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  1. There were two counter proposals for 60 NL clubs to enter via 1 preliminary round (pre Final), and/or 30 NL clubs entering at R1 along with the 10 L2 clubs (on Boxing Day). Maxwell poo poo'd the first suggestion because he claimed sponsorship issues, despite the fact that the Prelim rounds are almost always universally ignored by the media. Would William Hill really care if a Prelim round was under the auspices of a new sponsor (if they get one)? We're in extraordinary times. The second proposal - 30 clubs - would (I think), see all Champ clubs enter at the same round to make it work, that probably wouldn't please the top 4 finishers in the Champ as they would enter at a round that saw them receive £6k if they lost instead of £20k a round later. As ever it's all about protecting the SPFL members clubs and f*ck everyone else, although to be fair all NL clubs who weren't selected to enter would receive £5k, but that's not really the point.
  2. Good luck in the LL. Good to have humped the Champions at Newtown though 😘
  3. That's just completely incorrect again and with a large slice of revisionism. The EoS followed the LL lead by sticking to the boundary line, the LL excluded clubs north of the boundary when advertising for possible applications (for obvious reasons) therefore the EoS would probably not accept them either, why would they when there would be no guarantee the LL would accept them if they were EoS Champions. Logic tells you that, and the two leagues do talk to one another. Any league can accept any club, the EoS can accept Wick if the members wanted to admit them, the LL could accept Buckie, it's a members driven organisation like all other leagues. However, it makes absolute sense that if there is a boundary line in place to regulate relegations from the SPFL to the HL/LL and it's written into the rule book, then it should also follow that those leagues at tier 5 follow suit when admitting clubs from tier 6 and likewise the EoS when admitting clubs to tier 7 and so on. The SFA had no grasp at all of this concept at the time, that was part of the problem. Things have changed, there's been plenty of discussion driven by Brechin, but the line hasn't moved and as things stand it makes sense to follow this policy.
  4. Those were the days [emoji23]
  5. WTF leave me out of your problems Toots. It's Saturday and the pubs are open [emoji849]
  6. Three into one does not go, that's why the ERJFA re-organised 5 years ago into Super-Premier-North/South. 3 promotion spots for 46 clubs is not going to happen in the EoS., you're probably looking at Premier - First - Second (North/South) in future years, or something similar. If Tayside end up being involed, then a sensible move would be Premier - First (North/South) - Second (North/South)
  7. I'm sure you have heard of Alex Jones. A sort of American cousin of Galloway. He might be banned from YT now right enough.
  8. I'd rather not. Who watches "shows" on You Tube anyway, isn't that for the tin foil hat brigade?
  9. Any chance the WRJFA can be resurrected 😂
  10. Bang on, George Galloway stands for George Galloway. I'm guessing he's been out of the media for a little while and he now wants/needs attention. A kinda pound shop Farage.
  11. You do realise there is more than one Whitehil Welfare poster on P&B? I was not referring to who you think I was.
  12. Thanks ankles but you're onto a loser here I'm afraid despite the seriousness of the issue. It shouldn't be this way but your either suck it up or leave, nothing will be be done about it.
  13. Try asking them, you'll find out.
  14. It certainly isn't a wind-up, it's pretty disturbing behaviour.
  15. What's a "Rab Reference"? no idea what you're on about. I see Mallo, you and his pals have been piling on today. Has it ever occured to people that this is a form of cyber bullying? It needs called out.
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