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  1. Presumably Crawford is your forename, what.
  2. Great player - looks a bit like Jamiroquai, appears to lean to the right. Who am I to judge, it takes all sorts, so until he starts doing Sieg Heils in front of the East then he's fine by me.
  3. Killie are in deep shit if County pull this off.
  4. Indeed. Lest we forget. 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  5. The only amateur accountants you really need worry about were the ones that ran the below company into the ground.
  6. I didn't need to click on his profile to clock he's an incoherent bigoted moron - "My Team - Scotland" just confirmed it.
  7. And if you were to choose a still perhaps not choose one where your man appears to be at 45 degrees, no standing foot and with his studs showing. He looks like he's falling down the fucking stairs, not going for a challenge.
  8. Celtic or Rangers - any player from foreign shores who signs for them, especially from within Scotland, declares it to have been some sort of lifetime ambition / dream.
  9. Ooft, that's brutal. Killie need to get the finger oot pronto.
  10. It's almost like the reporting on any team aside from the cheeks is a distraction and likely done on the toilet, or in a massive rush. Or both.
  11. Of course. Well, I'm feeling quietly confident about our chances of finishing above Hearts this year then. I daren't say 3rd.
  12. They've the best manger in the league as well. Quite an achievement from Hibs. All hilarity aside, a ritual drubbing from Celtic coming up for them next and we've Motherwell. And a game in hand, although I forget who that is against. A fairly solid position for us at the moment.
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