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  1. It's amazing that Marshy's Son, given that they have the same IP Address, suddenly became his old school friend. @Tynierose . No one will care but this site has become toxic since the likes of him and VTs wee clique have hijacked it. Just dropped in with my wee posty post to opine that until the echo chamber types are dealt some telts this place is on a death spiral as a lot of liberal politically uninterested posters just want to do what they can & are not interested with constant virtue signalling & getting called out for benign opinions.
  2. Ally McCoist is reinventing himself as a tactical genius here. Ally McCoist, let that sink in.....
  3. Queue a "look at they ****", look ****, type "exclusive" in the papers to protect Uncle Peters annual bonus & the tax dodgers dividends. Nothing to do with their profit taking and cost cutting of course. See also United,Manchester.
  4. I know but I can't help it. Why would a Hearts supporter care in any case?🤪
  5. Stop taking life too seriously ali, I have myriad issues to deal with at work but I will deal with them on the morrow. Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think.
  6. Mea Culpa, I was posting that when you replied in the affirmative.
  7. For the avoidance of doubt, me as well, I am becoming quite the tedious ringpiece but, good lord, they hector and hector #findanotherfuckinghobbyand leaveusalone. We just want to talk utter shite about Scottish Football.
  8. Being an A*r fan is inexcusable behaviour. It's a joke, I honestly and unequivocally regret doing it. The people at the top are irredeemable arsepieces.
  9. I majorly fucked up, what more can I say. The people who genuinely need help are ignored because of the despicable arseholes.
  10. ali, you don't know me & you have no idea what I do on a daily basis. Stop confusing me with the upper class privileged arseholes that you are describing there. I know that no matter what I do, I will never really make a significant difference but I try to help every single day in any way I can. I am never going to be Emma Thompson flying over in 1st class to unironically hector people about climate change but I try my best to make a difference.
  11. They were, I prefer to define evil on a personal level, I will never, ever be nasty to another human being. I want to help as much as I can & do so on a daily basis, I realise how lucky I am & do not take it for granted.
  12. Much as it pains me to admit, he will be far more positive than negative for your mob this season. I said as much in an earlier post but his organisational skills in defence allied to his attacking prowess makes him a slightly richer mans Stephen McManus. Damn him to eternal flip.
  13. Thank f**k for that. Does it also say #noincometaxnovat?
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