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  1. Don't know the ins and outs of the club but does the manager really invest money into the club? Never heard of that before but certainly one way of ensuring you keep your job.
  2. Heard today ex Brora manager and ex Elgin player Steven Mackay being lined up as new assistant, from a "fairly" reliable source. Was apparently at the game on Saturday.
  3. Think its good moves for both of them and ICT, assume they are both based in Inverness, we have a lot of young players the experience and quality of both should hopefully help them. Said on the ICT page, would have taken Vigurs in a heartbeat but heard he's off to Cove, others saying Brora but cant see that happening if what I have been told re. Cove deal is true.
  4. If McKay finds anywhere near his previous level off form then it can only be a good thing for us, Gardyne will split opinion but on form again will provide a real threat for us in the Championship. Draper not really bothered about was great for us but seems to have been hampered by persistent injuries, personally would have loved Vigurs back but heard he is off to Cove be a great signing for League 1.
  5. By sounds of Don Cowie is very popular with the Chairman, maybe too early for the manager role. There is a link with Malky Mackay as well who managed him at Watford & Cardiff, Mackay in for a couple of years so Cowie can continue to learn from him?
  6. Lot of talk regarding Neil McCann, will imagine whoever it is will be announced quickly due to the amount of players out of contract, could be massive change in personnel on & off the park this summer.
  7. Out of the 3 teams Kelty have by far the strongest squad in terms of size & depth, starting 11 Brora are very strong but I worry about what they have in reserve. Brechin appear to be a mixed bag depending on who is fit. Cold, wet & windy forecast tonight so should favour Brora as they are used to playing in those conditions, Dudgeon Park is one of those grounds that is always windy every time I have been. I certainly wouldn't write Brechin off, having said that fancy Kelty to get promoted, looking at their squad don't think they have a player under 25 so their experience should get them through both ties.
  8. Must admit haven't seen Kelty or Brechin, going by squad on paper Kelty have the strongest squad of the 3 teams, Brora have a very strong starting 11 but 2 games in 5 days after such a long lay off will be tough and squad depth will be important. Winner of HL v LL will go up in my opinion and think that will be Kelty.
  9. Surely after the last year we have had people can't be wanting EF punished for not playing in this game, if the SPFL/JRG or whoever it was did actually say the game could go ahead that is absolute madness and just shows how much they make up the rules how they see fit. Fair play to EF 100% the correct decision, all very valid points made by the manager as to why they decided not to play, not worth the risk for a game of football no matter how small that risk was/is.
  10. I have similar thoughts SPFL trying to delay the Brora v Kelty ties to force them to play Sat/Tues as opposed to Saturday/Saturday, which would help out club 42, a shorter recovery time for the HL/LL winner would certainly help Club 42, 2 potentially 4 games in the space of 7 to 10 days would be hard going after not having played in so long especially for Kelty.
  11. Just shows how corrupt/ruled by the big clubs the world of football is not just Scotland. Scotland is small fry in comparison, bigger clubs bully smaller clubs everywhere, the proposed Europe league just proves this.
  12. As has been stated already the ties under SFA control Brora v Kelty have been confirmed BUT the SPFL controlled ties e.g club 42 v HL/LL will be decided at tomorrow’s (Mon 19th) meeting, so it is still very much unknown if it will go ahead until after that meeting. What way that will go who knows, the SPFL have proved they are a law unto themselves, if it is a no I would imagine they have done their due diligence for any potential legal claims from Brora/Kelty.
  13. Ken is stepping down before the SPFL formally announce the play offs are not going ahead, is my take on this statement. If there were no issues and they were going to go ahead, why would they have released this?
  14. When is the vote happening for this? Unfortunately the opinions of fans are rarely considered by club boards/senior management, so despite the general consensus of fans being against the proposal I cant see this mattering when it comes the majority of clubs voting decision.
  15. Great post so the HL clubs should have paid for testing so that they could turn the league into a cup competition, cant understand why the clubs never went for this great option...... Could slightly understand your post if LL had played at least 50% of fixtures. Both leagues have explained the reasonings on why they had to come to this outcome pretty well, a decision no doubt made easier due to the fact both teams that "won" last season were top again this time around.
  16. HL fan here but this sounds very promising, this will greatly strengthen the HL in years to come and the league needs a few fresh faces as at the moment there is a huge gulf in standard from top to bottom. The bigger Tayside clubs & Banks o Dee will no doubt be in the mix for promotion this time next year, NCL wise Golspie are currently the only team that meet the criteria in terms of SFA membership, although a few murmurs Invergordon (who are sponsored by Roy Macgregor's company) are going to be pushing for this also and will be developing their facilities accordingly, watch this space with regards to them.
  17. Would appear the HL will be going down the PPG route also, not a massive fan of the decision due to the very low number of games played but understand to that to keep the SFA/SPFL happy the HL have to declare a champion based on final league standings as opposed to nominating a team due to the threat of them losing the play-off spot, which likely would have applied to the LL. Having said that the 2 champions from the previous season are top again which I suppose would have made the decision slightly easier/fairer.
  18. Sorry if this has been asked/posted before but can someone give the round to round breakdown of prize money for this season’s competition, can’t find it anywhere online.
  19. Even if the Colts proposal doesn't succeed, some form of reconstruction has to happen for L2 the current set-up of the bottom team not being automatically relegated rewards failure, L2 & some L1 teams are happy with mediocracy, the lower leagues need refreshed one way or the other and now is an ideal time to do so. They at least need to change to the set-up of L1 & L2 10th automatically relegated and 9th in the play-off. Can see this being voted through though as the power the OF have over the SPFL seems to be growing by the year especially now Rangers have won the league and the extra income that comes with it, they are both more powerful than ever with the smaller clubs seriously struggling after receiving very little in the way of income other than Gov grants over the last year.
  20. Great that both L1 & 2 will be be back playing shortly, surely an 18 game season would be the most sensible situation. Will be interesting to see how many positive cases there will be amongst the clubs, as the players in the main have other primary employment therefore will be mixing more with other people than Prem or Champs teams, worst case a full team has to isolate for 10 days due to positive cases, with such a crammed fixture list they could miss potentially 3 or 4 games, what will happen in this scenario?
  21. Personally don't think there would be a lot of appetite for cup competitions in April/May/June, the majority of teams were unhappy playing league games without fans which would still be the case for any any Spring/Summer cup comps, also from a playing point of view would players have enough time or a desire to get match fit for potentially 2 or 3 games to then stop again for a month?! There is also the unknown that testing maybe required during this period which is a non-starter, clubs would also have to potentially pay players unless they agree to waive their wages to play in these competitions.
  22. I think its a great idea much needed funds for L2 teams and will open up the pyramid system for ambitious LL & HL teams, the current format is heavily in favour of L2 teams happy to cling on to their league status, which for me needs to change. I follow the HL but ultimately it will be LL and some current WOSL teams who will come to the fore if this proposal gets the go-ahead in the long term
  23. The Highland League have already confirmed this (if the season goes ahead) one round of games each team playing each other once.
  24. Brora are no different from every other team from Championship & below with regards to having no competitive game in 7 months. With regards to them playing Hibs I totally agree, don't think there is ever an easy time to play Hibs for an HL club but this occasion will be particularly challenging for them.
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