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  1. Can only echo the concerns posted above. Don’t have as high hopes this season as last and I think Rhys will need to be cut some slack whilst he cuts his teeth managerially. The decision to let Sal go for game time is understandable however to not bring more bodies in is bizarre with us already having the smallest squad in the league. I do believe if we can get Rae back and a Left Back in we will make the playoffs at least and as we all to well know it makes no difference being a country mile ahead in second if you scrape 4th. I’d go on Tuesday; Henderson Ballantyne Watson Fordyce ATS McCabe Telfer Frizzell Devenney Smith Gal I’d drop the keeper if we had a choice think his confidence has taken a hit over recent weeks.
  2. Anyone know if we’ll still be streaming matches for fans overseas ? Shame the streaming has been ended probably will result in a loss of income
  3. Thought the whole point in the third kit was a standard design that could be readily available. Strange to bring out 4 kits. Would’ve been pretty happy to keep last years shirts this season. As for the playing side, Wouldn’t say it’s panic stations as of yet, I don’t think progression in the league cup is on anyones list of top priorities. Going by the lack of signings been made I’m not getting my hopes up for another tilt at the league especially given the quality of opposition (sadly).
  4. Solid signing from Clyde and certainly a higher calibre than previous signings. Would’ve taken Grant at Airdrie. Do Clyde ever plan on ever fully leaving Broadwood? Strange to still unveil players there.
  5. Are Cowdenbeath streaming the game this weekend?
  6. Hope there’s a deal on the table for Telfer sure he won’t be short of options as mentioned above his stats speak for themselves in a poor Falkirk side. Frizz might flourish without Easton. Hopefully he gets more freedom like today. Only a friendly, but all in all a good start.
  7. Think it was logical the club didn’t dismantle the work Murray has done. When initially we heard of Raith’s interest I’d guess we had hoped Aggy would take over, before he made it clear he wanted to go with Murray. Then we moved on to Rhys and Dycey. Yes, it’s a gamble but I’m sure if Rhys didn’t feel capable at this point he wouldn’t have put himself forward. If we had appointed a journeyman manager they’d have probably made wholesale changes, plus we would’ve ran the risk of losing dycey and Rhys two of our best players. I have been waiting on an experienced coach being announced to help out Prunty and Hutton whilst Rhys and Dycey concentrate on the playing side has there been any further talk of this? As far as signings go I think we are far more lucrative than in previous years. Last year as we all know and as I’m sure players out with the club will know there was a real buzz about Airdrie and the attendances at the end showed that there is potential there. I’d hope we are aiming a higher than Livingstone in all honesty. Rae and Ballantyne are two exceptional signings and if we can add more of that calibre I don’t think we have much to worry about.
  8. Last time I heard Homer was a coach at Brentford done well for himself there
  9. Watched Murray’s interview on Raith’s YouTube strange seeing him in another clubs gear. Alludes they’ll probably have to send players out the door or on loan at some stage, could do worse than seeing who’s available there. Sure Murray would be keen to do us a turn if possible. Noticed they’ve sold over 1,000 season tickets already, we’ll be lucky to get half that by the time the season kicks off sadly. If half the 4,000 odd that turned up for the QP game every week we’d have some team. On a side note Raith’s social media coverage is excellent.
  10. Likewise I don’t know the ins and outs of what teams pay but I thought it was encouraging we managed to get Easton from Kelty last season another team you’d imagine would be chucking hefty money about. We have the bonus of offering full time and barring Arbroath we are the highest placed team with part timers. Not all doom and gloom. We might not be the most attractive proposition but far from the worst.
  11. The stats you posted below speak for themself mate it’s a decent return Telfer in a poor side. Players notoriously play poorer in a Falkirk shirt as well. Sure he would do well if something did materialise. Didn’t know the Telfer McCabe connection hopefully Rhys at least asks the question.
  12. Plenty options available. Charlie Telfer maybe worth a shout.
  13. Yeah not panic stations quite yet but hopefully tomorrow or at the latest the start of next week we will hear some news. As much as the fringe players never really played we’ll need to pad the team out with new squad players. Probably 20 is the minimum we should be aiming to run on. Bob McHugh was a player I thought might interest us but I see he’s Signed for East Kilbride. Hopefully get season tickets up for sale too as other clubs are weeks ahead on that front.
  14. McInroy will probably move up to Raith with Murray. Top end championship probably his level. Interesting though, don’t know who advises him but he did the exact same to us in January. Keeps his offer open for a few weeks then chucks it
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