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  1. Shipa

    Week 6

    Vikes trying their best to throw it away again!
  2. Flew Edinburgh to London and back last weekend and was extremely surprised to not get ID checked once!
  3. Not content with killing him, you also impugn his sparrahood!
  4. Shipa

    Week 5

    These Vikings sure know how to put us through the ringer!
  5. Shipa

    Week 5

    Thought coming in at 1-3, both teams would have been well up for this, made it a close game. Jets really looking clueless out there though.
  6. It's south into the city, then out again west. Suits me as staying west of centre but maybe not great for all?
  7. My post game plan for tomorrow is to head for the Famous Three Kings near West Kensington tube. They offer selected NFL games, presumably according to demand. Will update as I find it.
  8. Down now for [email protected] tomorrow. Watching as a neutral (will prob root for Jets) really looking forward to it. First time at a game since Claymores days!
  9. Just mind stock up on bread before you do it!
  10. Shipa

    Week 2

    Much better from the Vikes this week, but gutted at that.
  11. Pretty much the same in Perth, more than likely the same everywhere. Often accompanied by "council does nothing to attract folk to Perth" from the same folk who scream "waste of money" when the council does something to attract people.
  12. I suspect that probably is the case in the short term, but by making that investment now and having more full time staff going forward, you are less reliant on expensive locum/agency staff in the long term. The problem there though is that, certainly in this country, governments are not that into long-term planning, tending to focus on doing enough in the next five years to get re-elected, and then worrying about the next five years then.
  13. That cow Sabalenka definitely does. I do a little personal rejoicing each time she gets her arse handed to her. Can't remember if it was her, but watched one during the week who got noticeably louder when behind/under pressure, clearly a deliberate effort to put the opponent off.
  14. Was rooting for Fernandez throughout the tournament, wouldn't have been gutted if she had won tonight, until that.
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