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  1. Game of the day tomorrow sees 2nd play 3rd as Broughty take on East Craigie. A win for us would see us leapfrog EC. A very tough one to call. McBookies have got both sides 6/5 for the win. Think a draw might be a good shout.
  2. Jesus, is this the usual standard of defending in the EPL? Fucking atrocious. The lad Maximin looks a player but there's some right dross on display.
  3. Animal Collective and Vashti Bunyan is a dream lysergic collaboration as this 12 from 2005 shows. Tripped oot.
  4. Oof. That Low album though.
  5. Agreed, and yet still better than Hampden.
  6. Surely you meant demolish Hampden Park? Murrayfield isn't great but it is preferable to that shitole.
  7. 2021 has officially been a belter of a year for albums after the shitshow that was 2020. The latest Sarah Davachi record, "Antiphonals" is both weird and wonderful.
  8. David Marshall sitting with his thumb up his arse at Derby. He would have been a much better choice than Hart.
  9. Celtic really need somebody at the centre of that defence that can organise the rest of them. A Jack Hendry type character maybe?
  10. McPake isn't smart enough to try to own anyone. Regardless of that, Adams playing is good news for the Dees. Hopefully he will play a smart game and not lose the head. If I was betting on someone to get a red card in this game, he'd be reasonably near the top of the list.
  11. You're probably right. Let's just say awful instead and leave the fucking out. We were pretty good for 45 minutes against Hibs. Play like that on Sunday for 90 minutes and we will win.
  12. Jesus, it's only Thursday. 15 pages of (mainly) total baws and it's only Thursday. What have we learned? 1/ That there's some total donuts on both sides. Some folk need to take a breather here or they will combust before we get to the game. 2/ That we have two fucking awful teams sadly, both of whom will almost certainly be in the bottom 4 come the end of the season. 3/ Stand or kneel, doing nothing is not an option. As for the game, I don't expect much. The heart says a Dees win, f**k it's been long enough coming over there. The head says it will be much like the Edinburgh derby last week, low on quality, hopefully a little higher on excitement but ultimately, as we have two teams that struggle to score, 0-0.
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