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  1. So are the teams who have pulled out it’s a gamble either way
  2. There all gutted cause there teams pulled out while telling everyone else there wrong to play if teams can afford to play then all the better get the football going and get lads playing again
  3. Some of the teams fans etc who have pulled out are having a hard time here lol there adamant it’s the right thing to do but all they do is snipe at everyone else move on lads have a year off the same as your teams
  4. Is this the same drumchapel who have Darian McKinnon etc
  5. Like many clubs at this level they have people who put money in sure fan money helps etc but how much really do U think fan money covers week to week not enough is the answer
  6. Exactly think it’s more about trying to manage and move forward with this or there might never be football at lower levels again as this virus isn’t going away anytime soon
  7. I don’t wish harm on any club far from it I wish them all well but the clubs who left did best for them and the clubs that stayed obviously can afford to simple as that there is also a few on here from the bigger clubs who left hoping the clubs who stayed fall on there face for some reason seems a little like sore grapes if I’m honest because there team couldnt afford to play on
  8. They would have to have the players signed for next season as well and be paying them but as clubs are in breach of contract so to speak by not participating players are free to leave if they want
  9. Teams pulling out could be a good thing as won’t be talbot winning everything from now on as they will never be the same again this time out will effect all the clubs as players may look to play elsewhere as well as the manger and coaches this season out as well as the lost time already may well be the end of the so called bigger clubs who bailed out
  10. So they won’t play football at all for all this season and the 6/7 month they have already missed they will be in fantastic playing condition when they come back lol
  11. The worry for the teams that pulled out I would think is what state will they be in for when they come back as I’m sure they will lose there players and talbot etc could very well lose the manager
  12. See if your still saying that at ko when ur in house with worst stream in the world 😂😂
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