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  1. My view is that it the 19th century, was the golden era of Scottish football, when Scotland went years without losing, and among other results, beat England 7-2. They slaughtered teams like Ireland, and Wales by massive score lines. With all respect to Ireland, Wales, and England they were the golden years of Scottish football. Scotland beat Ireland 10-2 in 1888. Scotland beat Wales 8-0 in 1898. Scotland beat Wales 9-0. in 1878. Renton won the World Club Championship. Scotland beat England 6-1 in 1881 in London. Scotland beat Ireland 9-1 in 1899. Imagine Scotland getting results like that now. It would be amazing, As the home international championship was the only international trophy. You could argue Scotland were World Champions when they won it. So you could say Scotland have been World Champions 6 times in the 19th century. Plus there is also an unofficial World championship which Scotland leads.
  2. I support all Scottish clubs in Europe. It is important for Scotland to stay united. Scottish football is judged by how well our teams do in Europe. I want Scottish teams do well in Europe, the international team to do well, and for Scottish football to attract good players to Scotland.
  3. I support putting B or colt teams in the lower leagues by a million miles. Too many dinosaurs want Scottish football to fail at producing great players. The fact is putting the big sides b teams in the lower leagues would help produce more Scottish international players. The more chances there are for young players, the better. How is it wrong to copy the most successful small nations in World football (Like Croatia, Belgium and the Netherlands), rather than contining with a system which wastes so many young Scottish players? And some idiot will say well why don't Celtic and Rangers play all their young players in the first teams. Well that is cloud cuckoo fantastic nonsense land. Would any of your teams play an entire first team of 19 year olds let alone teams representing Scotland in Europe? We need a colt or b teams in the lower divisions, TO PRODUCE MORE SCOTTISH INTERNATINAL PLAYERS FOR THE SCOTTISH INTERNATIONAL TEAM. It is nothing to do with helping Celtic or Rangers, or some conspiracy by the SFA bnecause they want to see Celtic win Leagyue Two. Grow up! You critics of this idea will put forward totally cloud cuckoo land conspiracy theories and straw men to hide the weakness of your argument. The notion of playing B teams in the lower leagues is done in far far far more succesful nations at developing internatioonmal players. STOP HOLDING SCOTTISH FOOTBALL BACK. I support part time teams doing well. And I weant as many teams in the Scottish League as possible. The more the better. But for the life of me, I cannot understand why you wqould put Edibbirgh City finnishing two places higher in League Two, above that of producing more top Scottish players. WHY? ANSWER ME THAT WHY? And not with some whithered conspiracy theory that the SPFL is run by people who want Celtic or Rangers to win League Two. Grow up, and put Scottish football first.
  4. I support the move by Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers to have colt teams in the lower leagues, It is about putting Scottish football first. Not petty jealousy against the big sides. If Celtic and Rangers give more young players a chance who go on to be international players for Scotland then that is a good movie. I put the national team above everything. What I do not understand is people who one minute go on about how we need less teams in the league, because they do not repsect the part time teams, then the next minute claim they are standing up for part time teams when they are against Colt teams playing in the lower divisions. I support having as many teams as possible in the league. If a team can support a strong B team in the league system they should be allowed to. I support b teams and the part time teams. The fact is this (playing colt or b teams in the lower tiers) happens in so many countries notticably Croatia (a small country than Scotland who reached the World Cup Final), France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, where they put developing players for the international teams above petty jealousy against the bigger sides. I do not support Celtic or Rangers. I support Scottish football having a system in place that develops top international players and clubs who can do well in Europe. Some people could not care less about that. All they care about is a dinosaur mentality of making Scottish football smaller and worse. If you want Scottish football to fail, then be a dinosaur. I would support all the big sides having colt teams in the league. I also support part time teams being strong. Putting B teams in the lower leagues does not contradict that,
  5. Barry Ferguson has done a good job at Kelty. It is a tough league to win. I hope they and Brora are promoted to the Scottish League with the league increasing by two teams. -
  6. Why has no one reformed Renton the first Scottish team to win a club world cup? Everyone knows the story.
  7. What do you want for Scottish Football? OK this goes over some other points I have raised in previous threads, But I think this is a separate thread because I am asking what do you guys want for Scottish football in the totality? Basically do you want Scottish football to do well? Here is what I want; What I want is a league that punches above it’s weight in European club competitions, develops great players for the Scotland team, and attracts top players to play in Scotland, Scottish and foreign. That is where I stand. I am a proud Scottish football fan who wants Scottish football to do well, and be known throughout the world as a great football power, in developing players and coaches. I also want bigotry, division, and sectarianism to go away. I think the problem with Scottish football is that some people do not want any of that. All they care about is their own team, and everything else can fail underneath that. They would rather have a league which gets crowds of four figures at most, if their own team can win the league. I cannot go with that. I would rather my team do not win the league, if the other side is that the league is of a high standard and Scotland produces top clubs and players. You get people who put forward dumb ideas like; 1) Saying every team in Scotland should be part time. When all that would do is make sure no great international players ever come to, or stay in Scotland. Let me reiterate I love the part time level in Scottish football, but it will not attract the top players to Scotland. We would never get the Larssons, Laudrups or Gattussos coming to Scotland ever again. The part time sides can develop great players, but the great players won’t stay, and the Scottish clubs would never get further than the qualifying rounds for the Europa League or Champions League. Why would anyone want just that? I want good part time sides but also top elite clubs who can attract great players. 2) Saying Celtic and Rangers should join the English League. When all that would do is take away attendances, and tv rights, and sponsorship away from the Scottish game. And add to the superiority of the English game over the Scottish game. The Scottish League would quickly be as wealthy as the Welsh or Irish Leagues. With all respect to them. 3) Saying we should have more revenue sharing in Scottish football. When all that would do is mean the big clubs would have no motivation to build big stadiums. Because their money would go to other clubs. So their attendances would get lower and the league would be poorer. And people in Scotland would support other country’s clubs. Like you get in Wales, and Ireland. 4) Supporting foreign sides against Scottish sides. They decide to prove how Scottish they are by supporting any club that plays another Scottish side. So they would rather their own country’s sides lose and yet the next minute we are supposed to take their views seriously on how to reform Scottish football are sincerely thought out, when they already admit they want other Scottish teams to lose and be rubbish. 5) Wanting their rival clubs to be closed down, be that Hearts V Hibs, or Celtic V Rangers. They would rather the league loses big clubs, because they hate their rivals so much. And yet the next minute we are supposed to take their view on what reforms should happen in Scottish football seriously to develop Scottish football. 6) They talk about football integrity above the quality of football. This ties in with the previous point. They want their rival club closed down on some spurious basis that it would make people admire Scottish football for having a league with integrity. Which is utter nonsense. No one has a league table of leagues with the highest integrity. Football is about who has the best club sides or international sides. A real fan wants their club to have that or nation to have that. 7) They hate all the big clubs. I know of some fans who hate the bigger clubs, and justify it on some sore point from 20 years ago. So their Scottish identity is now founded on wanting Scottish clubs to lose in Europe and lose to foreign sides. They hate the idea of B or C sides of the big sides playing in the lower leagues, because they would rather Scotland does not produce top players than a part time team finish 7 or 8 places lower in the league, because of big sides having B or C sides in the league. 9) They support foreign sides full stop. They do not care about Scottish football, and support non -Scottish sides as their favorite sides. I think Scottish people should support Scottish sides. So we can support our football system, and economy. We should not hate other countries or clubs but we should support our Scottish sides. Let me point out we should not hate English people. Summary - So I want a league that keeps the big sides like Glasgow Rangers, Glasgow Celtic, Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs, Dundee United and Motherwell in the league. That grows to be major force in European soccer, that has cross border cups with the English on top of European and domestic soccer, but that also keeps it’s own league. And above all where we have a successful international side that does well in major tournaments. So that is my view. I know I have probably annoyed, and bored a lot of people with my views. Now I want people to put their views! What do you want for Scottish football. Specifically, do you want Scotland to do well? Do you want Scottish football clubs to do well in Europe? And if not why do you think your views on how to reform Scottish football should be taken seriously, when you are more interested in destroying other Scottish clubs and destroying the quality of player in the national side? Sorry if my post offends people.
  8. Maybe Skye could have a team in the League based in Portree?
  9. I am dead against declaring any of the domestic trophies null and void, when they are well into the season, and almost completed. I agree with the league places being awarded on the positions taking into account games in hand. But what about the domestic cups? The Scottish FA Cup, and the Scottish Challenge Cup., My view is share the trophies. The Scottish FA Cup only has two semi finals and a final to play. But should they be played with lockdown in full motion? Would it be controversial to declare, Aberdeen, Glasgow Celitc, Hearts, and Hibs joint winners? What about sharing the trophy between the remaining four teams? It would be controversial to declare four teams as joint winners, but look at the old rugby union 5 nations championship in one year in 1973 all five team shared the trophy. The Scottish Challenge Cup could be shared. between Inverness CT and Raith Rovers. They only have one game to play, after an interesting season in the Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Challenge Cup. Glasgow Rangers under 21 side had the most interesting run beating teams from Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It was a really interesting Challenge Cup season. But it might be difficult to play the final. The other alternative is to play the games behind closed doors.. Maybe I have an odd sense of humour , but I would find it amusing, as an historian of Scottish football, for a cup final to have an attendance of zero. But I see that the main problem is clubs travelling 100's of miles to play in front of no one, but a TV audience. I think sharing the cups would be a solution to the problem. It would mean Aberdeen's first Scottish FA Cup since 1990. It would mean Hearts and Hibs both win a trophy. So that should keep both rivals happy. It would mean Glasgow Celtic become the first team to win 4 Scottish FA Cups in a row. Sharing trophies has happened in Scottish football before on a major occasion. Dumbarton and Glasgow Rangers shared the first Scottish League title. In England the Charity Shield was shared every so often when the teams drew. They used to not have a penalty shootout, or replay, so that if the teams drew the cup would be shared. The last time it was shared was in 1991 when North London rivals Spurs and Arsenal shared the trophy. Liverpool were shared Charity shield winners 5 times. The precursor to the charity shield, the Sheriff of London Charity Shield was also shared by Queen's Park in 1899 with Aston Villa. Queen's Park, of Glasgow were invited to take part in the two team trophy that season. The year previous it was shared between Corinthian, and Sheffield United In rugby the old five nations was shared tonnes of times. The last time it was shared was in 1988 between the French and the Welsh. France and Scotland shared it in 1986. Being joint champions of the Home nations or 5 nations Championship at rugby union was very common in the olden days. In total England were joint champions of the rugby home nations or 5 nations, 10 times, France 8 times, Ireland 9 times, Scotland 9 times and Wales 12 times. So what does everyone think about the cups being shared between the participating teams left.?
  10. I think it is time we allowed the big sides, or all Premier sides to put second teams in the lower divisions. Purpose The point in this is to help Scotland produce more talented football players, who can go on to help the Scottish international team reach and do well in major championships. The more talented players we have, the more chance of Scotland doing well in international football It is not to help Celtic or Rangers. It is to help the Scottish international team. Although the big sides would benefit from this move. Justification. At present many young Scottish players do not get early senior level experience because there are other players in their way. So players are not tested at competitive level football. Giving players early experience of competitive football is vital for their development Examples. In Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Portugal and Germany , the big sides play reserve teams in the lower divisions, so that young players can test themselves against grown men, and at competitive levels. The most striking example is Croatia. Croatia a nation that has reached the World Cup Final with a population smaller than Scotland. In Croatia, 3 teams Osijek, Zagreb, and Hajduk Split have second teams playing in the second division. So in Croatia. No one says it is just persecuting the smaller sides or ganging up with the big 3 sides to let the big sides to have second teams in the league system. People in Croatia realise that having the big sides having reserve teams in the lower divisions, is a way of guaranteeing young top players at the big sides will get competitive experience of football at a young age, They put the Croatian international side above the petty interests of each club. What I want for Scottish Football. I want Scotland to do well in major championships. I want Scottish clubs to do well in European club competitions. I want Scottish football to be seen as a major league in Europe and the World. So we need a system that produces more top players, great elite club sides who can do well in Europe. Have high attendances in the Scottish League. Attracting great players to play in Scotland. The Critics of the idea. That this is taking places in the league away from smaller sides. But I think any team big enough to be in the Scottish League, should be offered a place in the Scottish League. But A) You should not put the interests of a part time team finishing 8 places higher in the league system above the interests of the Scottish international team producing good players. That is a betrayal of Scottish nationality. B) What gets on my nerves is people who say we should have less team in the Scottish Football League. Then the next minute complain about B teams being put in the league on the basis that they might take places away from smaller sides like Brora Rangers of Kelty Hearts, that they have just said should not be in the Scottish League. Let me reiterate I think Brora and Kelty should be in the Scottish League, but I also think the big side’s reserve teams should be in the league, so every young Scottish player, at the big sides has the capability to show what they are capable of on a football field. People will say well why don’t ’the big clubs just play young players in their first team more often. My argument to that. Is that that is not living in the real world. If the elite sides just played inexperienced sides in their first team every season, they would do worse in the league, and would perform terribly in European competitions. What we need a system that enables all our club sides to do well but also produces more international players Those who don’t care about Scottish football’s reputation. - What gets on my nerves is people who don’t care how well Scottish clubs do in Europe. And don’t care how well the international side does in international football. And then have the cheek to pretend that they have sincere views on how to help Scottish football develop at club level and international level. They tend to put forward ridiculous ideas like suggesting that we should let Celtic and Rangers join the English League and that losing our biggest sides would help Scottish football. Or they say stupid things like well our teams do rubbish in Europe so who cares about making a system to that makes them do better Or they bring up sore points from years ago, that justify their hatred of the big, or elite clubs in Scottish football. And then these people have the cheek for us to take their views on how to help Scottish football seriously. I know one person suggested that every Scottish club should be part time. How the heck would Scottish football club perform in Europe, if we lost all our top players to other leagues and could not attract top foreign players to the league? It is utter nonsense. I know one person who said they would rather their own side win the league rather than Scotland producing top players. The Rangers Celtic Critics You will get some who will suggest all I want to do is have Celtic and Rangers winning the lower leagues. That is not what this is about. It is about motivating the top clubs to develop young Scottish players without damaging their chances in Europe. My Plan I would have every Scottish Premier side, be allowed a under 21-year old sides in the bottom tier of the SPFL. That would be a good level for Scottish players to develop. I would also allow the under 21-year old sides to have 3 over 21 year old players in their teams. This is to ensure there are players who can teach their younger players what to do in competitive football games. As you need some older experienced players to pass on tricks of the trade and composure to the less experienced players. You will get some who will say what about the loan system. But the loan system would not give an entire Premier side’s youth team in their side. You would be lucky for a lower division team to give more than 3 young players a chance. How would you like it if your fave side had to play a reserve side? I remember one critic of my idea said well how would Aberdeen fans like it if they had to play the Real Madrid B side? I would be happy to have it that Colt or B sides do not play in the Scottish domestic cups, if this happened. My answer to that would be; 1) I am not Spanish. I am not interested in helping Spanish sides develop. I am interested in helping Scottish players at the big clubs develop. Why would your first argument be to ask how I would be interested in helping foreign teams to do better. Do you see the Scottish sides, in the same esteem as foreign sides. 2) The only way Aberdeen could play Real Madrid B side in competitive football, would be if there was a European Super League, and Aberdeen found themselves in a division with Real Madrid’s second team, it would not bother me. If it was about playing Nice one week, Livorno the next, and then Real Madrid’s second side. I would take that, if that was our level. Other advantages of this idea; Imagine a Celtic B v Rangers B game filling a large stadium. Imagine the lower Scottish leagues listing 20,000 or 30,000 fans turning up for a League One or League Two decider. It would make Scottish football look better. The big clubs would get better players because their players had developed more at a young age. So could perform better in European competitions. Smaller club’s fans would be able to see the young potential Scottish stars at their stadiums, There would be more attention given to the lower leagues, as the big club’s fans would want to know how their teams were getting on. It could lead to great players from other countries coming to Scotland due to Scotland having a better youth development system. Every club in Scotland has the potential to reach the Premier, and then have a B team in the lower leagues. Every club in Scotland could be in the Premier, with the right backing behind them. So this could be something all Scottish clubs could look forward to doing. 40 years ago Ross County were a small club in the Highland League. Now they are an established side in the Premier. That could happen to almost any club in Scotland, with the current pyramid system. Look at other examples in the past like Clydebank, and Dumbarton. Hope you have enjoyed reading my views, Thanks,
  11. Celtic Sides in Football League Trophy How about this for Scottish fans? How about we enter all the Scottish Premier sides who have not qualified for Europe. Plus a selection of Welsh Premier sides into the lower divisions Football League Trophy. I do not support merging the British leagues as that would destroy our identity as a nation. I do not support the big Scottish sides joining the English League as that would destroy the quality of the Scottish League. But I do support the notion of cross border cups, on top of domestic and European football. Now we already have Irish, Welsh, and English sides playing in the Scottish Challenge Cup. Plus English sides used to play in the Welsh Cup for years So how about the favour is returned and we play all Scottish Premier sides who have not qualified for Europe, plus a selection of Welsh Premier sides in the Football League Trophy? The Football League Trophy is played between English League One and English League Two sides plus the youth teams of English Premier League sides. Up to the final the cup is regionalised. So Scottish teams could play in the Northern section, while Welsh sides could play in the Southern section. Imagine a Scottish side getting to play a final at Wembley Stadium! Imagine the cross border banter between Scotland, Wales, and England! Imagine the great trips to stadiums you have never been to before, with a Scottish club! Imagine the fun of playing big sides like Sunderland, Blackpool, and Coventry City! Imagine beating a major English team that had been relegated to the lower divisions! Imagine the fun of winning an English trophy! My replies to the Negatives Travel – Well teams in Australia, the USA, and Russia, make trips of 1000’s of miles for a league game. So a trip from Dingwall to Coventry once a season is not too much especially when Scottish clubs have visited Georgia, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Israel in the last few years. Not that big a trophy – I accept this is not going to transform Scottish football. But it would add a bit of spice to the season. The chance to beat English sides of a similar level, without it becoming monotonous. Travelling to England 20 times a season, would be too much, but a handful of times a year would be fun. I am not saying this would be comparable to playing Real Madrid in the Champions League. But it is would still be a fun thing each season. What do the Welsh sides offer? I accept they would not bring big crowds or TV revenue, but this would be about helping the Welsh League develop. It would not damage Scottish or English soccer to do this, but would enormously help Welsh soccer for their teams to play high standard English sides in competitive games. It would be a transformational benefit for Welsh football.
  12. Loving Vincent Here is a good animated film I saw, for grown ups. An animated movie, in style of Van Gogh paintings. Made in Poland and Britian. Looked at how Van Gogh died of the people who hurt him of his love for others. Of the villagers of the town he died in. Starred Douglas Booth, Saiorse Ronan, Eliner Tomlinson, Chris O’Dowd, Aidan Turner, John Sessions, and other actors, and actresses. Very good film that flew by in time. It looked at Van Gogh's insanity too. It was superb animation. I would advise people to see it.
  13. I hope they play the final of this trophy, even if it is behind closed doors. It would be a waste to go an entire season playing the trophy,travelling all over the British and Irish Isles, and then not bother to hold the final. They could hold it early next season, if they have to. Although Inverness might be promoted, by then due to league reconstruction, and could be the first premier team to win the trophy.
  14. My idea of league reorganisation would be. I think that a top league of 14 teams. With the league splitting after 26 games to two sections of 7. With each team playing each team in their section twice again. Resulting 38 games. Also I would love to see us copy the Spanish, Dutch, Belgians, Germans, and Portugal in allowing the big Scottish sides to play youth or reserve teams in the lower divisions. Either every team in the Premier would be a given a place or just Aberdeen, Celtic, Rangers, Hearts, Hibs, Dundee United and Motherwell. It would guarantee that young Scottish players get competitive experience of football at a young age. This would allow the big sides to produce a conveyor belt of talent for the Scottish football system, and more importantly the national team. They could be promoted up to League One. This would be a good standard for young Scottish players to develop at. Andy Robertson developed at Queen's Park. Kenny Dalglish played for Cumbernauld United. So this is a good level to develop players at. Some will say that it is wrong to put the Celtic, Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts or Motherwell, Dundee United, or Rangers reserve teams above a part time like Kelty Hearts or Brora Rangers. But I am not attacking those clubs. I support all Scottish clubs, and want them all to do well. I am just saying that if we could develop more top players for the national side then that would be more important than Kelty Hearts or Brora Rangers finishing 5 or 6 places above where they would end. My priority is the national side and our club's performances in Europe, not whether Kelty Hearts finish 5 places higher in League One. With all respect to Kelty Hearts. We need to create a system that keeps and attracts top players to Scottish football, that develops top young players, and that allows us to have teams that do Scotland proud in terms of European performances. I think a major way to do that is to allow the top clubs to have youth teams playing against real teams in the lower tiers. We should look all the time at how we can get bigger amounts of money into Scottish football, more top quality players and top quality international players in the game. My League organisation would be All Premier teams playing a reserve side in League Two 14 team Premier. Splitting into two groups of seven. 14 team Championship. Splitting into two groups of seven. 18 team League One North. 18 team League One South. Below that Highland and Lowland Leagues. That equals 64 teams. That is an increase of 22 teams. Those 22 extra teams would be the 14 Scottish Premier sides, under 23 year old sides starting off in League One North or South. They would not be allowed to be promoted from League One. So would not take places in the Championship, from bigger sides. There would also need to be 8 teams brought up from non league, to make up the numbers. I would promote Brora Rangers, and Kelty Hearts. But the other 6 places would go to teams by a vote from the existing SPFL sides.
  15. Neither Thistle, or Caledonian died. They created a club out of both sides. Inverness CT are a great side, with a rich history. Inverness CT are not a franchise in anyway at all. They have not moved to a new city. They have combined the history of both previous clubs.
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