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  1. Shipa

    Week 17

    Green Bay. Where 10F=taps aff!
  2. Shipa

    Week 17

    FFS! Right now I'd be over the moon if the Vikes could at least win a first down!
  3. Any chance of getting 2022 on a 30 day, no obligation trial? Seriously, happy new year to all, wherever you are and whenever it comes!
  4. At 60 now, I'd be surprised if she ever gets out, no matter what. She may spill to assuage her conscience, but she'll have to find one first.
  5. Somewhat worrying that a mental health "professional" has such a poor grasp of what can impact on a person's mental health.
  6. Would also be nice if people could learn to accelerate on the on slip, instead of trundling along at 30 then wondering why they can't merge!
  7. Not sure she deserves deal on sentencing, but...
  8. This is absolutely it. To many fans -myself included - it's not just about watching the game, supporting the team, it's about socialising and being part of something bigger. I've been perhaps fortunate in that as an essential worker, I was able to speak to people face to face all the way through this, but there were dark times too. Sitting at home, watching a match being streamed from an empty stadium, sometimes made things feel worse - it brought home the reality of what was going on. I was able to come on here and Wap and join the discussion, but many wouldn't, where was their socialisation? Those putting down the mental health aspects seem to think football's just about the game, there's so much more to it than that.
  9. Your mistake here is attempting to apply some form of logic to the female thought process!
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-northamptonshire-59643750 Anna Sacoulis to face British court. Is this the deal in exchange for Assange? Of course she deserves to face justice, but if that's how it's playing out, leaves a bad taste in the mouth?
  11. Pretty much answered your own question there! Add groups of lads/ladettes who think it's absolutely hilarious to hold up security by being too thick/self important to follow basic instructions.
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