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  1. I enjoyed her tenure. Lots of positives, just a handful of negatives, and handled in the most part with a quiet dignity some of her contemporaries could only dream of. Oh well. BBQs under the stands, multi-ball offence bonus rounds and monster trucks on the pitch at half time it is then.
  2. Would much prefer you beat the c***s, to be honest. They're getting delusions of grandeur.
  3. Ordinarily 'Jambos', but they're quiet after last night. We'll see if the Aberdeen contingent are so chipper tomorrow after their habitual turning over by a Glasgow team e.g. Aberdeensed it.
  4. Sorry to intrude, but I must concur. How it started, how it's going etc. etc.
  5. Here and there but have yet to see that. Parking the bus taken to another level.
  6. I've never seen a defender lying on the deck to stop the daisy cutter before.
  7. Great stuff that. Wonderful touch. It's just no happening this evening.
  8. Got to be hitting it better than that for fucks sake.
  9. I think that's our best chance of securing maximum points.
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