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  1. I'd agree, based on income seems much fairer. A land value tax, I'd only be comfortable with happening in a completely reformed market overall. Council's absolutely should have more accountability for the vast amounts they're responsible for. And if they were taxing people on their income. People might pay more attention to vote for competent representatives.
  2. This quote is just playing to the prejudices of unionists, and Tory supporters in England. Knowing they'd eat it up. And not question how it works with other countries and see that as exactly the same. On the scotgov document. I'll give you that. However, it was a stupid thing to write, full of contradictions. And pandering to those who believe the SNP will take care of everything better in Scotland. Both. Are playing politics. And nowhere close to reality.
  3. This is pretty simple. And it's hard to believe this question could take up 4 pages already. The successor state.(UK) is responsible for all assets and liabilities. (Pensions) Pensions paid by the Scottish government, will be paid on contributions to the Scottish pot. Once it's established. Your UK pension is also paid into a pot. It's just been in arrears for quite a while though.
  4. Aye. The Mrs really got into it when she came on. Only criticism was she could be a little more polished on her presentation. But you never know. With some more exposure, may grow into it more.
  5. Not that surprising. Probably a fairly accurate picture of the greens ceiling under Harvie at the moment. Unionists in general don't like him. And I'd suspect a majority of SNP voters don't to varying degrees for not being independency enough.
  6. I don't quite see it that way. More the Greens/a further left leaning SNP Vs a populist alba vision of Scotland getting more media time. Instead of unionist v nationalist. Which could be more constructive in the long run. As it's a change to the same arguments that go nowhere. And could energise people more Not that I particularly want to see any of them elected. But I could see it as the beginning of replacing the Tories in Scotland.
  7. I can see this polarising the electorate, and begin to replace the Tory/ unionist vote over time. There's a fair support for this out there. And reckon, they'll pick up 1-3 seats only. But greens will still pick up modest gains. However SNP list seats are going to be considerably harder to come by. So both votes SNP folk with left leaning views who are against this. What do you do? Stick in with both votes SNP or pile into the greens.
  8. On that point. Do you think the greens overtaking labour, would make more of an impact on the media than an SNP majority?
  9. Really? Looks like you haven't been paying attention to a huge chunk of the views on this forum.
  10. Beaten to it I'm afraid.Stephen Daisley (@JournoStephen) Tweeted: Alliance for Unity won't win any seats at Holyrood. The only impact it might have is splitting the pro-Union vote and getting more nationalists elected. https://t.co/gXOwzABfjh https://t.co/2IghZZXkpH https://twitter.com/JournoStephen/status/1372675191516581888?s=20
  11. Don't mind Andy as an MSP. But is kind of lightweight and disinterested in areas not of his expertise. I don't think he will get in. And think all this will do is keep the numbers the same, keeping out a second green. SNP and green will still have 1 seat each on the list whatever.
  12. MacGregor, Carson and Allardice all starting is quite pleasing. Probably the least shite part of our team right now. Starting 3 ineffective strikers every game though, is killing any creativity. So look forward to another turgid display tonight.
  13. The Tory government at the time argued that staying in Europe was a reason to vote no. And if there is a pro indy majority, they should have a right to implement there policies in Scotland whatever. You could argue that would be a double mandate. On the Brexit referendum. That was campaigned for by ukip. Who, despite completely unwarranted airtime. Got nowhere near successful at Westminster. So no mandate for it to happen. However. Government in its current form is too far removed from the people for me. So I wouldn't have opposed it happening in principle.
  14. Aye. I know, at the moment they're not producing much of nutrition value. But It can be done. It's just that's probably the easiest money for larger investment in something that is relatively new.
  15. Seen as Andy Wightman's coming to stand up in the Highlands. I wonder if he could be persuaded to stay of the list. Not splitting his vote with greens. And just stand in the constituency against Fergus Ewing instead.
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