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  1. Still box office, clearly, with the number of roasters coming on the main Hibs thread to pass on their best wishes. Thanks lads, it means a lot.
  2. Blocky old bean, I'm sure we had a discussion earlier on the season about waiting until the end of the season to see how our respective teams and managers got on. Ross achieved 3rd and a cup final, McInnes got emptied and now works for Premier Sports. I know that's a bitter pill to swallow but you'll be fine. There's always next year.
  3. Was McInnes promoted to lead guest on Premier Sports today?
  4. Brilliant - crawling oot the woodwork after a Hibs loss. Quelle surprise. What time is the Abedeen game on? 3rd, and still with the same manager, bawbag.
  5. Should you boys not be out fighting amongst each other and pissing in the street? All joking aside, congratulations on a cup double. Pains me to say, but Hibs were never winning that today. Enjoy lads.
  6. Have you not just spent last season in the Championship while Hibs are 3rd and in a cup final? f**k off.
  7. AKA an appropriate reaction to entirely unsurprising behaviour.
  8. Watching the slowed down zoomed in version you need to change that to "where did your fingers go, you blew them off".
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