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  1. No, it's one or the other which was always the issue when heading up north. The guarantee (paid for by the host club) would almost always be bigger than half the gate (after refs expenses), but nowhere near enough to cover the cost of a bus. So the home club would lose money, as would the away club, but the SJFA still got a percentage of the gate.
  2. I'm not comparing it to any particular competition, I'm looking at it how clubs would view it to decide if it's worth entering.
  3. If a similar incident happened in a competition under the auspices of the SFA disciplinary procedures rather than the SJFA, the fines would in all likelihood have been much higher. Maybe, maybe not. Both clubs would have been cited by the SFA Compliance Officer depending on what was contained in the refs report and any previous incidents taken into account. What probably would not have happened is expulsion. My point is, if the SJFA are serious about trying to attract clubs from tier 5 downwards to take part in this competition in future, decisions like this won't encourage anyone. A competition that doesn't pay any prize money outwith the penultimate rounds, or travelling expenses isn't very attractive as it is, add to that the risk of punitive fines - and expulsions - on top just adds to the unattractiveness.
  4. Foul mouthed guy needs a word in his ear from someone, there's being passionate about your team, and there's being an arsehole.
  5. That's not hoofball mate, and as you guys showed on several occasions, constantly playing it out from the back can lead to problems particularly if the opposition are pressing to stop it. You aren't Barca and neither are we, and neither is there a manual telling you which particular style of football should or shouldn't be played. Musselburgh are a good side and you sometimes have to adapt your play in order to compete and cause opposition problems. We did, we got a point and could have had all three although a point was probably fair.
  6. That's completely incorrect, in fact we scored two cracking goals which had nothing to do with so-called "hoofball", and both Meikle and Garrad in the middle of the park had great games, Hutton and Heath out wide left caused you problems all night.
  7. Not really, the Junior Cup of the past was always news in the Scottish football world as you well know.
  8. I was actually a little surprised at the arrogance and disrespect from some in the Musselburgh following. I have never heard fans continually shout "hoof" since the days I followed Wimbledon around in the late 80/early90's, and they had a 6ft 4 striker at the time, we don't! To them, it appears that the goalkeeper kicking the ball up the park from a bye kick or from hand constitutes "hoofball", quite ridiculous really and I wasn't aware that Musselburgh were some sort of Brazil either. Some of their following resorted to shouting "beautifiul", when a pass came off, I mean WTF, embarrasing Decent team, moved it around well but gave the ball away a lot, and at times couldn't handle Blackburn mixing up the play. A clear penalty at 2-1 should have settled the game. We did resort to clearing our lines a lot deep into the second half to hang onto a point but then so do many teams. A point in this league could be critical to survival. As for the foul mouthed guy hanging over the barrier constantly abusing the young linesman and referee, and wanting every Blackburn player booked, take a look at yourself mate.
  9. They failed, barely even notice this cup is still being played. Only the odd stramash brings it to the attention of the wider footballing public.
  10. A senior club shouldn't be playing in a Junior competition.
  11. Seems harsh and hardly a move which will encourage clubs in tier 5 and below to take part in future competitions. I guess Vics can simply resign their membership and tell them to poke their fine.
  12. The problem for them is it won't get any easier next season, in many ways the EoS Premier could be an even worse experience.
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