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  1. It definitely is. All 6 clubs have agreed. A matter of when rather than if.
  2. Jimi Shandrix


    The ad is clearly not working because I have no idea what it's for but whenever that World of Warcraft type ad appears at the top of the screen, I can't help but think of this classic scene.
  3. We've got floodlights so midweek is an option but it's a fair trek for a Tuesday or a Wednesday night.
  4. That is a fairly bizarre take on the situation. Null and void was the overwhelming winner when clubs were asked their thoughts on how to end the season. Three teams were still fighting it out for the title at the time so despite the seethe from Carnoustie it was the right decision. The 19-20 SJC should probably have been binned as well but the SJFA decided they wanted to finish it and all 6 teams left in it were in agreement. That was decided before Talbot and Pollok pulled out of this season. To be honest, if they want to play in the cup and the beaks are happy to let them then fair fucks to them. Just don't think a wee team from the east would have been given the same opportunity. Probably matters not a jot because looking at the team Darvel have put together since the first game in March, we have very little chance of getting past them. We played them off the park down there and missed our chance.
  5. Alas, Roast Beef & Mustard. I knew him well.
  6. So much more enjoyable when Mark Nicholas fucks off for a cup of tea.
  7. Bavuma with an absolute brain fart in the first over.
  8. Bit of a damp squib in the end. Hoping for better in this afternoon's game.
  9. I saw a jay in Broughty Ferry yesterday.
  10. Never grows old. Still the best 68seconds on the internet.
  11. The legend that is Cassetteboy knows where it's at. Apologies if some c**t's put this up already
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