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  1. Am I reading this right that as long as the vaccination targets are met I can go and enjoy the misery of Tynecastle on 21st August?
  2. My daughter graduated with a 2:2 in Social Work and get an A for her dissertation.
  3. I am about to head out for my second jag and by the time I get back all this Social Distancing and restrictions sh!te had better have been launched into the sea where they belong.
  4. Portugal is on the Green List of countires that can be visited after the Met. lobbied Boris Johnson and made a compelling case that they may need to go to the Algarve and do more detecting on the Madeline McCann disappearance. That their luggage consists of mainly of bags of golf clubs is purely coincidental.
  5. It's all kicking off in North Berwick: https://www.eastlothiancourier.com/news/19304737.youths-playing-chap-door-run-parts-north-berwick-leads-police-attention/
  6. Mrs Raff and I received our blue envelopes on Saturday for our second jags of the golden elixir. Different days and different venues.
  7. See all this nonsense about rising case numbers and the like. Does anyone know how many people had flu this time in 2019? It's absolute nonsesne to use these figures as the basis for any restrictions, use number of deaths or people in ICU by all means as they are relevant. Maybe I am being selfish but all I want to do is go for a pint without having to book a week in advance for a two hour slot and go to Tynecastle where hopefully Douglas Ross is a Linesman and give him dog's abuse. Not too much to ask surely?
  8. This is the correct response. Any other "celebrating" of a colleague's birthday can get in the sea.
  9. I hope that both teams play a reverse Levein formation 0 - 4- 6 and the final score is 16-17.
  10. Steve will get his Mojo back and rattle Steph on a bed that is covered in £50 notes
  11. The Bridge to Nowhere looking a lot more majestic.
  12. I think that Ryan shot Kate twice and then fckd off with Jo thinking that the job was done. Steve, Ted, Chloe and that boot Carmichael arrive five minutes later to find Kate lying on the ground. Cue much anguish before Kate starts to stir and reveals the bulletproof vest that she was wearing under her chunky jumper.
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