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  1. Oh ffs what a div I am, thankfully I don't really have OCD on top of everything else, I just like things to be neatly categorised and Arch being outwith Team Eastwood was jarring.
  2. I didn't mention ISIS up until I replied to your quote lad, do try and keep up.
  3. Anytime Slipps , I aint no dog, just pay for my flight to Thailand and I will, well, bugger off to Phuket and have a great holiday.
  4. Staff, not fairies, employing those people puts a margin on the products you buy from the store to pay for their labour.
  5. I follow that they would be happy to lose customers who turn everything into a battle, because they have read some shite from Martyn Lewis and henceforth believe that they know everything about Retail Law, as that is a drag on profit, awkward b*****ds take up customer service time and that is a HR cost.
  6. On net margins they are probably making way less than a fiver a week on you, your arseholish behaviour around trolley etiquette makes you close to a net loss to them so they would happily f**k you off.
  7. *Echo, I am no fan of the SNP, or more specifically Pete and Nick, but when slevering messes like you come on and say "I've prove the point' that does not help*. Also do not besmirch The Goons with your mewling.
  8. Because you have appeared on here in bad faith, you are clearly an alias who is intent on insulting people for no good reason.
  9. I was thinking that, but no mention of shite rappers yet so the Jury is still out.
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