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  1. Hard to be overly critical about Saturday, given the standard of performances and run we’ve been on. Agree with the point made above about Eastons chance that really felt like our chance that we had to take. Credit to Cove though for taking their chances when they came along. One thing that is worrying is if we are to make a real tilt at the title we’d need a player to really hit 20+ Goals imo. I’m not sure Gallagher or Smith (as much as I highly rate them both) will either get. Would be good to see Salim (if/when fit) or Gabby McGill getting a run at it. Also agree with getting McCabe back to CM asap! Does anyone know what Kerrs injury is ? Is it just a constant reoccurring thing? … A long way to go but credit where it’s due. For players/ staff and fans alike to be disappointed to be 2nd 2 points off top we must be going in the right direction.
  2. Anyone else tried to sign up to watch the game and got an error message? Used East fifes stream last season and never had an issue.
  3. Certainly an interesting encounter. Surprised it’s taken this long for East Fife to get going. Not sure how far away Kerr and Lyons are for playing a full 90 minutes. Would be good to see McCabe pushed back into midfield. Walker did fine on Saturday although did at times look uncomfortable playing on the left
  4. Kerr is a real asset and the piece we are missing at the back. Just a shame he is injured so much. Thought we’d have gone for a defender this week to let McCabe slot back into midfield where he is more influential. Still thing Agnew is a shout for LB or at least worth trying out. Good left foot good footballing brain and plenty of experience.
  5. Defence definitely needs sorting out McCabe and McGill both playing out of position. Kerr is good but rarely fit enough to manage a run of games. Think as someone mentioned Watson from Dunfermline maybe available ? Never showed up today which is disappointing but won’t be too hard on the team, we have done brilliantly in recent weeks. Can’t afford many performances like today if we have aspirations of going up, however.
  6. Going by social media he has an ice pack on his knee. Hopefully nothing major, would be a blow for Saturday.
  7. Still baffled how a team with 4 attacking midfielders and 2 strikers never managed to create one clear cut opportunity on Saturday but the biggest worry is how many points poor game management has cost us this season already. We need Fordyce, McCabe and Gabby McGill back in the starting 11 asap. With a Falkirk away approaching in a few weeks the Clyde game this Saturday already feels like a must win.
  8. Confirmed on SPFL twitter feed. Common sense prevails. As previously said plenty of time to reschedule this.
  9. I’d hope we’d be pushing for the game to be called off if the amount of positive cases are as bad as said to be. Not sure on the rules but we managed to scrape by on Saturday but if there’s more now it would be ridiculous. Plenty of time throughout the season to reschedule.
  10. People got too carried away after the Motherwell result. Not surprised by today’s result in the slightest albeit an extremely disappointing performance. The league cup is irrelevant imo and All focus should be on next Saturday getting the players that are injured back and getting off to a winning start.
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