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  1. I suspect that those with a more positive outlook towards their health are also more likely to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
  2. Bryson apparently going part-time with Stenhousemuir
  3. Didn't realise until I was in the booth with the paper in front of me that Labour couldn't even be bothered to field a candidate. Not that they were getting my vote anyway, but the option would have been nice.
  4. Should have gone out to face Novak then taken a ten minute toilet break at every opportunity!
  5. When it was announced that the Vikings could market in the UK, I hoped they would get one of the London games. They have, and I already have stuff booked for that weekend. Gutted!
  6. Suspect that's so you can still hear them in whatever other room you've fucked off to.
  7. But they don't do salt'n'sauce!
  8. By being significantly better than Scotland!
  9. Can't help but wonder if the current situation in Ukraine is likely to result in/be used as an excuse for further price hikes?
  10. Those parties had a strict no camera policy, or so a friend tells me!
  11. Was thinking about Favre this morning. Saw a rumour on facebook that Panthers had approached Vikings, interested in Cousins, and it occurred to me the Vikes have previous as a retirement home for Packers QB's. And yes, much as I like Cousins, I would take Rogers in a heartbeat.
  12. Another potential issue with long-term WFH is insurance. I recall home insurers saying at the start that there was no need to advise them if you were WFH temporarily, but imagine that will change if your house becomes your permanent, primary place of employment.
  13. Don't have any particular like/dislike for either of this year's teams so pretty much neutral. Rams look like favourites so will root for Bengals - I do like an underdog!
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