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  1. Personally I think it boils down to incompetence from both clubs secretaries and they’re probably now looking for someone else to blame as they both had great wins at the weekend that now means nothing
  2. Whitletts are my local WoS team and are in the process of moving back to the Whitletts area. Brand new pitch down and plans are in place to do up the pavilion soon. The statement released says they plan on going for a license in the future but I’m assuming it will still be a couple years away with the work needing done
  3. With that amount of games and probably team’s training on it 7 days a week, what is the lifespan of an astro with that amount of use?
  4. Sounds a delightful character. Suppose, when he thinks its ok to threaten clubs with lawyers after ripping them off then it comes as no surprise to see him treating staff like that as well
  5. See young Tony Weston has signed for Partick on loan, I wouldn’t have minded getting him in on a season loan, boys a penalty box striker. I reckon we would’ve got 10 goals out him in the league with the right service
  6. Sibbald Dundee Utd bound. Shocked at that, don’t think he’s an SPFL top 6 player now
  7. If that last paragraph is true, why then would you take on Ardeer and promise them the world. Walter Mitty doesn’t have a look in with this character
  8. I see its hit the papers this morning so looks like its game over for him. SFA are investigating him apparently
  9. Got to feel for the folks at Ardeer. Finally got the club on an even keel after a shite few seasons and then the buzz of thinking they have a new investor willing to take them to the next level, to then finding out all the bad publicity in the space of a few weeks. Maybe he’ll surprise us all and stick all the money into Ardeer that he’s ripped off from other clubs, or maybe not
  10. Got hunted owing Whitletts thousands allegedly
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