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  1. I like seeing players fight for t'ball in t'mud.
  2. Not with the lack of options surely? Plus one of the big criticisms of the England selection recently has been all the chopping and changing They have no viable openers because every top order batter is getting done by 70mph merchants getting the ball to do hoops on greentops in moist overcast conditions. That will never change until they start playing red ball games in conditions slightly akin to the rest of the world.
  3. League lad, not bloody union, I go down t'Watersheddings.
  4. I usually don't but when I do it beggars belief just how seriously some people take themselves to be. I am stirring it today but some of the main players really think they are important because some others agree with them on a football website & their reactions to any other points of view are equal parts disturbing and hilarious.
  5. You really do take this place far too seriously.
  6. I love the fact that you still think you are winning in life because you are spouting utter nonsense on a loosely moderated Scottish Football Forum. I am completely aware that I have zero relevance on here, you need to accept the same and try to do something with your life that doesn't involve being a vicious, bitter, condescending arsehole on here. If you already are then I apologise unreservedly, I have my doubts however.
  7. I don't, I bother them so much that when I raise my head intermittently in their pet threads they immediately dot me. I truly don't care but I find it funny how much it winds you all up.
  8. Well done, you used that GIF yet again, just for a change you should use a picture of Ainsley. There is only one tedious individual here.
  9. 1 of the 5, I am sure the rest of the gang will be along shortly.
  10. I have been against this thread, as well as the insanity this has been, for a long time and have lost everything you have listed.
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