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  1. I had to Google TERF. Still not sure I am any the wiser.
  2. Calling @ICTChris. You have had a couple of days to consider, surely time is nigh to put this thread out of our misery ?
  3. Think I would be more comfortable with the RCFC statement, if there were a statement, supporting what was alleged to have happened , from Dundee United.
  4. Forgetting for a moment the rights and wrongs of the App, does anyone know if it caters for the third dose, and any subsequent boosters ?
  5. Did you notice he came over to the Jail End at the end of the game and gave his Hearts shirt to a County fan ?
  6. For goodness sake Ross County, just how long does it take to sort out the new ticket barriers ?. Not accepting season tickets into the East Stand, and having to get the Steward to use his pass ?. It’s all getting silly, and very amateurish.
  7. Unfortunately, I doubt many schools will have the refrigeration facilities for the Pfizer vaccine.
  8. I know I am a bit touchy at the moment, but as both myself and my wife are locked into our house, both with this “weird cough” I think I am entitled to be. Maybe if you had added to weird cough, days of high temperature, 24 hour vomiting, headache, aching joints, loss of taste and smell, no sleep etc, I might not have got annoyed reading your post. We are both double jabbed. Appreciate symptoms differ from person to person, but to just call it a “Weird Cough” is wat too simplistic.
  9. “Weird Cough” ?. Do you practice being pig ignorant, or is it just a god given talent you have ?
  10. Anyone successful yet ?. I’m just getting “Invalid credentials please try again” not clear on mail to have spaces ?, dashes ? Or whatever as the login ID. success, lowercase first name dash lowercase surname dash season ticket number
  11. It’s just wonderful telly. Fantastic skills my the repairers, none of the obsession with monetary value that other programmes have. Just genuine passion, talent and joy. Great Covid antidote
  12. Anybody know of the timesCale for the resolution of all this nonsense ?. Is there to be an actual court hearing ?, potential appeals ?. It all seems never ending
  13. Mrs Gannet was watching Nicola Sturgeon on the lunchtime news, and asked the most important question of the current crisis : ”who has been cutting her hair, if she can get someone to do her hair, why can’t l ?”
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