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  1. I know some of you bears were worried about the implications of me posting a picture of some of your female contingent pissing in the street yesterday Don't worry, I've got that covered with this one of bear on bear teabagging action in George Square.
  2. All joking aside, and there's plenty of that to be had, but this divvy here as already posted must be looking at a hefty charge for that.
  3. Yes. Despite going west, he was one of the few who didn't state while still playing for Hibs that it was his mammies dream to f**k off elsewhere etc. For that he still carries a bit of respect.
  4. Maggie at the end is the thing of nightmares.
  5. I get the exuberance, on the pitch at Hampden and what not, but battering each other with fucking bottles? Fucking loonies.
  6. Boys will be boys, letting off steam, Covid etc. Was G51 not counting the incidents posted as if they were some sort of freak occurrence and not representative of the situation as a whole? As if P & B is a definitive source - Twitter is awash with these bams going fucking Tonto all over the gaff, often on each other as well. Wild.
  7. Tidy. Wiped those dafties oot, squared up his lapels and off he went. Nae bother.
  8. Shades of Manchester. Looks like it's destroy the city win, lose or draw then.
  9. Strictily adhering to social distancing guidelines. Or, as is more likely, lives nowhere near Glasgow.
  10. First rule of pissing in the street is no sight lines. Senga and pals appear to have whipped their keks doon in the street outside some boys (or gals) window. It's not like he's wearing her pants on his head.
  11. I'm not the one pishing in the street, female genitalia or otherwise.
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