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  1. The AF/CE thing was what I was referring to, yes. The other quibble I had was that Italy want formed for a few centuries after Polo died. He was Venetian. Spotted the problem with 3 straightaway and guessed that was the issue with 10 after a wee think.
  2. Bloody good point now I have checked a map, my answer has a border with as many of those states than the "right" answer. Question Setter having a 'mare as Q3 was wrong as well, @WhiteRoseKilie reckons Q10 was wrong as well but I can't see what is wrong with it but will bow to his superior knowledge unless he has changed from AD to AF in his calendar.
  3. FTFY, incidentally I am a bloody jinx, watched c75 minutes of the game and saw 2 Israel goals and the missed pelanty, did not see a single Scotland goal live. I have banned myself from watching Tuesdays game.
  4. Haven't actually made this post for a couple of years, why do you continually downvote people in a pathetic effort to wind them up. You are supposed to be an adult human being.
  5. Anyone who is giving more red coloured than green coloured circles should have the ability to award any coloured circles removed from them. The P&B World does not need negative, trolling arseholes who delight in making other people feel miserable. @Div @Tynierose @Bully Wee Villa @keithgy
  6. A well paid bullshit spouting moron who substitutes buzz phrases and nonsensical strings of long, multisyllabic words instead of actually being capable of doing the job in hand.
  7. A lot of C&W is mawkish BS but when it is done right, it is excellent music. Willie Nelson is right up there as a hero irrespective of the songs he has written and/or performed as he has no interest in who you are & how much money you have, if you are a good person he will like you, if you are a dick then you can f**k off no matter who you are or how you can harm his career. Same goes for Dolly Parton.
  8. @Scotty Tunbridge seems to like him though, or maybe he just wants a wee pat on the head from marshy & his obvious aliases and the lone beholder.
  9. Well that was utterly shite, yet enjoyable, hokum.
  10. If you post this every single time Rangers are playing, you won't go far wrong. No need to worry about him being suspended for, you know, multiple bookings due to his continual diving.
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