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  1. The only thing Sturgeon has confirmed recently is that shes a wee blaw bag who thinks shes of superior intellect than reporters and those who dont believe a word that comes out her mouth
  2. Check this out but I'm sure the Raith tv commentators on Saturday said that there were plans for clubs to be allowed to stream games to season ticket holders
  3. If Column is the ref no problem he was MoM yesterday for Dee
  4. Unfortunately the financial side to our success meant that Nicholl left the club in a debt that took years to pay off That wont happen with McGlynn if and when he leaves
  5. Just nip down the Royal Mile plenty God awfull managers there
  6. Andy Ritchie was brilliant Raith guys are good but someone commentating with experience at a higher level makes a big difference But fair play to all streaming teams except £18.50 Hearts
  7. Thanks for your concern but save your suggestions for Neilson and Budge
  8. What home fans pay for a season not away fans problem Budge obviously needing cash to pay for expensive new signing I'm another Raith fan giving this a miss
  9. As a Raith fan I've nothing but sympathy for all County supporters and their players The ma was a disgrace at Raith
  10. Checking my calendar in case I've had a ripvanwinckle moment No ok it's no 1st April
  11. Will the cameras be behind the scenes on Monday? Is promotion a 5 year project?
  12. Just watched the highlights not only comments pre match a disgrace his obvious arm action regarding Vaughn is even worse
  13. His comments when interviewed on STV evening news were a disgrace
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