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  1. Personally don't think there would be a lot of appetite for cup competitions in April/May/June, the majority of teams were unhappy playing league games without fans which would still be the case for any any Spring/Summer cup comps, also from a playing point of view would players have enough time or a desire to get match fit for potentially 2 or 3 games to then stop again for a month?! There is also the unknown that testing maybe required during this period which is a non-starter, clubs would also have to potentially pay players unless they agree to waive their wages to play in these competitions.
  2. I think its a great idea much needed funds for L2 teams and will open up the pyramid system for ambitious LL & HL teams, the current format is heavily in favour of L2 teams happy to cling on to their league status, which for me needs to change. I follow the HL but ultimately it will be LL and some current WOSL teams who will come to the fore if this proposal gets the go-ahead in the long term
  3. The Highland League have already confirmed this (if the season goes ahead) one round of games each team playing each other once.
  4. Brora are no different from every other team from Championship & below with regards to having no competitive game in 7 months. With regards to them playing Hibs I totally agree, don't think there is ever an easy time to play Hibs for an HL club but this occasion will be particularly challenging for them.
  5. We all want football and fans to return asap but just cant see it unfortunately, I follow Clach in the HL and the league is not going ahead as things currently stand without fans teams simply cant afford it even with players from the majority of clubs already agree vastly reduced pay. Can see this happening in a lot of the lower leagues unfortunately.
  6. This result will have reinforced Tatters view that Brora should not have been promoted, could be a tough season for Elgin on paper they have a very average squad with the huge loss of Shane Sutherland.
  7. No surprise at the new sponsor as RSE are owned by the Macgregor family, County were maybe struggling to get a new “outside” sponsor on board. In reality more money pumped in by Roy just indirectly through one of his companies.
  8. Can see this going through but with 14/10/10/10 will keep the majority of lower league teams happy, especially the L1 teams who are getting “relegated” in the 14/14/14 set up.
  9. The SPFL seem determined to keep Hearts in the top flight I wonder if there is more to this "donation" from the Hearts supporting benefactor than has been publicly announced, it certainly sounds like a stipulation is that Hearts must be in the Premiership. I can see this passing with a 14 team top league & the current set-up of 3 leagues of 10 below that, too many lower teams currently oppose the 14/14/14 model so the SPFL will amend the proposal to ensure that the teams vote for the 14 team top league.
  10. By the sounds of County along with a host of other clubs will have fairly large reduced squad size for the upcoming season. Are Vigurs, Cowie & Draper all still under contract at the club as have seen no mention of any of those 3 leaving, all are getting on in age & also have all had bad injury records in the last couple of years bit of a risk having all 3 in a more compact squad.
  11. The problem would be the quality of product clubs are able to produce, one man in a stand with a video camera isn't going to attract paying customers or very few anyway. They will also come against the likelihood of the 1430-1700 on a Saturday TV ban being ended, will people pay to watch a Championship or lower live stream when there will be numerous "bigger" games shown at the same time?
  12. Totally agree with the comments regarding the media & SPFL complete disregard of the lower leagues but unfortunately in reality the article is stating facts, lower league teams in Scotland and im including the majority of Championship teams cannot afford to pay 1. players & 2. the necessary testing that are likely to become a legal requirement without the revenue of gate receipts, food & drink etc. The only option to re-start earlier is if clubs are allowed to let fans into the grounds while complying with social distancing regulations which I believe can be done but if they will be allowed to do that or not is a different matter.
  13. The NCL been called as Null & Void for this season, not a good look when they are wanting to join the Pyramid system but as with higher leagues clubs obviously voting with there own interest at heart.
  14. I understand each league have their own governing body & legislation but I still can believe these lower leagues are null & voiding their league's when there is little to no prizemoney involved and higher divisions in this country and around Europe are declaring league winner's etc, I know it means nothing in the grand scheme of things just personally find it very strange. For people more informed than myself what is the main stumbling blocks In the North Juniors wanting to become part of the pyramid as in reality it will affect a handful of teams who could potentially make the step up the majority will still play in the same league's albeit under a different name/governing body and against the same teams they always have.
  15. The L2 teams spouting a 14-14-14 reconstruction are using the very convenient excuse of the potential loss of revenue by adding 2 new clubs, in reality most are scared of the increased standard of teams entering the league therefore increasing the likelihood of relegation in future years and is absolutely nothing to do with diluted prize money. To highlight how bad an excuse this is If you base the costs of having x2 additional teams using this years prize pool, you would need an additional *£80k (circa £40k each to Brora & Kelty, roughly what 10th in L2 received this year) each club would have earned around £2k less this season.
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