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  1. You will be lucky to get a game played before nov 14th with the Scottish weather
  2. Full squad at St Mirren self isolating, if that happens at this level, thats two weeks without wages. Some workplaces might be ok with it happening once, but if it happens 3 or 4 times like it has at St Mirren then that could be disastrous for boys jobs
  3. St Mirren with another game postponed due to Covid, and that’s them being tested regularly, and yet the WoS starting tomorrow with no testing. Can only see it ending in disaster. I’ve a funny feeling the clubs who voted to postpone the season are going to have the last laugh
  4. Hurlford just signed Louis Kerr on loan from Whitletts, so it seems your man at work talks shite
  5. Why has it taken some clubs all this time to pull out? They are basically releasing the same statements as the original clubs but have waited an extra couple of weeks to make the decision
  6. You said yesterday they were losing most off their players
  7. RIP John, really sad news. His input will be missed, He was one of the more sensible posters on here
  8. Everyone is basically playing friendlies
  9. Wait till Ayr get relegated on ppg when the season gets scrapped and we’ll all be pissing ourselves
  10. Brave decision from the two biggest clubs in the west. Hats off for making the right decision. Darvel will be creaming their pants at the thought of winning a league of friendlies with no promotion
  11. The ref should just have abandoned that, only way clowns will listen
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