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  1. Wonder if he’d make a return may as well add another player coach to the mix. Hopefully it happens.
  2. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Wasnt sure about the appointment initially but coming round to the idea. As has been said above McCabe’s experience, leadership and knowledge of the game is clear to see. Think the relationship between the fans and players is as strong as I can ever remember so I’m sure him and Dycey will get plenty of time. Hopefully an experienced coach is coming in to help out along with Prunty staying.
  3. He gave a the ball away in the middle of the park before giving away the penalty, he missed that penalty at Montrose and missed a gilt edge chance against cove at home. He was a joy to watch at times though especially playing against the lower teams, feel he faded a lot in the big games in my opinion. As I say though a joy to watch at times. All the best Easty.
  4. Not saying it’s beyond the realms of possibility just strange if Murray was on his way out since the end of last week. Would be delighted if we’ve pulled it off, however.
  5. Hard to believe we’re signing players without a manager in place.
  6. Not sure on Paterson making the step up to top end championship was steady enough in league 1 but that’s about it in his time at us. As for the Easton and Frizzell talk I’d imagine you’d be in for both. Both stood out in our league especially Easty. When the goings good both will shine, I think in the bigger games and when things weren’t going for us they both kind of faded away a bit and are both a bit lightweight. Easton won’t be short of offers, imagine yous would have a good chance of luring Frizz. One player I’d imagine Murray will defo be eyeing up is Kerr McInroy a standout for us in the first half of the season, not sure how he got on at Ayr but a lot of potential there. All the best to Murray and Raith. Think airdrie were good to Murray and Murray was good to Airdrie. A good time for both clubs to get a fresh start.
  7. Yeah he was sitting with at the Montrose game with Paul Ronald wonder if that’s a possibility. As I said in my previous post I hope Aggy and certainly Prunty will stay on.
  8. I’d echo mybitchunderprotest’s post. Like the McInroy situation in January the longer it rumbled on this week and last week the less likely he was staying. I pass on my best wishes to Murray, I’ve always been a fan of his, he’s produced the best airdrie footballing side in years but let’s not get overly misty eyed here. Ultimately we’ve came up short. Hes been given time to build (more than most clubs would afford) and he has improved us year on year but ultimately he’s not achieved our goal of getting out this league in 4 attempts. This season has been excellent especially the second half of the season but our record in the “Big” games has been poor and that’s what keeps costing us. I think Murray has been good to the club and the fans and vice versa, there’s obviously a good rapport there and I’m sure he will get a good reception at NB in the future but It maybe is time for a fresh start for us too. Id reiterate though he leaves with my best wishes and deserves a crack at championship. As for us I hope the board have been sounding out candidates already as the writing was on the wall a bit. Not sure who I’d go for but possibly Kettlewell, Allan Johnston or Jim McIntyre. Hope That prunty stays on and Aggy if he doesn’t go with Murray. Hope the club has offers on the table for most of the squad because there is a good core already here even with a few leaving. No need for wholesale change.
  9. I would suggest the opposite. The title has imo been over for a few weeks. I thought Clyde would’ve wanted to turn up and put in a performance for the occasion which obviously had significance to yourselves. As Ian Murray said we had a few players not risked in this game with all eyes on the playoffs. Agnew, Watson, Gabby McGill and Frizzell all out, all of which would’ve probably started. Subbing our Keeper, our RB MacDonald ending the game up front it felt more like a training game for us. Make no mistake Clyde have got away with one this season, turmoil off the park and a poor team on it. With the league getting stronger again next season, Clyde will be an absolute shoo-in for relegation.
  10. If Murray gets us promoted and ”IF” he leaves for Falkirk, Hibs, Raith or whoever then so be it and he will leave with my best wishes. As it stands though I’m sure he knows he’s got it good at airdrie he’s unanimously well liked, he’s been given time to build a team and backroom staff of his choosing and we are currently having our best season in a long time. If I was Murray I’d be holding out for a more stable club than Falkirk though we all know if they get off to a bad/average start again next season he’ll be out the door. The grass isn’t always greener with Leon McCann the number 1 example. From an Airdrie point of view I hope he stays and we can retain this squad hopefully for a shot at the championship. *Also I find this chat about a youth academy strange I’ve no idea why we’d want on we’ve got the best squad we’ve had in years because all our money can be spent on the first team squad.
  11. Yeah, stream never worked the last time I’m sure. I’d hold off until the last minute to buy. Should be a decent game can’t remember the last time we won at Links Park. Always wary of Montrose, I’d imagine they’ll be up for it after the drubbing we handed them out last time. Two teams sussing each other out for the likely playoff.
  12. Hope there’s nothing to this youth academy talk. We are having the best season in years on the pitch without a youth set up or director or football and I’d imagine the common denominator is we are able to put all available money into the first team squad. Why change that? Surely we can set up partnership with local youth team to create some sort of pathway.
  13. Believe it was just to suit BBC alba tv purposes. Think they showed the league 1 playoffs also they played on the Monday and Thursday . Which is even worse.
  14. Cheers mate, but think the final was scheduled as that last season before they decided to televise it and change it to a Tuesday + Friday night, was wondering if anything like that had been mentioned yet.
  15. Noticed the SPFL released the premier league playoff dates today. does anyone know if ours are out ? Guessing the semi final would be a Wednesday Saturday job. The final (If we get there) was Tuesday Friday I think. Although some finals in the past have been Sundays I’m sure.
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