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  1. Already have. Labour the target now. And if that happens, there'll be no reason left for the socialists left in labour to still back then.
  2. I'd rather not. Thought he might be a good signing when he first came in. But when when he has had a run, offers very little than the odd bit of nice play. And a couple of goals here and there. Reasonable squad player. In my opinion.
  3. Agree the policy around schools have been a joke. But not traveling to other area's keeps the potential down the potential spread. And if people know they're not allowed to go for a wee trip. Why not a fine for doing it anyway?
  4. I agree, I was making that point however from the point of current restrictions it isn't was what I was trying to get at. T3 to T3 (or T2 to T2 etc) assuming you don't pass through an LA in a different level should be fine. Pointless legislating travel too as totally unenforceable as anyone stopped will just cite one of the many permissible reasons for travelling true or not. During the original lockdown, travel between areas was discouraged. So individual areas within tier 3 aren't going to come down as quick if people travel within the whole tier 3. Doing so, all those council areas are more likely to increase or decrease at a similar rate.
  5. Is Sutherland still out for this? Little worried for our chances of scoring today, if Todorov has to start again.
  6. And he looks delighted. The mentions of Australia deal too, looks like a subtle nod to stricter immigration policies.
  7. 1. Hearts 2. ICT 3. Dunfermline 4. Dundee 5. Raith 6. Ayr 7. Arbroath 8. Alloa 9. Morton 10.QoTS Think the playoff spots will be very competitive. But hearts will clearly run away with it. If we keep having a clear winner, before the league has started. It's maybe a sign the structure of the leagues are wrong.
  8. Well. Schools could assess for special needs, and those who would need support with technology, to keep in full time. And send everyone else home.
  9. Agree with most of this. Football really needs to think of the long term on this. However, making the comparison to pubs is not necessarily a bad move, if you're trying to highlight the riskier nature of indoor spreading. And going hard on trying to show outdoor entertainment as safer, and more viable over the next few months.
  10. I thought some of the land was meant to be used for sports, so they probably will at some point. Would have been great too, if city or athletic had found someone to play, in the east or south of the city. And tried to integrate into a community of the city.
  11. Every industry is going to want some support, in the next few months and beyond. The worrying thing is that club's seem to have thrown all eggs in to the basket of crowds being allowed back in time to save those that haven't gotten by on large donations.
  12. That'll be Deas and Devine our centre back pairing starting the season then. Now they can hopefully work on forming a strong partnership.
  13. Yeah. I'd agree it's unlikely seeing as he did say he would sign a RB also. But we just don't really have one of those now.
  14. Could the signing of Devine mean, Robbi's now planning a back three for the season? With maybe a more attacking player on the right.
  15. Oasis at Murrayfield 2000. I was only 10 years old. My uncle took me down. Don't remember much about the actual gig. But it was quite the adventure for me coming along for him and his friends drinking session.
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