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  1. An absolute cracker of a match between Portland and Vancouver. The Canadians were 2-0 down at Portland with 25 minutes left but turned it around to win 3-2 with wor Ryan turning in another excellent performance. Western Conference fight for the play offs is going right down to the wire with Portland in 4th and LAFC in 9th covered by 6 points.
  2. Norman Records are delivering the album tomorrow morning. I couldn't wait that long. Fired up Spotify and plugged in the cans at 1 minute past 12 for my first listen of "Sympathy Of Life" by Parquet Courts. I can't think of many bands who get me so excited at the release of a new album, (maybe Yo La Tengo or Comet Gain) but the early signs for this, their 9th in 10 years left me a bit disappointed. I thought the first two tracks released "Walking At A Downtown Pace" and "Black Widow Spider" were a bit PC by numbers. Thankfully, they are comfortably the two worst tracks on the album. It's not their best by any stretch of the imagination but "Marathon Of Anger", "Plant Life", "Trullo" and "Pulcinella" are early favourites and up there with their best. I just wish they had included the full 10 minute version of "Plant Life" instead of the shorter version included here. On first listen, a solid 8 out of 10.
  3. Absolutely. Just a completely different level. The highest chart placing for "The Stone Roses" was number 19. Bands like The Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses only peeked round the corner of the door in terms of commercial success. Oasis were right place, right time and kicked the door down.
  4. Sadly mate, I am old enough to have been there at the end of the 80's/start of the 90's, and nobody derided the Roses because unlike the other two bands mentioned they were truly brilliant for a spell 18 months before and 18 months after the debut album. A genuinely cool band. Kasabian and Oasis are cheap knock offs in comparison. "Good fun" perhaps, cool, never.
  5. Marvellous stuff winning 3 out of 3. Bring on India ya bas.
  6. Three quarters of the game gone and it couldn't have gone much better. Surely we can knock off the last 50 or so. Ah f**k. Coetzer bowled.
  7. That's a bit of a bonus right away.
  8. Have a well deserved greenie for that turd. I have never heard or them before and hope I never do again. They sounded like Blossoms.
  9. We had this discussion on here a few weeks ago regarding the MLS. Have you tried watching any of it yet? I still think it's miles better than anything here and on a par with bottom half of EPL. Your spreadsheets are lovely don't get me wrong but Sky Football (ch 403) or Freeview (ch 422) may teach you more. Johnny Russell's goal was lovely wasn't it? He is playing very well just now.
  10. From "Just Another Diamond Day", a beautiful record, this one was a big influence on Rod, Jane & Freddy.
  11. Don't think we need to concern ourselves with net run rate after that. Just concentrate on winning the game. That score has given us a fighting chance.
  12. What a whiny little f**k this guy was. Another great Soccer AM band. I just checked and was shocked to find that these c***s have had 11 (eleven) Top 10 hits. Unbelievable Jeff!
  13. Outstanding effort to beat a test playing nation. Roll on PNG game.
  14. Live on Freeview just now, Columbia v Ecuador. Some beautiful rolling about on the floor. Just waiting for some football to break out.
  15. Correct. The ultimate Soccer AM band just edging out Dodgy.
  16. Think it was Channel 4 or 5. One of these I love 1984 type programmes. I must say, I found Mr Suggs rather wooden. I think it would have been much better if he had been allowed to get drunk and make it up as he went along. His script was straight out of the Steve Wright in the afternoon archives. Still, the music was good. In terms of chart/pop music, can anyone come up with a better 4 year period than 81-84?
  17. It probably is coincidental, but certainly in the 20 years that I lived in Edinburgh, I knew far more Hibs fans than Hearts fans. Maybe all the Hearts fans were out in the sticks.
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