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  1. My 2 loving their new spot at the window
  2. Does there not have to be a coronation ceremony before Williams officially next line? Not sure of the protocol but would seem right for Anne to be new Queen if that happened
  3. Pretty poor for the Caley. Delaney, Ram and Shaw are young with potential so wouldn't have seen any as starters right away. Boyd I guess is cheap cover till Sutherland or Walsh come back from injury. Oakley was a ridiculous signing, when we already had 2 decent strikers and still no right back. We could have shuffled something acceptable up front short term if Samuels and McKay were both out. Instead were starting weaker in defence, and centre midfield. Dan Mackay the one good signing. Not looking good right now. But one positive, plenty of young players with potential, who could grow into being good for us. Though not much good starting this season.
  4. Billy Dodds has been known to change formation to match up to the opposition in the big games. Will we see something different, of stick to what we've been doing so far? Looks like Partick and Dundee look to be both playing a 433, so id expect to see us use it at some point this season
  5. Arbroath players throwing themselves all over the shop. Worst in the league for it. Having a shot like that from distance,well after the whistle had gone quite often gets a yellow too. Fosu lucky to still be on the park.
  6. There's the young boys Riddle, Hennem, Thompson and Cairns in the first team as well. But with quite a big squad, I'd expect they'll all go out on loan. Probably Nicolson too with Delaney in. Not the game changer signing we'd hoped for but still just about good enough a squad to compete for the title. Before Dan wea coming back. I'd of said we'd need a fit Walsh for long enough playing, well to have a hope. Oh. And I reckon Samuals will outscore McKay if he gets as much game time.
  7. 1. Inverness Caledonian Thistle 2. Queens park 3. Partick Thistle 4. Dundee 5. Greenock Morton 6. Raith Rovers 7. Arbroath 8. Cove Rangers 9. Hamilton Academical 10. Ayr United
  8. A little over 1500 seats gone at ICT. Seems about our average home crowd the last couple of seasons.
  9. Still is. Rather we use the budget on a quality winger than try and get a target man in.
  10. I'd reckon McKay might be 1 of the league's top earners. The rest definitely aren't out of your budget if you really wanted them. As many had generally suspected( mentioned by Gardiner on recent Wyness shuffle podcast. We don't really ever compete with other Scottish teams for players.
  11. Just a link to Facebook and Twitter that I've seen. Though it is up on the BBC scrolling bit.
  12. Announcement coming from Harvie and Sturgeon?
  13. Aye probably. Social media person just trying to fill out their day. I'll just live in the hope of something more exciting for the next half hour.
  14. Wallace Duffy too, know. Any speculation on the new signing at 2pm? Got a feeling it's going to be Rehgan Tumilty. Just a hunch like.
  15. As public servants now. Would train drivers, or any of the rest be in favour of referendums on any wage increases?
  16. Interesting that Harry Nicolson. Isn't on the leaving list. Maybe getting Duffy's spot as backup CB? With Duffy playing more
  17. Both have declined too much for me to be seen as starters every week. We can always bring in players with more experience. A bit of long term team building should also be a factor. Of our better young players, they've shown what they can do. And bigger clubs will take them away. Probably within the next year for some. Just thinking it could put us in a bad spot if that coincides with having to replace our more experienced players.
  18. Deas or Allardice are going nowhere, unless it's to a Hearts/Hibs/Aberdeen or England. Hopefully we'd want more than clubs below that financial level could afford. I'd be ready to let Doran and Welsh both go. But ok with them being experienced backup to a younger overall squad. I think Duffy's improved a lot, and could step into Boadfoots spot. Left and right backs both needed. Will Nicholson get ahead of Harper though? Attacking is still where we'll need to improve the most. I'd be looking for another 2 good wingers. And a striker that might offer something different to Mackay/Samuals.
  19. Think we should stick with how we finished on Friday night. Minus Harper for Deas.
  20. Looks like Dodds has just tried to copy at Johnstone's tactics. Which has kind of worked for us in bigger league games. But a horrible decision tonight. Needs changed right away
  21. Hyde's done alright. Just everyone else is shite. Harper is trying, but our back line are too busy passing amongst themselves to notice a forward pass. And Hardy should never have been left up top on his own.
  22. Not really many other options tonight. Although using his pace to get to the wing. Harper does like to come inside when he gets forward. Could be a good little partnership on the left.
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