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  1. Yet some of those connected with the lower level SPFL sides use the weakness of the LL as an excuse to restrict relegation. A strong LL without the likes of Braves, BSC, Colts, Edin Uni etc, and instead with Lithgae, Talbot, Meadow, Clydebank etc is a more attractive place to be surely. These clubs would bring more travelling supports in the LL than existing clubs do in L2.
  2. That doesn't absolve the LL from actually doing the right thing, it was actually talked about 3 seasons ago when the moves in the East began happening and still here we are. Fraser & Co talk about "ventilation" but it's only one way, and they poured petrol on the situation by admitting Colts and increasing the league to 18. It's protectionism and if they ever want the SPFL to open up further, perhaps the LL need to set the example first.
  3. Yip they could but won't, and now with the Pyramid in place these types of clubs in future can only ever start at the very bottom of the pile (unless you're a Colt team of course).
  4. I don't see anyone demanding it, just people pointing out the hypocrisy of the LL in restricting relegation/promotion whilst at the same time complaining about the SPFL doing likewise. Remember, the LL/Fraser were baw deep in getting the West Juniors to move into the Pyramid system and clubs would rightly have expected an increase in promotion opportunties as a result. No cheek involved.
  5. Well you don't even know how many EoS clubs are Licenced, 16 out of 18 licenced clubs are in the Premier and that's all that really matters. Your argument was redundant last season and is even more redundant this season with most of the top WoS contenders also now licenced. For this season both the WoS and EoS Champions could have been promoted to the LL, instead they'll likely have to PO against each other for promotion.
  6. Braves and Broomhill will gradually disappear, they're not getting anywhere near the SPFL once the likes of Talbot, Clydebank, Rose, Darvel etc get into the LL, the only way is downwards and that explains why the LL are as much of a closed shop as the SPFL with only 1 promotion spot, they can see what's coming at them over the brow of the hill. It may also fuel LL2.
  7. This. It's almost as if it's a vehicle to get a certain person an SFA blazer, he's got his foot on the first rung. Their few supporters on here have also disappeared.
  8. That will also get them into bother with the SFA and their licence. What's wrong with the pitch, flooding issues?
  9. David's a very enthusiastic guy, and he's more frustrated about this than anyone. I've not heard anything about who has taken this over.
  10. You seem to like him, weird.......a lot still get taken in by every new ID the loonball creates, happy to highlight it to avoid pages of shite.
  11. David has stepped back from both Blackburn and collating attendances due to ongoing health issues. Hope to see him back at some point in the future.
  12. You craving attention again Gassy?
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