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  1. Germany's 1994 World Cup song. This really happened.
  2. Just dug this 7" out. Still sounds fantastic. A couple of them went on to be in Franz Ferdinand. Needless to say they never did anything anywhere near as good as this.
  3. "Eight Gates" is the latest in a growing canon of posthumous Jason Molina releases. Secretly Canadian's second Molina release of 2020 after January's excellent "Live At La Chapelle." This one is all the more exciting because it's all previously unreleased tracks. Apparently the last recordings he made in a studio setting in late 2009. Some of its nine tracks are more complete than others. "Old Worry" & "She Say's" are no more than fragments that hint on what this album might have been. Of the more fully realised tracks the opening "Whisper Away" is stunning. The swirling strings and ponderous bass of "Be Told The Truth" is one of several tracks that sound like they could have been recorded at the same time as "The Lioness" some ten years earlier. His voice sounds, in the main, pretty strong considering the pounding he was giving it. The closing "The Crossroad & The Emptiness" is another fragment that opens with some fairly strained sounding late night studio chat and just drifts by beautifully in a ghostly haze. I read somewhere that this record was a like an old friend you hadn't seen for a while popping in for a chat. I'd go along with that. "Eight Gates" exceeds my expectations for it. 8.5/10. Favourite tracks - "Whisper Away", "The Missions End", "Thistle Blue" & "The Crossroad & The Emptiness".
  4. 12-2. Never mind the spinners, the pacers are doing plenty here. Sibley's review though. 😄
  5. Burns out. That's for the beard.
  6. I actually fancy it'll just be the big collapse. Depends how the Pakistani spinners get on.
  7. Magnificent knock by Shan. 326 all out. Decent score that. In other news, Rory Burns. That beard goes from bad to worse. You're having a shocker mate.
  8. Kinda like an acid soaked Tony Bennett fronting Love. There's a whole album of this shit. It's amazing.
  9. Looking forward to this. I expect Pakistan to show a bit more willingness to graft than the Windies.
  10. Nisbet is definitely a player. I'd be very surprised if he doesn't make a big impact at Hibs and get a move down south in a couple of years. The other 3 could go either way.
  11. My first gig was The Dooleys, who were a proto Bucks Fizz, at the Caird Hall, Dundee in 1978. The lights, the noise, the light family, end of the pier, cabaret act. It's fair to say I was hooked from the start. My second gig was Bucks Fizz at the Caird Hall in 1982. My first big boy gig was The Wedding Present in St. Andrews in 1989.
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