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  1. Centre half from league one last year was expecting Anthony stokes or something way they were going on lol
  2. Wylde at east Stirling the player there signing is currently furloughed
  3. It will always be the same u have to laugh at the clubs on Facebook etc giving it the big one about how good they are etc and players have been screwed left right and centre lol name and shame then man but I know who it is anyway
  4. I have lost count of how many players didn’t get paid mate some on really good money and some on very little but it’s not the point yes the clubs would be struggling but so would some of the players doesn’t matter if it’s not there main source of income like most family’s etc they count on every penny they make to pay bills etc I have also heard some clubs making up some players losses from the season past with signing on fees this year to get them to resign if there has been tax paid etc and a paper trail wouldn’t be to hard to get the money but if not declared etc and cash in hand it’s not so simple
  5. Was it cash in hand ? Or into bank account etc
  6. No really mate a lot of clubs still pay players cash etc and won’t declare it
  7. The players that were declaring the wages so to speak should be paid
  8. Who’s the nights signing then 🤔
  9. Some of the signings for the lowland are great exposure for the league ek/kelty seem strong bsc seem to have lost a few but are always there or there about if rose added a few players while there strong they could also be right up there good times lol
  10. EK making some good signing they should be more of a challenge this year Chris Erskine now
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