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  1. I'll see your 22 minutes and raise you another 18.
  2. Huerco S almost on constant repeat for me at the moment.
  3. Jazzman are reissuing this private jazz funk beauty from 1977 on 4th June in a run of 1500. Now if someone could do the same for "Paula's Dream" by Larry Dean, I could die happy.
  4. And a year or two before Primal Scream used that sample for "Loaded", Mudhoney utilised it to practically invent grunge.
  5. The Black Country, New Road album is very, very good indeed.
  6. Good God! Please tell me these c***s haven't been given the means to inflict another album upon us.
  7. Oh @JayCrawford wherefore art thou? Your skills could be used here. I was under the impression that it was common knowledge that the best duet ever was Keith Harris and Orville.
  8. I'm confused. Tam Cowan, Stuart Cosgrove, Brian Graham or just his lovely hair.
  9. Really looking forward to going to this. No excuse not to. Right across the road from me. Was it worth a visit?
  10. Aye, it doesn't get much more Partick Thistle than that. Anyhow, enjoy your day Crawford.
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