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  1. None. I just can't see the SFA allowing a resumption until the lockdown is ended. The mood music from politicians is that don't expect lockdown to end anytime soon. I see L1 and L2 clubs have committed to testing to try and get restarted.
  2. Not a chance, small divisions and promoting 3 into 1 higher division isn't popular.
  3. I would assume so, the board generally put forward options for clubs to discuss and agree. I'd imagine the two I highlighted could be the main options given that Premier and the new First have already been agreed for next season, tiers 8 & 9 below that was dependent on how many new applicants would need to be accomodated.
  4. The Tayside clubs will become the ERJFA in its entirety, so there's no immediate need for them to do anything differently to what they were doing this season. There remains the carrot of a Scottish Cup place for the winner. I can't see Scone moving and to be honest, I'm not even sure their ground meets current requirements as you can easily see in. The West Lothian clubs (and maybe Tayport) move to the EoS whilst the remainder of the ERJFA (Tayside) ploughs on for at least another season. The EoS (depending on what happens this season) then moves to 16 - 16 - 16 - 12(ish) ie a third division, or 16 - 16 - 14/14(ish) ie two second division conferences, depends on final application numbers.
  5. Tougher lockdown restrictions were introduced this week. There is little chance that the SFA will allow football to resume until the current restrictions are relaxed, and I doubt that will be at the 3 week review. Football's reputation with the Scottish Govt is already at a low ebb. We've just had the SFA asking Championship clubs whether they want to stop or not.
  6. No need to cancel the season. There's no reason why we can't play into June if needs be, have a short close season without pre-season friendlies, and bang on into 21/22 with a couple of weeks break. It may have an impact on play-offs though, they need to work on a contingency for that.
  7. Champ clubs given £500k each, so they can afford testing to continue.
  8. Correct decision. Stay safe everyone, let's beat the virus and get back to playing as soon as we can.
  9. So being concerned about people's health is taking the moral high ground? michty me.
  10. I make no apology for expressing an opinion on continuing to play part-time football in the midst of our worst ever public health emergency which is killing and incapacitating people at an increasing daily rate. Not raging in the slightest, although I see the media are taking more of an interest at last.
  11. I'm not pushing, I couldn't care less mate but you're more than you appear and seen severely rattled by anyone expressing opinions about pausing the season. Let's leave it at that.
  12. You said "They've burnt some bridges over the last few days thats for sure", that's not just an opinion formed by a guy watching streams. How do you know they've burned bridges with the Board/other clubs? why would you worry about "complete lack of respect"? Now you go on the attack. I think you're more than just a fan with a stream, that much is obvious, and as for being "abhorred" by someone having an opinion on a public health situation, get a grip of yourself.
  13. Maybe Jerry is more than just a humble BSC fan watching a stream. Talk of burning bridges and unhappy clubs. Dalbeattie were right to speak out, should never be afraid to voice an opinion/concerns.
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