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  1. Yet another outstanding match in the MLS between Atlanta and New England finishes 2-2. Roll on Seattle v Minnesota in 20 minutes.
  2. They have had great tracks right through their career but it has been ever diminishing returns for many years. I enjoyed bits of "Girls in Peacetime...", personally I thought it was their best studio album since "The Boy With The Arab Strap". There's only a handful of really standout tracks on the likes of "Fold Your Hands.." (I Fought In A War & The Model), "Write About Love" (I Didn't See It Coming), "The Life Pursuit" (Another Sunny Day) and "Dear Catastrophe Waitress" (erm.....), but this new one seems to be setting a new low bar. I'll give it another go another day.
  3. I can scarcely believe my luck. What should pop up on today's new feeds but another, yes another, new Black Midi album. "Hellfire" is out on July 15th. This is the first single. For me, it's not as immediate as "John L" was for "Cavalcade" but I watched it with a big gloopy grin on my chops nonetheless. Welcome back you mad fucking b*****ds.
  4. I did see Bjorn Again at a festival once about 30 years ago and they were good fun. Now I live upstairs from the No. 57 Bar in Dundee where every Saturday night a bunch of old c***s whoop their way through another bunch of old c***s destroying the oldies. Currently I am enduring "Come Up And See Me(Make Me Smile)". They should be taken out and shot. On second thoughts shootings too good for them. Time to dig out The Fall albums. Has there ever been a Fall tribute band?
  5. Hands up any Belle & Sebastian fans who made it past the first three tracks on the new album. Simply baffling that this could be the same band that came up with "Tigermilk".
  6. Godspeed You Black Emperor! - F# A# A truly brilliant, spectral album from crack Canadian collective (sit down Arcade Fire.) If you were going to compile a post-rock Top 5, this would have to be in it. I think it says more about the genre as a whole though that most, if not all, of the bands that would feature on such a list only have one good album. Do they just spunk all their good ideas on one record and then just spend the rest of their careers rearranging the deck chairs. See also "Mogwai Young Team", "Do Make Say Think", "The Sea And The Bells" or "Spiderland". Anyhow, quibbles aside, this is a fucking wonderful record that should be listened to on headphones in the dark.
  7. Broughty Athletic 6 Letham 5 A sleepy end of the season affair at Whitton Park in front of about 40 fans. All credit to Letham who were an amateur team last season and from what I was told today had half a team that didn't turn up this morning. I'm not sure what excuse we could throw up for our performance. Utterly amateurish for 80 minutes, embarrassing doesn't begin to cover it. 2-0 down after about 10 minutes and 5-3 down with about 10 minutes to go, it was left to our two standout players, Brad Smith and Josh Skelly to drag us to a barely deserved victory. My first game for three months and to be honest, despite what I was watching, I just beamed all the way through the game. Great to be back. I've got a bigger fight ahead of me over the summer but here's hoping I can get back to watching the Fed next season. Finally, it is through gritted teeth that I congratulate Carnoustie Panmure on their title success. Personally, I thought East Craigie were the better team over the course of the season until they hit the buffers in the last two games and some of Panmure's roughouse tactics against us in their last game at Whitton left a sour taste in the mouth but I would like to send my heartfelt congratulations to our ex-player Jamie Winter, a true club legend who thoroughly deserves this title win.
  8. After a short stint in Ward 32 at Ninewells earlier this week, I am ready for the mouthwatering clash today that is Broughty v Letham at Whitton Park. My first game since the start of February and for such a meh nothing game, I am very excited just to be going along. A hugely disappointing season for the Fed all round but one which could well see us still finish fourth in the league.
  9. Arab Strap. Could never take them over a whole album but by f**k, they've released some choice singles over the years. This b-side from 1998 is one of my favourites.
  10. Alas, the bastids have taken it down quick sharp. I'm just going to have to guess as to what it was. Was it "The Chauffeur" by Duran Duran?
  11. My ears are where they are most Friday nights/Saturday mornings at this time. Late Junction on Radio 3. Really good mixtape (they were called sessions in old money) by Flora Purim and a memorable Cambodian track about an elephant. Hit and miss as ever but always interesting.
  12. Craig Wighton eh? I've heard he likes a last minute winner.
  13. Cheers mate. I have quite a small but incredibly dedicated support group around me. I am grateful for the love and care they show me every day. I literally could not function without my partner who has been my rock through all of this and she in turn has received great support from the Macmillan trust. For anybody reading this who knows somebody living with cancer, or any other serious health condition for that matter, a kind word or 10 minutes of your time can make that persons day. I completely understand that it can be difficult to know what to say to somebody in that situation, but just a blether about the fitba or music or anything can make a big difference to someone who feels a bit lost or scared. Thanks again to everyone on here who have shown a stranger at the other end of some cables and wires such kindness. Just received the call from Ninewells that today is the day that the new treatment is starting. Heading up there this afternoon. Feeling good about it. See you all soon.
  14. Just been listening to Swervedriver's three classic EP's that were released around the time of the debut album. It's quite weird now looking back that they were lumped in with the shoegazing scene. Their music has little in common with the other bands associated with the scene. Anyway, great memories. "Rave Down" is probably the best four-tracker of the three and this was always my favourite.
  15. Away to start a course of a drug called Panopazib. It's designed to hopefully slow things down with my chondrosarcoma. I've been given a few months to live but I absolutely refuse to give up. I know this is the last throw of the dice for me but I've taken a lot of positives from some of the stories on here and some of the messages that I've received from total strangers. Thanks folks. To everybody suffering from this horrible disease, keep fighting the fight. Positivity cannot be underestimated. Peace.
  16. Just had another listen to see if I was missing something. No, it's still dreadful. Nice dresses is about the best I can manage. I too love Little House On The Prairie.
  17. Watching San Jose v Nashville. Hany Mukhtar, what a fuckin' player. Just run from his own half and scored. A thing of absolute beauty.
  18. Much better than Wet Let is the "Maida Vale Sessions" by Broadcast. What a dreadful fucking loss Trish Keenan was. A really fantastic band as evidenced by the 4 radio sessions collected here.
  19. Not good. Reminded me of The Ting Tings in places. But worse.
  20. "Consumed" by Plastikman was originally released in 1998 and, if you like that sort of thing (I do), was as good as it gets. Fast forward 24 years and the whole album has been re-imagined by Plastikman and Chilly Gonzales as "Consumed In Key". Whilst there will be some who will turn their nose up at such tinkering, I think it serves to remind us of the original album's brilliance whilst also bringing some new colours to the pallet. It's out now. Give it a listen.
  21. Mercury Rev's debut album is a magnificent psychedelic stew that plenty of guitar based bands probably wished they'd come up with. Who would have thought then that this bunch of chart bothering Dutch chancers would be the ones that came the closest.
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