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  1. Pretty sure some mouses have a clickable scroll wheel which changes their function, not sure if that's the case here, just a thought.
  2. When I did my car test in '93 I was told to indicate right for the 3rd and subsequent exits, regardless of actual physical direction, as this made clear that you were continuing round the roundabout. When I went for the bus test in 2001 I was told this was completely wrong, so whether it changed between those times or if some instructors/examiners were doing it wrong, I'm not sure.
  3. Maybe it is just down to luck. What little I've seen of us this season (last week's game and some highlights), but also what I've read/heard, we seem to play some bloody good football and not capitalise on it, then lose to silly mistakes. Under Tommy there was I think a confidence that we would turn it round, that's not so much there just now, doesn't mean it won't happen though. The fact we're not getting to the games, seeing it for ourselves, getting the atmosphere I think clouds judgement a bit too.
  4. This is pretty much what I mean, but why does it seem to be happening? I'm loathe to put it down to the new manager, these are reasonably experienced professionals and shouldn't be so easily put off by that. Is there something in the training that's not working, not necessarily a criticism but are they training as a whole team just now, can they develop the trust and understanding needed as a team, is that a factor?
  5. If guys are going 1 on 1 and as good as passing to the defending keeper, or placing it in Row Z, it's not the pass in or the box being loaded with defenders. There seems to be some confidence/psychology thing where previously prolific strikers suddenly can't find the net. Looks to me like it happened with Kane, and is now happening with Hendry, so is it a training issue, a run of bad luck, I really don't know?
  6. I often feel Kane does a lot in the build up but struggles to score. Are we putting too much pressure on by playing him as a striker and expecting him to score all the time? I do wonder if playing him in behind the strikers would suit him better, and if he got a few goals there when the expectation was less, get the confidence up, can always use him as a striker when needed.
  7. I would say all 4 of them are decent quality players. I don't know why we're struggling to score so much, is it confidence, training, communication on the park? We do seem to be creating chances, and Conway is often part of that, seem to be doing everything but actually scoring.
  8. Not "Covid deniers" more "everything deniers" If the government offered everyone (including them) £1m, no strings, they'd still be protesting, claiming an ulterior motive. Not necessarily saying they're wrong 100% of the time, but generally arseholes to a man (or woman) just looking to seem more relevant than they are
  9. Only allowed 6 in your house these days.
  10. Was thinking of you ordering the missus to get you a pint! ETA No idea if you have a missus or not, just a bit of fun.
  11. At least we'd set a new record, beating Hearts to the dubious honour of earliest relegation!!!
  12. By now it's probably your fault that her clothes are still where she left them?
  13. Getting an impression of Jabba the Hutt, but (marginally) prettier. Wid!
  14. Tbf, if he was at home and ordered a pint at 17.30, he'd probably still be waiting on it too (if not wearing it!!)
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