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  1. Not once have I considered not going to Rovers games (as sh**e as it can be at times), Saturdays are not the same without it, without having a dig at Falkirk I do think you feeling this way may be because Falkirk are in decline? Imo the majority of Scottish football is improving and has been entertaining at every level this season. As a Rovers fan the past 2 seasons have been brutal, but I would never consider stopping attending games. Regardless of how poor we were before the season was ended I'm still buzzing for it to be back (hopefully sooner rather than later
  2. For me, summer football for amateurs/juniors would be far better, reckon the clubs would get much higher attendances with SPFL leagues finished for the summer break, would definitely go to my local amateur or junior team far more if it was summer football.
  3. Just joined as been meaning to for a while, still trying to figure out how to use it properly
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