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  1. Well Blackburn have 6 changing rooms so the teams are spread across them. Broxburn is similar. At Hill of Beath last week, they utilised their hospitality room and entrance corridor for themselves and we occupied home and away. That said, a better solution is needed as a lot of clubs simply can't do that. The shuttle system ie 6 in at a time is probably the only way. They do this in England.
  2. There are 7 or 8 clubs in the East whose changing facilities meet the requirement, mines included. Hill of Beath and Broxburn are two of the others. Some clubs have converted lounges and other rooms into changing areas.
  3. That's where you're wrong. I can't answer for the WoS, but clubs in the EoS have guidance from the SFA over photographers, filming etc and they are largely as has been posted. At our game last Saturday there was someone filming, and a photographer, also a local reporter. Tomorrow at our home game it will be largely the same, upto 2 photographers, possibly someone filming, and the local sports reporter will be there as well. The clubs Covid officer is there to direct them as neccesary to ensure they stay within the correct zones.
  4. As has been explained before there are three types of registration a player can be signed on. Professional, non-contract Professional and Amateur. Only the former requires NMW, the latter two are expenses only and only last a season. Plenty players in the EoS on the latter two, inc the Premier. The flip side of the latter two is that a player can walk for free at the end of each season.
  5. At no point have the EoS ever stated that clubs would be punished for being unable to field a team due to Covid issues. That is false for a start. You're defensiveness is absurd to the point of accusing me of this or that. "clubs you don't like"? you think I have something against Arthurlie or Pollok or anyone for that matter? FFS. "You're almost hoping....they go out of business" what? you need to calm yourself down son. Pie and Bovril eh........
  6. The issue we have here is that Linlithgow are going to look at the situation a whole lot differently than say Heriott Watt or Coldstrean or even my lot. Clubs with small followings, who operate without a heavy reliance on matchday income because they have to, who have alternative means of funding to do what they do, who perhaps pay expenses only rather than wages, will look at the situation and believe starting the season is the best way forward. They will want their fans back into grounds, but in essence the actual experience is not dimished too much. 60 fan/committee in the ground or only 10 committee? That's a polar opposite to the likes of Linlithgow or Bo'ness or Kelty etc and how they may view it. All that can be said is that we have started the season, it seems to be relatively smooth so far and some clubs have got some form of inside changing available with hopefully more to come. Let's see where we are in a few weeks time and take stock. We live in a fast changing environment just now, let's do the best we can.
  7. If they have a buffer, money in the bank, resource to fall back on, call it what you will to cover extended periods of inactivity due to weather relate postponements then why would that contingency not come into play to start the season and see what happens? Anyway, time to beat a retreat again. I've said my piece.
  8. You've turned it into a debate about forum users again for some bizarre reason, it reminds me of why I took a long break from here. The whole of the Lowland League, East of Scotland League, South of Scotland League, and the bulk of the West of Scotland league seem to be comfortable with moving forward and starting the season. I've detailed my opinion on why that is and how they can do it - at least short term - and is an incovenient fact that a lot of clubs (some continuing to play, some not) rely far too heavily on matchday income. Now, those who follow the clubs who have withdrawn have become defensive and choose to have a go at people who - rightly - question the decision which is unprecedented and does nothing but damage the reputation of this level of football, a level of football they haven't even kicked a ball in yet. I'm not upset, my league has two rounds under it's belt.
  9. RIP John, terrible news. Only saw him a few weeks back at a game in Carlisle [emoji26]
  10. Sorry, if clubs rely far too heavily on gate money and match income to pay players wages, then it's a recipe for disaster. It's not a sustainable model. How did they survive the regular occurances of weeks/month of postponments in winter? or the Junior fixture favourite of a run of away games for weeks on end.
  11. Many clubs continue to run their weekly lotteries which is a major source of funding, many transitioning to online. Sponsors will stand-by the vast majority of clubs, they don't want to be seen as the bad guys pulling out when clubs need them most. Last Man Standing comps still being run, etc etc. Gate revenue as a percentage of income varies greatly from club-to-club. A lot of clubs have already spoken to players to reduce money committments to ease the weekly outlay, some have even agreed to play for expenses only until fans return, or for free. Clubs will adapt, they have always adapted and are pretty resiliant when it comes down to it. Hopefully before the end of November we'll either see fans or Govt money, at least that is the expectation. If the season needs paused for a few weeks whilst that happens then so be it.
  12. The word is that fans in limited numbers (perhaps 10% of capacity initially) at our level will return once the latest spike is brought under control. The Govt are already aware that it is pretty low risk and it is merely about "timing" ie probably political. There is also outline agreement that the game will receive funding should that not happen. Clubs are also making arrangements regarding changing facilities, and the requirements may be slightly relaxed to make it easier. That's what I hear from various people, let's see what happens. Starting the season is the right thing to do, yes there will be bumps in the road, yes there may well be stoppages or other disruptions but the season will - in my opinion - carry on to a conclusion or close to one. Clubs will adapt. Those sitting out could learn to regret their decision.
  13. A pretty one-eyed view given the clubs that have withdrawn are a very small cabal that perhaps rely far too heavily on gate money.
  14. Are the Lowland, East and South of Scotland Leagues, and the bulk of the WoS all mental?
  15. The massive mistake was allowing Premier clubs to withdraw without any penalty, what on earth were the management committee thinking by even suggesting it let alone approving it. It's absolutely baffling. Now there is the possibility (if it gets played) of Pollok and Talbot ripping the pish by fielding scratch sides in the 2019/20 Junior Cup and pocketing a lot of money.
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