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  1. Replying to what TxRover was saying, if you don't like your beloved Roid rage boy being critised for unleashing his army of war criminal rapists then you can f**k off.
  2. The Ukranians will do nothing of the sort because of the Rape & Torture the Russians have inflicted. If you surrender, then under the Geneva Convention you must be treated as POWs,, so they must be held until you can prove they are guilty of War Crimes or if they cannot be found guilty then they must be released.The usual arseholes on here will squeal "prove it" & deflect all day while defending the evil, murderous roid raging piece of shit that is Putin.
  3. Yeah, sorry that is true, the people I got to games with when I get a spare ticket are fanatical & make themselves heard. The overall atmosphere is usually decent as well. They have zero time for the tourists who lap up the half & half scarves. Sorry for being a grump, the Killie score yesterday has given me quite the hump.
  4. I live near Manchester & thanks to friends with STs go to a lot of games at Utd & Citeh, as well as a lot of County Cricket games at the other Old Trafford, don't try to tell me what I already know.
  5. It really isn't, I have went to several games there because my wife works with a lot of Citeh fans.They hate the arseholes who have suddenly appeared & are rather annoyed at the Outsiders who sit on their hands all day before going back to their City Centre Hotel before their flight back from Ringway to parts of Asia, Africa, America & Arabia.
  6. How on Earth have Manchunited got away with a mere 3 goal pumping here,
  7. This team will hit double figures in a game this Season, won't put it past Haaland to get a double hat trick in doing so, utterly frightening team
  8. Haaland is fonking abnormal, Dixie Dean must be spinning in his grave.
  9. It's weird but I know some genuine Citeh supporters & they have spent the last decade in "I cant believe this is happening" mode. There are thousands of them across the South of Manchester yet the Emptihad still seems like a Morgue while Maine Road would have been bouncing, utterly baffling.
  10. In a team of absolute geniuses, Grealish remains an absolute fraud. This might be anything after HT if Peps Team Talk is FINISH HIM.
  11. Just noticed Haaland is the spit of Matt Smith in that GoT thingy. KDB is very good at football & I dread to think how many goals he is going to set up for Matt Smith. Hilarity may well ensue.
  12. This might get hilarious if they get a 3rd before HT.
  13. Why the fonk does Grealish fall over everywhere except when he is in the Penalty box?
  14. I now have that as an earworm, thanks for that & I now hope your next s**t is a spider.
  15. Not even close, but but he wears an Alice Band & tiny shinpads.
  16. How the f**k is that wee wanksock Grealish still conning refs every time he falls over.Decent stramash there.
  17. I concur, was using it ironically but you didn't realise because you cant see my stupid moustache, skinny fit tweed suit or my dress shoes with no socks combo.
  18. Wait, are Arsenal good again? Getting heavy could go either way vibes from the upcoming game,its either a Haaland monstering or a scrappy win that proves ETH is right to keep any English player the hell away from their defence. He has also noticed that McSauce is a pler regardless of what the "experts" on here think. EFL thread for this pish but Watford are having a decent New Manager bounce, suppose they should be used to it.
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