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  1. It would be fun to see the Old Firm playing massive French sides like PSG, Lyon and Lens. Nobody would think Scotland was part of France. So it would not annoy me so much. The Old Firm fans would get beautiful places to visit.
  2. The problems of the Clan v Clan Cup; 1) What happens when someone of one surname is selected to play for a team because he has distant ancestors from that clan, but is playing against a team with his own surname? So for instance imagine a MacLeod is selected for the MacDonald Clan side then they play the MacLeod Clan. Imagine the confusion from the commentator. ‘And MacLeod passes to MacDonald who passes to MacLeod. And MacLeod scores against MacLeod for MacDonald. The confusion would mount. 2) What if 7 or eight of the players all have the same surname? How would you differentiate quickly between the players in a fast action match? 3) Where would the games be played? 4) Would the trophy whip up tribal division in Scotland? ------ For note; The Clans of Robertson, Thomson, Smith and Wilson have tended to have produced the most internationals for Scotland, so would historically be the strongest. I think the Ferguson clan would be the strongest in terms of management.
  3. Rangers B side are doing well in the Lowland League. I know Celtic and Rangers have self interest. But it will help the national side to give young Rangers and Celtic players early experience of competitive soccer. We should take advantage of the self interest clubs to make them develop more top Scottish players. We need the top clubs to develop more top players for Scotland. And having B sides in the Lowland League helps that.
  4. A Clan V Clan Scottish Trophy. I think a cool idea for a football trophy in Scotland would be clan v clan matches. We all know the history of Scotland with clans as a vital part of our history and identity. We know of famous clans like the Clan Campbell, Clan Smith, Clan Macpherson, Clan Sinclair, Clan Mackenzie, Clan MacDonald, Clan Ferguson, Clan Anderson, Clan Douglas, Clan Wallace, Clan MacNab, Clan MacLean and Clan MacLeod. Well my idea would be a football trophy between the different clans of Scotland. It could be held at the same location, or like a Scottish FA Cup, or European Champions League. Teams could be drawn at home and away in a knockout trophy or league trophy. I would not want this idea to support racism. So people of any race could play for the clan sides. People could qualify for sides by surname, even if it means looking back many generations to find a family link to the surname. Like they have the grandparent rule in international soccer. So if you looked back 5 generations, and found a ancestor who was a Ferguson you could play for the Ferguson side. It would be a interesting trophy. In New Zealand they have the New Zealand Maori rugby union side. And people can qualify due to distant family connections. My idea would be for clan teams to play each other. It could be a fun trophy, playing on a major part of the Scottish identity. There could be other sports trophies like this in other nations where there are tribes or family groups, like the USA, Poland, China or India. Also other sports could try this such as shinty, hurling, Gaelic football, motor racing, rugby union, golf, bowling, volleyball, Highland Games, penalty shootout trophies, basketball, snooker, darts, athletics and other sports. This would be a fun trophy to have. It could be supported by major companies, governments, sports organisations. I think names for the trophy could be like the CLAN V CLAN SOCCER CUP. Games could be played at Hampden, Murrayfield, Celtic Park, Ibrox, Dens Park, Pittodrie or any other Scottish stadia. What does everyone think of this crazy idea?
  5. What Is Your Priority for Scottish Football? My priorities are in order; 1. To have a strong national side that qualify for major tournaments and win trophies. 2. To have Scottish clubs that do well in Europe. 3. Scottish clubs to develop and attract great players to Scottish football. 4. That Scotland is not seen as a region of England. So no merger with the English league. And no Old Firm joining the English League. I am not anti-English. But I want Scotland to be seen as a nation whether it is part of the UK or not. I am not discussing independence on this comment. 5. Have more cross border trophies with other nations, on top of domestic and UEFA football trophies. Those are my five priorities for Scottish soccer. I am a patriot I want a strong Scottish football system that competes at the top level, and is strong. What I do not understand is people who claim to be Scottish football fans, but do not care how the international team does, and do not want our club sides to do well in Europe? These people seem to have pointless priorities like wanting part time teams to represent us in Europe and be beaten 8-0 by teams from the Faroe Islands. They want to obliterate Scottish football in relation to other nations. These people seem to have irritating priorities like; THE PRIOROTIES OF UNPATRIOTIC CLOWNS. 1. A competitive league even if it is rubbish. Even if Scottish sides get slaughtered in Europe. All they care about is their own particular side winning trophies. 2. Make the Scottish Premier a Lower tier of league of the English Leagues. So that would make everyone think Scotland is part of England, and that all the history of Scottish football would become that of the status of a non-league system. 3. Celtic and Rangers leave the Scottish League and join the English League. This would just make Scotland look like a county of England. It would also destroy the status and quality of the Scottish League. 4. Destroying other Scottish sides, even if it harms Scottish football. 5. Have a part time league. So that part time clubs can win the league. 6. Sporting integrity. This means letting our clubs do rubbish or the league become rubbish on some drivel concept of sporting integrity. I accept we should not bribe teams. But when it comes down to nit picking every tiny mistake about Scottish football and asking for us to lose. It becomes self-Flagellation. So then What are your priorities for Scottish soccer?
  6. Well Well. I think Motherwell should play a colt sides in the leagues. I do not have a problem of non Old Firm sides having colt sides also. It is divisive triabalism that keeps Scotland down. It keeps Scottish football down. That is what makes Scottish football fail. A lack of unity. To the other posts. THAT IS WHY SCOTLAND FAILS. Divisive tribalism. OK lets put this as an argument. Of what is going on here,. English clubs in the lower divisions of the League Two getting 10,,000 fans at matches get offended by having to play Man Utd B side,. I still think it is nonsense for them to be offended by that, but fair enough you get 10,000 fans at matches you are a big club' But now clowns supporting a side in Scottish League One getting 400 fans at games think they are the Scottish equivalent of Bradford City or Sunderland,. And that it is a matter of honour to show how big Scottish football is that some League Two Scottish side would be offended at having to play Celtic Colts., REALITY CHECK YOU ARE NOT SUNDERLAND!. You are a part time team who should be delighted and honoured at playing colt sides of big sides, END OF STORY - You are being delusional if you think you are comparable to the English League Two or English League One sides,. I don't think even they make sense for English League One or English League Two sides to be offended. But at least they are big clubs,. Stop thinking that is offensive for Edinburgh City, East Fife, or Cove Rangers to play Celtic Colts or Rangers Colts. IT IS NOT AN INSULT TO PLAY A COLT SIDE. IT IS A COMPLIMENT THAT SCOTTISH FOOTBALL COLT SIDES THINK THAT YOUR SIDE IS A GOOD SIDE TO PLAY FOR SCOTTISH PLAYERS TO DEVELOP. Why are you taking it as an insult as if you are Sunderland, or Bradford City or Coventry City. You are not those sides. You get smaller attendances than Man Utd reserves and you claim it is offensive to play the reserve sides of big sides, GROW UP!! REALITY CHECK! IT IS A COMPLIMENT TO PLAY THE COLT SIDES OF THE BIG SIDES.
  7. It IS NOT OFFENSIVE FOR COLT TEAMS TO PLAY LOWER LEAGUE SIDES. It happens all the time in friendlies. Since when did it become offensive to play a colt team? When? It should be seen as a compliment to the lower division sides for colt teams to want to play them. How many times do big English sides or big Scottish sides send a virtual colt sides to play a smaller side in a friendly? Since when did that become an insult? Since when! It is conservative, unpatriotic nonsense to claim colt sides are wrong. I hope the clubs ignore the unpatriotic clowns who put their part time team finishing 5 places higher in the league than Scotland developing good sides, I want Celtic, Rangers, Hibernian, Hearts, Aberdeen, Dundee United and Motherwell to have colt teams in the league system. FURTHERMORE! We had a C Division for years where big sides second teams played part time sides. Hibernian played a b team in the non league system for years. Since when did colt sides become offensive. Since when. Just answer me that without some offensive name calling. You fans of part time sides should put SCOTLAND as the priority. WHY THE HECK DO YOU FIND IT OFFENSIVE TO PLAY COLT SIDES? WHY? ANSWER ME THIS! Do you actually care about how well Scotland does in international football? Do you just care about your part time club and nothing else? Do you care about how well Scottish clubs do in Europe? Because I am offended by clowns who hate their own country.
  8. WE NEED COLT TEAMS IN THE LOWER LEAGUES - END OF STORY. I cannot understand why it offends people to give young Scottish players game time. If a big English side sent a youth side up to play a part time Scottish side, no one would complain. But when it is done for Scottish sides you get clowns and traitors complaining about how unfair it is to have colt teams playing some part time club. We should do whatever it takes to give young Scottish players game time. The priorities are for Scottish football. 1. A strong international side - Which means developing better players. 2. Clubs that can do well in Europe,. This system would allow the big clubs to continue to sign developed players for their first team, so they do well in Europe, but still giving their young Scottish players game time. And before some traitor clown says that the Old Firm should just back their team full of under 21 yea old Scottish players. Well how many part time teams do that? It is nonsense.. Forest Fifer. Why do you put your part time team above Scotland developing? Why? Do you even support Scotland? We need to stop the cutting off your own nose to spite their face. Some fans would rather Scottish football fail, if it helps their own individual club side. That is why Scottish football has failed for the last two decades. The tribalisitic attitude of putting your own club above Scotland. Plus I honestly do not see why the Old Firm playing colt teams in the lower division is disrespecting smaller sides. It is a compliment,. It is compliment to say that part time teams would be a good level to train against for the Old Firm youth players. Why do some people put their part time team finishing 4 places higher in the league, above Scotland. ? Why? I bet I will not get a reply.
  9. Good news for Aberdeen women. Aberdeen have won promotion to the top tier. Emma Hunter will be delighted. Aberdeen have won the second tier.
  10. ANSWER ME THIS Why is it if Celtic or Rangers or a big English side sent a youth team to play your first team in a friendly or testimonial you would not be worked up but when a big side sends a colt team in a competitive game it suddenly becomes a great sin of evil? It is utter nonsense to claim playing a colt team, is showing disrespect to the part time sides. It is a sign of respect, it is about saying we rate your part time team so highly we want our young players to develop against them. We think it would help our players. How is that showing disrespect? I support colt sides in the lower leagues. It is about helping the national side.
  11. Richey Edwards People like you are dangerous. It is people like you who hold Scottish football back. You want to kill people because they want Scottish football to succeed. I hope people read your posts to see what your side is about. You need help. Get it before you hurt someone. YOU ARE ON THE WRONG SIDE. You are more concerned with part time teams finishing 5 places higher in League Tw0, than Scotland producing top players. You are dangerous. My priorities are 1) Scotland producing to players. [ 2. Scottish clubs doing well in Europe.
  12. No wonder Scotland fails at football with divisive tribalists who care more their part time teams finishing 3 or 4 places higher in the league than Scotland producing top players. We have clowns and traitors wanting Scotland to fail. It is jaw dropping and damaging, the tribalistic attitude. I WANT SCOTLAND TO QUALIFY FOR MAJOR FINALS AND FOR SCOTTISH CLUBS TO DO WELL IN EUROPE THAT IS MY PRIORITY. Why are Coats, the Dutch, the Belgians, Portugal, Spain, France and Germany patriotic enough to do anything they can to get successful national sides., But some part time team in Scotland is more important than the national side. If we put colt teams of the big sides of Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs, Dundee United, Dundee and Motherwell in the lower divisions, it would help develop top players. The fact is sticking Lowland league colt sides in the Premier, would not do that. You know that. Most of these fans would have no problem with Celtic, Rangers or a big English sides sending a colt team to play them in friendly. But if it happens in a competitive game is suddenly becomes a sin. What nonsense. I WANT SCOTLAND TO PRODUCE TOP PLAYERS. YOU ARE MORE CONCERNED WITH YOU PART TIME TEAM BEING 4 PLACES HIGHER IN LEAGUE TWO. No wonder Scotland fails at football with such lack of patriotism and lack of loyalty,
  13. I support Rangers and Celtic having colt sides in the lower leagues, This is about Scotland developing more top players. I do not understand the anger towards colt sides. If Celtic, Rangers or a big English side sent a youth team to play a part time side in Scotland in a friendly no one would mind. But suddenly it happens in a competitive game and you get the nonsense of ant divisive tribalists complaining about it. My priorities in Scottish football are 1) The international side does well. And for that we need good Scottish players. 2). The Scottish clubs do well in Europe. This idea will allow the big sides to develop more top players. And before some clown says that Rangers and Celtic should fill their entire first team with under 21 players, well what part time team does that? I am fed up with clowns putting their part time teams finishing 3 or 4 places higher in the league above the needs of the Scottish national team. I SUPPORT SCOTLAND - END OF STORY. Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs, Dundee United,. Dundee, and Motherwell should also have colt teams in the SPFL and non league system. For years Hibernian had a team in the non league system.
  14. I SUPPORT COLT TEAMS IN THE LOWER LEAGUES This is about putting Scottish football first, My priorities as a Scottish football fan. 1) Scotland has a strong national team. 2) Scotland produces club teams who do well in Europe. This would allow both things to happen. I think Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs, Motherwell and Dundee United should all have colt teams in the SPFL. This is about maximising the chances for young players to develop. This is about ensuring that all the most talented Scottish players can develop,. And some clown will say well why don't Celtic and Rangers put all their first teams as a team of young Scottish players,. Bu they would get slaughtered in Europe then. Not even part time teams fill their first teams with under 21 players. This is about ensuring that young players develop without damaging the first teams of Scottish club in Europe. Why do some clowns think their part time football team finishing 4 or 5 places higher in League One, is more important than Scotland producing top players? No wonder Scottish soccer fails with that divisive tribalistic attitude. I WANT SCOTLAND TO PRODUCE TOP PLAYERS., END OF STORY, And yet if Celtic, Rangers or a big English club sent a youth team to play these sides in a friendly no one would bat an eyelid, And the loan system is not enough, because someone the players might not be wanted by the smaller clubs at their stage of development.
  15. WE NEED B TEAMS IN THE SPFL. END OF STORY. They do in Croatia. Look what they have done. Why can't Scottish people try to produce a team like Croatia have in reaching World Cup Finals. They also do it in the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal,, Germany, and France, Why are those countries so patriotic that they allow it, but we are having clowns and divisive traitors telling us not to do it, because they are more concerned with their part time team ending 3 or 4 places higher in the lower divisions?. THE PRIORITY OF SCOTTISH FOOTBALL SHOULD BE TO DEVELOP TOP SCOTTISH PLAYERS. Allowing Celtic and Rangers to have colt sides in the lower leagues will allow a huge number of young Scottish players to develop. THAT IS WHAT WE SHOULD DO. Why do some clowns and traitors see it as more important for their part time team to finish 3 or 4 places higher in the league than the Scotland national team doing well. No wonder Scotland fails with this divisive tribalism and lack of patriotism. NO WONDER! My question is why do you care more about part time football teams that the national side? My priority for Scottish football is 1) We have a strong national team., 2) We have teams that do well in Europe,. This idea allows the big sides to keep playing experienced players and signing in their first team in Europe, while still developing top Scottish players, It is a perfect idea. And I bet most of these fans do not mind their part time side playing a youth team from Man Utd or Liverpool. But suddenly we do something for Scotland and they start babbling on about how unfair it is that their part time team having to play colt teams of Rangers and Celtic, I SUPPORT HAVING COLT TEAMS IN THE LOWER LEAGUES. I SUPPORT SCOTLAND. Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts, Motherwell and Dundee United should have colt teams in lower leagues also. It is morally wrong and the act of traitor to want Scotland to fail to produce top players.
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