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  1. I'm aware of that as I'm in contact with Bill Giby.my point is it seems to be outsourced same as the stadium advertising.I thought Tom Morgan was in charge of all sponor/advertising.A reality check needed by those in charge even Arbroath ahead of us with season ticket sales
  2. Is this the reason the match day programme is disappointing and mainly adverts?
  3. Why would Goodwillie want a lump sum pay off unless he has an account of shore? If hes working elsewhere hes paying tax at a lower rate than max.Pay of would rob him of at approx 40% in one go.Even Mr Dean Park wouldn't pay out if he had any sense
  4. Aye that's right leave the main stand for the old bogeys The main stand that gets Hehaw improvements or 2nd thoughts even from the directors And that'll be many of the old fogeys who were supporting Raith long before you were born given the disrespectful tone of your text The same fogeys who helped baile out Raith years ago during the Gordon Brown appeal and like myself have paid for seasons from when Bert Herdsman was manager (well maw bought them for a wee while)and bought shares for no gain and no doubt paid a fair bit into the Andy Milne fund So sunshine put your brain into gear before engaging your typing finger
  5. Given the current climate at Starks the only thing Dorothy had to do was add name to application form. No way a woman was coming 2nd
  6. Val and Burnie the two biggest hypocrites in the sorry affair
  7. Only need to look at the Murrells if anybody wants to see a disaster Still if they were directors we'd be 600k up
  8. Cant see the financial benefit there. Pars far better away support than other bottomhalf teams
  9. To quote Tommy Docherty "Managers are hired and fired with the same amount of enthusiasm "
  10. Aye they were the days Sadly you can go back where but never when and when was snowflakes fell from nov to feb and woke was what our maw asked if you were for school
  11. According to news report Thomas Ross past president bar association said the two men would have to agree to trial
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