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  1. Billy's still at least a level above. And the better goal scorer for me.
  2. I'd bet the majority there only really care about any of that, is cause Rangers.
  3. I'd recommend a fine that's big enough to actually hurt them or an outright ban on the club if it happens again. Police seem to be taking a lot of flak for this too. Quite rightly. For them I'd suggest having days of chasing up as many as they can when this happens. Making plenty of arrests and dishing out fines.
  4. Agree on Billy. Although I don't think Sutherland is good enough to ever be a regular starter. I'd have Doran in the front 2 instead. I think he'd be more of a goal threat than any of the strikers we've had in recent years. Billy and Aaron, would also more naturally drift out wide. That would allow McGregor to stay more central and find the space in between. He came over to support on both wings a lot on Saturday, because we were too slow in doing something. IMO.
  5. Deas did get forward quite a bit. But at the same time gardyne was support deep a lot, almost a lwb. It's possible the formation is going to be quite fluid. Having a stronger left side of defense will hopefully pay off, when they have to deal with Burke next week.
  6. The 1-0 streak continues. Good points to today's game. Our passing and playing out from the back was nice to watch. And we seemed to win everything. Ayr only got in with a chance when we gifted them the ball, but quickly shut them down again. (Although, Ayr didn't seem capable of doing much damage anyway.) Gardyne seemed the most impressive early on. However him and Deas, on the same side doesn't work for me. A good ball player, and will create something from midfield, but I think he'd do better in a midfield 3, or having a quick wing back overlapping. Deas can't do that and slows down any attack. Hard to make the case to change the defence, when we haven't conceded yet though. Walsh had a very quiet game, and thought maybe time to take him off. Then he goes and gets the goal. Mckay and Doran coming on offered more off a threat, than the rest of the team all game. Both should start at Killie.
  7. I would rather that too. Dodds seems to prefer defenders to defend, and just that. Which hopefully cuts out the dropped points, when we should have held out. I can see Harper playing more on the wing this season. Or coming on at left back when we're chasing the game. I don't see the flat back 4 suiting Carson either btw. Seems more an up and down the park player.
  8. Could really have gone either way in the end. Big Nouble caused a lot of panic in our defence, and came back deeper to win the ball back a few times. Also I thought Low looked like he could create something at times. A bit more creativity out wide, and Arbroath could do well this season. For us our defence is beginning to look more solid. It appears we've sacrificed getting full backs up the flanks to accommodate Broadfoots lack of pace. He does make us a bit less vulnerable to crosses. One other negative about our new style of defense, is it appears goofball is here to stay. Walsh took the ball up the park very easily, but being on the left cutting back, I didn't see 1 of his crosses come off. We might have been more convincing winners, if he'd stayed on the right, and Harper on the left.
  9. He had mentioned in an interview recently that he hasn't had any offers yet. That did look like any reasonable move in Scotland was off the table, due to the development fee. I'm glad for the boy, that appears to have been dropped by hearts. I would have thought clubs higher up the pecking order would have gone for him if this wasn't an issue earlier. But it's worked out well for queen's, and I think he'll be a very decent signing for you guys.
  10. Not too bad if he can repeat that rate, a league up. Could be more successful in front of goal than Storey or Keatings. Another loan though doesn't look good for our longer term team building. Maybe we're holding off till the winter, for players from Ireland?
  11. Nothing. He's not going to play in Scotland this season.
  12. 1. Kilmarnock Unspectacular, but solid across the park. And will probably have a better depth of squad. 2. ICT Similar to Kilmarnock, with fewer weaknesses than the rest. But not the overall depth. 3. Dunfermline Best attack in the league. Not strong enough at the back. 4. Raith rovers Will be in the middle pack, going for the last playoff spot. Not as strong as last season, but a stronger overall squad, than the rest. 5. Patrick thistle Good looking at attack. Further back not ready to be near the top. But see them getting there, over the next couple of transfer windows. 6. Hamilton Probably shite 7. Queen of the south Similar to last season. Relegation battlers. But with some good spells 8. Arbroath I think they're running out of steam at championship level, and beginning to decline. 9. Greenock Morton Just as pish as last season. So no change. 10. Ayr United Slowly falling apart since McCall left. Hard to see any quality left in the side. Sad to see this slow car crash. But hopefully change is coming sooner rather than later, for the Ayr lads.
  13. This would be the ideal scenario. But smaller regions in the first place would have made things easier at the bottom. More teams participating, means more players playing, you'd think that would be the focus of the SFA, over the wants of larger clubs.
  14. Possibly a good thing having experienced players that Dodds has worked with before. Decent short term signings, while he finds his feet in charge.
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