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  1. It's a bit of passion. I don't have a problem with it. Joe Root did today what Kohli is vilified for. It shouldn't take away from what was a fabulous day for India and a shocker on every level for England.
  2. Mmm.. I'm pulling up a chair for this.
  3. They've not been particularly relevant to anything for a long time but "Homework" was a bit of a gamechanger when it came out. A great record.
  4. Glasgow and Dundee are quite similar cities. Strangers will speak to you at the bus stop, so if that's no yr thing, then they may not be the places for you. Both reasonably friendly places as long as you keep your wits about you. Maybe because of the large Irish and Italian backgrounds to both cities. I lived in Edinburgh for 20 years. Much more of a city for minding yr own business. Friendly enough, in the main.
  5. Would a Midland League, if it were proposed, not be the answer to the problems raised by the EOS and the HL regarding travel. What are people's reservations surrounding this idea?
  6. Oh oh, we've got a new @Mvondo_the_great on our hands. Dabs on this forum rapidly becoming the new Falkirk with the moonhowling. And I thought they were all middle class Angus types rolling up to the game in their 4 by 4's. You live and learn. Welcome, I think.
  7. I have watched the whole thing twice and I am none the wiser.
  8. Ah, he's just finished reading it now apparently.
  9. Best time to get them, DABS. If they're going to take their eye off the ball, it's straight after a European game.
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