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  1. Basically walked away from a club after years of building them up to be a smashing team to then leave and get 8 friendlies in at St Cadocs before the season has now ended. You wonder if there’s any regrets there
  2. Exactly! So potentially passing the virus on to 40 people every Saturday
  3. One thing I find amazing is massive teams down south are dropping like flies with Covid who are in their professional bubble and are tested twice weekly sometimes more, but teams at our level who don’t get tested and are mixing with different workmates on a daily basis gave had less games off than the pros.
  4. No matter what Darvel win, they will never get the respect they deserve when the self appointed ‘President’ comes out with shite like that. He probably sees Talbot as the biggest threat to Scottish Cup glory and would obviously rather they never competed as it would make Darvel favourites
  5. John doesn’t help himself or Darvel coming out with pish like this. Clubs can hardly stop players if they want to play, by loaning them out at least you know you are getting them back. And if he is getting at Talbot then why did they not play in the big Scottish, because I’m sure that brings in a lot more cash than the joke prize money the junior version brings in
  6. When you see the same teams week in, week out with pitches unplayable, you wonder if they might’ve been better taking the year off and sorting out their horrendous pitches
  7. Thats for premier teams who are playing! 5k for premier teams whe aren’t playing. LL teams got 33k each
  8. Bonnyton Thistle, Rossvale, Rob Roy and Glencairn twice, plus a draw with Beith. Basically all the teams that would’ve been relegated this season apart from maybe Rossvale
  9. Is there many more managers constantly on here? I certainly can’t think of any
  10. Big Jonnys a good guy and good coach. I reckon coaching suits him better than managing. He’ll probably admit he’s made a few bad decisions moving to some clubs but still young enough to forge a good career at this level
  11. Looks impressive! Well done everyone that had the foresight to make the move from Pennyburn. Not an easy decision to make but definitely looks the right one
  12. Sorry, the two players i spoke to must be lying then and I’ll apologise for absolutely nothing. This site is full of truths, lies and rumours, if you don’t like reading it because it affects your clubs I suggest your in the wrong place
  13. I heard Craigmark are spending a fortune on wages which is utter madness considering there’s no promotion at the end of it
  14. Another departure and no word on social media. Liam Caddis away to Craigmark on loan
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