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  1. It is only on the Radio, but Dean from Raging Bull Biltong.
  2. Yep it does, in my defence I was a daft wee boy, but still I was a tea leaf & it was not big or clever.
  3. Seriously, how can anyone look at him and think, "Aye, I'll vote for you".
  4. @supermikwill fill you in, & steal your cheese if you give him the chance. Whatever happened to the P&B Glossary thread?
  5. I find your lack of laughing geese disturbing.
  6. Sadly that is true, I still cannot believe the racism displayed to half a haircut on here by a Killie fan. No need for it whatsoever and every Club has idiots like it.
  7. Sure there are plenty of buses going up Cathcart Road to the City Centre but it's been a long time so I could be wrong.
  8. Stop pissing on the poor lads chips, having loads of money isn't exactly helping Terrorist Funding Homophobic & Misogynist FC.
  9. Yeah but their parasitical "owners" got paid lots of dividends even though the club they didn't actually buy still has fucktons of debt. Think I'll "buy" me a Football Team.
  10. Don't care even if I blow my top,but Aston Villa, (uh huh) f**k off.
  11. I might start a petition to rename it Abbotsinch Airport.
  12. Posh Cars? We were nicking them from Fords & Fiats in Kilwinning, ah wait.......
  13. You forgot to mention Elvis, I am also dubious about one of your other claims........ But I suppose it is a good Racecourse.
  14. The long suffering ones were no better. It would give an interview with those types who couldn't wait to tell us how they were loyal and great fans before cutting to the match and the camera on the fan then giving pelters to the players. It wasn't always the usual bog standard moaning either, some of it was ridiculously OTT stuff. Fairynuff then, only had half an eye on it when I watched it so couldn't really say, the ones that caught my eyes and ears were what I mentioned so I should probably watch it again & give it my full attention. On a related topic, delighted for Ross Stewart scoring the clinching goal to get them up yesterday some journey from The Buffs.
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