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  1. 7 minutes ago, afc_blockhead said:

    Jack Toss? You are welcome to the bottling long ball merchant

    Blocky old bean, I'm sure we had a discussion earlier on the season about waiting until the end of the season to see how our respective teams and managers got on.  Ross achieved 3rd and a cup final, McInnes got emptied and now works for Premier Sports.  I know that's a bitter pill to swallow but you'll be fine.  There's always next year.  

  2. 3 minutes ago, afc_blockhead said:

    Hibsed it again 

    Those great Brazil esque attacking geniuses Hibs with the best team in their history blow it again... almost as if you are a nothing club with an average at best team isnt it 😆

    Brilliant - crawling oot the woodwork after a Hibs loss.  Quelle surprise.  What time is the Abedeen game on?

    3rd, and still with the same manager, bawbag.  

  3. 4 minutes ago, falkirkzombie said:
    1 hour ago, TheScarf said:
    There’s a weird aggression you get with Rangers fans that you just don’t get with people who aren’t Rangers fans. Even in every day life. I work with Rangers fans and their always permanently seething. Who has the fucking energy for that?

    They have a massive chip on their shoulders because they think they were "wronged" in 2012....that's what it's boils down too, moronic neanderthals unwilling to accept reality.

    It's interesting as it was the small businesses and HMRC that were wronged, buy you don't see Hector, face painters and news agents tearing up George Square, kicking f**k out of each other and pishing all over the place.  

  4. 1 hour ago, Caledonian1 said:

    What did Rangers FC do to deter this "celebration"?

    These people are Scotlands shame....and it is quite clearly, once again, not a tiny minority who are involved in law breaking. I really hope that the police strategy was to be softly softly but plan dawn raids on the thugs involved in violence - can guarantee their neighbours wont be coming out in a show of solidarity to pretocet them.

    We live in a country where a "failed" yet senior politician, Murdo Fraser is actively encouraging fans to go out and celbrate in the streets during a global pandemic...he must be severely dealt with (but wont)

    Incredible absence of Rangers fans on this thread.....come on, this is your support, your club embarassing the country......are you proud of these arseholes or are you going to continue to go to Ibrox (when allowed) and sing the bigotted songs that fuel this behaviour?  Maybe you are the type of person who comes on here stating "the SNP don't like football".....I can absolutely see why that might be the case

    They're out in force on the main *** thread - it was a minority and all is well in their world is about the size of it.  

  5. 1 hour ago, Hedgecutter said:

    As somebody just used to having Killie on Sportscene every weekend, I find it utterly incomprehensible that they were continuously outwith the top tier for an entire decade from the early 80s to early 90s.  

    "Nothing is certain except from death, taxes and Killie being in the top tier" - somebody, somewhere.

    Don't forget their drop to the 3rd tier during that spell. 

    Kiss Me Quick hats and candy floss at the ready for Killie next season.  

  6. 1 minute ago, AJF said:

    His entire point though is that it’s not only consistent with Rangers fans, though. I very much doubt anyone (or many) would’ve set out to George Square yesterday to celebrate our title win with the intention of violence and anti-social behaviour at the forefront of their thoughts.

    This is entirely my opinion of course, others will no doubt have a differing view.

    It's odd that despite it being the intention that it is inevitably the outcome.  This somewhat renders his point as pish. 

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