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  1. Really sad news. Far too young. My sincere condolences to his friends and family. I myself beat cancer 4 years ago but after going for an MRI yesterday on what I thought was a fucked disc at Ninewells it would appear my spine is fucking riddled with it. Outlook not great for me and I am scared as f**k but ready to fight. Hope to be spouting my shite on here again soon. Adios until then and remember to tell your nearest and dearest that you love them.
  2. A little creaky, but I think the bookies would disagree with this.
  3. Well, we shall just have to wait and see. They may concede the odd goal, but they will score one more than every other team in the tournament (apart from maybe France).
  4. I can guarantee you they would not. One bad half does not a shit team make.
  5. Well the last couple of pages were a right laugh. France v Belgium final.
  6. Tough one. I think I'd have to say The Best Of Sting.
  7. Kjaer's a fucking top boi ins't he. The anthem looked tough for him.
  8. Did he just say that the Macedonia boss was 45. Tough paper round.
  9. Mmm, not for me Clive. Bring back Motty.
  10. Don't worry about that. Quarter Finals at best.
  11. The battle for 3rd in this group earlier was pretty turgid. Hoping for much better here.
  12. I listened to bits of it again. Compared to what I have heard by them before, which is not a huge amount tbf, it is polished to within an inch of its life. I was just wondering out loud if this was a conscious decision by the band or if the big bad major leant on them a bit. Anyway, it's number one. I'm sure RCA will be delighted.
  13. I was thinking more Trevor Brooking. Whatever, both she and fucking Sam Matterface (I think it's him), are completely sucking the life out of this game.
  14. Yes. I'd like to welcome all you young lads to the supporting Scotland at a major tournament club.
  15. I trust Steve Clarke is on here tonight. This is it. This is the team right here. Make it so.
  16. Ferguzade. The Scottish answer to Lucozade and a drink so lost in the mists of time that I can't even find a picture of it anywhere on the internet. Anyone? I didn't dream it did I?
  17. Olivia Tremor Control were a fine band. This is from their second album "Black Foliage". For me, their debut, "Dusk At Cubist Castle" is one of the best records of the era (late 90's). Were part of the Elephant 6 collective alongside Apples In Stereo, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Minders who are all worth checking out if you like this. Saw them at The Venue in Edinburgh in 1997. Mad as a box of frogs.
  18. Perhaps Sarah Records finest 3 minutes. Either that or this.
  19. Had a listen to the Wolf Alice record after a few recommendations. Would it be unfair to say that their major label (RCA) was probably losing patience with them. I'm getting very strong Coldplay vibes.
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