glance at attendances I noticed our average attendance is 6th in the division. Only 600 odd at the Montrose game, hopefully a better turnout on Saturday. Personally, I don’t know anyone that chooses watching the stream at home to going to the game so don’t know if this is the reason.
  14. Yeah it’s not impossible for cove to drop the points but it really leaves us with no Margin for error anymore. Cant believe I was daft enough to think Falkirk were going to get something at Cove yesterday.
  15. Have to agree, that was pretty dreadful and a really tough watch, the first half especially the camera seemed to track the seagulls rather than the ball. Can’t really comment on the big events as the camera never showed them. McGills miss etc. Afolabi took his goal well and thought Currie who I’ve been critical of had a good game so fair play to him. Should note Fordyce’s performance too an unsung hero of the team we’d be nowhere near it without him. Won’t be critical of our players I think we can put it down as an off day but who cares it’s another 3 points. We’ve been on the other end of those kind of games this season so we’ll take it.
  16. Gabbys return may have lessened the requirement for another forward to be brought in. No idea if Luke Lyons, Salim or Pyott will play again this season but certainly our squad is looking healthier than it has done. As for the title as I said somewhere else barring a Monumental cove collapse I can’t see us or Montrose catching them. Don’t know who’s funding them but even looking at their squad on Saturday it’s the best in the league imo. The good news is the gap between us and 5th would be pretty hard to be clawed back.
  17. Good to see Gabby McGill is back training . Hope he makes the bench tomorrow. Takes a bit of pressure off us trying to get more players in if he can stay injury free.
  18. You’ve got to remember as much as McInroy was good and is missed, he only played 12 games plus 15 odd minutes at Stenny in the cup for us. He is certainly no messiah as the advertiser/daily record kept making out. Noticed thistle bringing in more midfielders shame the Kyle Turner deal seems dead in the water he can’t be happy coming off the bench here and there. Any news on Moffat?
  19. Why are we acting surprised by this? As I said and I believe others also. If McInroy wanted to be at airdrie it would’ve been sorted long ago. He’s missed 3 games now, he’s not coming back. We move on. Hopefully we can push this Moffat deal through.
  20. Still getting over Tuesday night. Contrary to reports I didn’t think we played to our usual high standards but difficult to fault players, more than enough effort to win the game just something didnt click imo. Thought we were average in the 1st half and huffed and puffed in the 2nd. Didn’t think the goal was coming until Easton scored. At this point in my opinion we should’ve cut our cloth sat back and tried to see it out time wasted etc like Clyde had done all night. Think their first goal Kerr bombed forward and we ended up with a 3v3 at the back. The instruction should’ve been to see it out. If you’re going for titles you need a keeper that bails you out at times and Currie seems to be somewhat of an Enigma. Some games you come away thinking he’s made a couple of really good saves but the two goals on Tuesday he should’ve done a lot better, the first caught in no man’s land and the second he had years to get to the original shot from miles out. I get why people are desperate to sign a striker, however, only cove have scored more in total than us whereas if you look at the defence we’ve conceded more than cove, Queens Park and Montrose so maybe that’s where we should be focusing on. Especially with Dycey going off injured. Any length of time he could be out for would be a disaster. Barring a Mortonesque Cove collapse it’s difficult to see past them winning it. 3 tough games coming up. Hopefully we can continue to solidify our playoff spot and see where we end up.
  21. That’s Murray seen off McKinnon, Miller/ McCracken, Holt, Sheerin and now Coach Rennie… wonder who’ll be next. Pretty good afternoons work for us thought going forward we were excellent especially McGill, Easton and Frizzell. Max also with a couple of good saves. The most pleasing part of the squad this year is players can drop out or in and seem to fit in seamlessly which has to be credit to the coaching staff. Funny to see Rennie’s criticism of the ref, the second half everything went Falkirk’s way, we had an arguably good goal chopped off and McKay could’ve easily been sent off for a second yellow. Not to mention a good few questionable decisions going Falkirk’s way. Hope we can keep the momentum going. Also As someone else mentioned about not being bothered about Leon McCann leaving. I was the same. He’s very lightweight and although fast up and down the wings his crosses into the box are often hopeless.
  22. Hoping you’re right about McInroy I fear the worst though had plenty of time to get the loan sorted and extended and for whatever reason it’s not been sorted and he’s no longer with us. Without an airdrie hat on I think it would be a mistake on McInroys part to opt to not stay. He’ll play every week and is doing well. Can put himself in the shop window for the summer and leave with everyone’s best wishes. Have faith in the management team to get it right though if that’s McInroy coming back or getting someone else in.
  23. The longer the McInroy situation gets dragged on the less likely we’ll see him back i think. Should be a no brainer for all parties. Will be a big miss tomorrow.
  24. Financially a good idea. Football wise for us id say not. In having some part timers may be working during the day on Monday whilst Falkirk are fully prepared. Gives them an advantage imo it’s a no from me.
  25. Hopeful of McInroy staying until the end of the season. Without an airdrie hat on I’d imagine playing every week in a team performing well must be a big swaying factor. I’m sure he’s destined for bigger and better things and I’m sure he’d leave in the summer with everyone’s best wishes. Also Jamie Brandon signed with Morton, that puts 1 rumour to bed at least.
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