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  1. The SJFA don't run leagues though and never have. They will still play to SJFA rules and regulations, which is probably the only real difference. Anyway off topic.
  2. No they don't, you're the only person who is banging on about an issue you've suddenly plucked out of your arse. An unusual hill to die on given it's not going to change.
  3. I'd agree, they're probably more competitive than VoL. However if VoL were saved which resulted in two promotion places going forward, I don't think there would be too many grumbles (apart from the knock-on effect this would have in the EoS). Doubt it will happen though. One step at a time, get rid of B teams. The 18 team precedent has already been set.
  4. Yip, I said a while back that Hearts stuck a spanner in their cosy little OF arrangement by applying. Now the mask has slipped and all three are "demanding" (probably tabloid speak) entry. LL now have an unexpected opportunity to reverse this nonsense and save face, repair the reputation of the league a little, and could repair it even more by staying at 18 by promoting both Darvel and Tranent, and agreeing to 2 up/down in future, which would mean VoL are saved. That bits perhaps a step too far for them.
  5. So after tonights result, does a draw do Tranent ie does goal difference count?
  6. Has that rule been amended then, or just ignored?
  7. It's just a rumour but it would make sense from a local game perspective. They should never have moved IMO, although if they do move back they haven't lost anything much as they wouldn't have been in the promotion hunt in X this season anyway.
  8. Hearing that Harthill Royal could be returning to their roots.
  9. What incentives are there? finish in the top 2 of an 11 team league to guarantee promotion, maybe even third, then next season finish in the top two or three of a 8/9/10 team league. You call the level above as "full of mince", how did Edinburgh College get on this season? Pretty disrespectful. I personally think this could have been handled a bit better to ensure the Third Division had adequate numbers, I would have relegated the bottom team in both Conferences (I understand why they didn't want to relegate clubs - nominally - two tiers, but if you're bottom you should suffer the consequences) but it's not as if it's new news and there has been plenty of "incentives" this season for the teams in X with potentially more than a quarter of the Conference being promoted.
  10. I'm not sure that really helps their issue as if it's the cage, that's not EoS compliant either unless significant work is being done to it.
  11. Not sure anyone cares that you don't like what the EoS clubs agreed to a year ago. It won't change, deal with it. Tell us about the WoS.
  12. Not heard anything in that regard. I did hear Leith Athletic and Rosyth were among a number of current members who were warned their ground arrangements/facilities weren't suitable a year or so ago after a review. Obviously Leith's will be resolved when they move back to Meadowbank but Rosyth are in a difficult position as it doesn't look like they're getting a new ground anytime soon and their cage probably doesn't meet EoS requirements. Whether Edinburgh South were allowed to groundshare for 3 years to allow them to sort a suitable home ground I don't know.
  13. Also Hawick Royal Albert United to drop United and revert to traditional name.
  14. Not a new club, but I believe Ormiston are returning to being known as Ormiston Primrose next season.
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