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  1. pub league farmers league whatever you want to call it it should be nowhere near tier 6 or 7 . time to send these clubs amateurs where they belong.
  2. what a horror show of a club the buffs are . should never have let that man on as trustee at the penny.
  3. What vile little man you are.
  4. class little audio interview from the godfather of all junior managers tommy sloan
  5. let's face it in the main talbot have been the scourge of his football career and his old man's. and if somehow (highly unlikely) next season they have another season like this season again talbot will stop his club progressing out the west juniors pyramid league to the lowland.
  6. please let it be a maybole juniors supporter
  7. Just to let you know talbot are no longer a junior team as they followed the rest by moving to the new west of scotland league so can they represent a group that doesn't exist any more . that's just silly. like ma auld uncle he moved to australia when he was 55 now he's 70 . he's born and bred scottish had lived in scotland 55 years. scottish is his dna always will be having an australian citizenship and a new label doesn't change that.
  8. talbot that have won all they have are going to give two f's about a decision they had no say over with an association who were in an impossible situation either way. let's see how they as west junior representatives get on in the future i'm sure they will continue to represent the junior association well in future years in the new era
  9. looking forward to more podcasts from the junior 'radio podcasters ' in all three regions in the future this is my favorite of all the non league / amateur audio out there... cheers guys
  10. looking forward to taking in a few whitburn games next season given links to the area. great work has been going on at the club and will defiantly be supporting them in the junior cup next season against the best of the north juniors and west juniors.
  11. champions for season 2019-20 sensible decision for a club who've given so much to the junior game. the two main breakaway clubs won't be so amused but very few take any notice of them on social media classy statement also from the wrjfa top guys
  12. Thank you for giving the Junior game a platform either in current topics or past reminiscing
  13. looking for a timeline of clydebank juniors in the 20th century. dates played, leagues participated in, honors won, notable players etc hopefully given the value the forefathers placed in the juniors the tradition of junior football is kept and honoured for next season in the form of the bankies in the junior cup.
  14. a fantastic resource https://www.scottishjuniorfa.com/scottish-junior-fa/history/scottish-junior-portfolio/ very difficult to ascertain who exactly is the oldest current junior club or ex junior soon to be non league club. so long ago, so many gaps in clubs histories and so many different scenarios played out back in the 1870s and 1880s.
  15. post a picture 1 picture why junior football was / is great. looking forward to seeing the positive replies like on the abundance of great facebook pages dedicated to the juniors . my submission as a mostly lanarkshire and north east supporter this goal was spectacular could of graced any final anywhere in the world. great celebrations with a whole village in the background celebrating. great stuff. cheers
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