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  1. A decent performance, but still not a recognised International Match in the eyes of the ICC.
  2. Did Donald Ford not just play in the B&H Cup for Sotland, rather than Internationally, so would be List 1 games rather than First Class appearances which Goram did vs Ireland? Pretty sure similar would apply to Macdonald & Symon & Andy Goram remains the only person to represent Scotland in Internationally recognised competitions in both sports..
  3. Stop accusing the rest of America of being the U.S.A. They all have better taste.
  4. Given my healthy disdain for Celtic fans & the fact I live in that England, I concur, that said I call it a Chapel & there appears to be a lot of Liverpool fans attending so I am not sure if I can count it as a win.
  5. Bit shit though, but I suppose it happens.
  6. The Gende.... actually no, f*ck that appearing anywhere else.
  7. Jasprit going full Broad with that review there, was missing by miles.
  8. 'twas of course the stock P&B reply, I wasn't actually wanting you to post said pic. Why the f*ck would your mates be giving you grief anyway?
  9. Fair play to Virat Kohli as well, I am one of his biggest critics but he applauded the Century unlike most of his team mates.
  10. Fair point, but as you already said they had The Wall at 3 so they had a better opener than their openers coming in first drop.
  11. YJB at it again, has there ever been a Test Team where the 4,5,6 have been so much better than the Top order?
  12. Honestly though Miguel, my thoughts on the matter were recorded months ago. I f**ked up & am delighted to get any points at all, but in the interests of fairness & as one of the major beneficiaries, we should lose all Captain & VC bonus points accrued as a warning to any future cheeky b*****ds who read The S*n down here.
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