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  1. Think we should stick with how we finished on Friday night. Minus Harper for Deas.
  2. Looks like Dodds has just tried to copy at Johnstone's tactics. Which has kind of worked for us in bigger league games. But a horrible decision tonight. Needs changed right away
  3. Hyde's done alright. Just everyone else is shite. Harper is trying, but our back line are too busy passing amongst themselves to notice a forward pass. And Hardy should never have been left up top on his own.
  4. Not really many other options tonight. Although using his pace to get to the wing. Harper does like to come inside when he gets forward. Could be a good little partnership on the left.
  5. To any other TOC who pay far more than that... Do they? I can't imagine in any other country, that actually has a decent train service. Drivers get anywhere close to that.
  6. 55 grand a year for driving the choo-choo sounds mental.
  7. He really should have had game time earlier. I suspect Allardice might be ready to go for At Johnstone, if we can see off Arbroath on Friday
  8. From MacAlears reaction I'd assumed one of them has a wee kick at the other, as he looked furious. Now I'd say he thought O'Brien was at it.
  9. They were hanging on for the draw for 45 minutes. Just got lucky caley weren't very good tonight.
  10. Agree on Macalear. Thought he was one of our worst players tonight. Might be inexperienced but maybe worth giving Hyde a go instead. Seems more physical than Welsh or Macalear. And more forward thinking than Allardice. I think we should have some confidence going into Friday. Arbroath went for it in the first half but didn't have the creativity to create anything. And were outworked by our defence.
  11. Doran coming on first, was definitely the right call. Samuals was crying out the right service. He had some good chances but worked very hard to get them. Chalmers put in a good shift, and looked like he could score too. But he was the last sub, and probably tiring by that point. Like the rest of our midfield Sutherland had quite a poor game. Fairly anonymous through most of the game. Harper was worth a try.
  12. Don't know about anywhere else. But so concerned about local issues, they didn't bother with a local manifesto in the Highlands. Libdems, just seem the most opportunistic to me. Say the right thing, in the right place to get elected.
  13. Interesting lineups from both teams. Not the most creative options from either.
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