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  1. An all Scotland league has only existed since 1994. Yous won the lowland league bud
  2. Maybe that's a bit far. A free western iles definitely though
  3. On that basis. I'd assume the gaidhealtachd could declare independence anytime, and have no objections from the courts.
  4. You can talk of history. But Caley thistles 26 combined Highland league titles Dundees pre 1994 lowland league titles 1. Not much history there.
  5. Thought we were on 8 out. Any news on who the other 2 injuries might be?
  6. When I say imploding. I think all the alba types will be waiting for there moment to jump ship.
  7. The SNP is already imploding. And without the threat of unionist parties, what incentive would there be to continue voting for them? Far more compelling visions would would quickly become the opposition. And wouldn't won't to let the SNP set all the terms of a future Scotland.
  8. 'the yes side, could be whatever faction you'd be prepared to vote for in an independent Scotland. Assuming on gaining independence, there would be an election on who would form the first government. (and that wouldn't include tories, lib dems or Labour in there current form) as they don't have the infrastructure of a party based in Scotland. This first election would be wide open on who would end up in charge. So taking that into consideration. Your answer to those questions could come from any of the pro independence groups. Who have different answers to all these questions. It doesn't really matter what the SNP say about any of these questions now, as different options on them would be put to you when the time comes.
  9. Now you mention Dundee. There's always the chance this is another vanishing email. Or they forgot to actually press send
  10. Without assuming anyone else is back from injury this is what we're left with Ridgers Carson Ram Delaney Harper Boyd Hyde Welsh Doran McKay Oakley With just Shaw and the u18s on the bench. And am also not too sure everyone in that starting line up is at 100%.
  11. Hard to tell. As all the boys that should be looking to step up are out on loan. I think we're left with the younger group.
  12. Thought Devine was our best player till he went off. Harper and Oakley get pass marks for the first half too. Our attacking midfielders offered very little. With Doran barely making an impact, and young Mackay trying hard, but easily getting bodied off the ball. Second half the defence fell apart with the changes. Hyde was OK in midfield but terrible positioning at right back. And Allardice was awful too. Boyd looked good late on. Think he might have more of an influence on games centrally than out wide. Good effort from Brechin, worked hard. And unlucky to go out on that performance.
  13. My 2 loving their new spot at the window
  14. Does there not have to be a coronation ceremony before Williams officially next line? Not sure of the protocol but would seem right for Anne to be new Queen if that happened
  15. Pretty poor for the Caley. Delaney, Ram and Shaw are young with potential so wouldn't have seen any as starters right away. Boyd I guess is cheap cover till Sutherland or Walsh come back from injury. Oakley was a ridiculous signing, when we already had 2 decent strikers and still no right back. We could have shuffled something acceptable up front short term if Samuels and McKay were both out. Instead were starting weaker in defence, and centre midfield. Dan Mackay the one good signing. Not looking good right now. But one positive, plenty of young players with potential, who could grow into being good for us. Though not much good starting this season.
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