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  1. James Anderson donation confirmed, with basic details of the trust structure. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52992075 Not had a proper look at the website for the SPFL Trust website yet - link below. https://spfltrust.org.uk/
  2. I don't have any inside info so you may be right. Surely the Challenge Cup is a write off for 20/21. The Betfred Cup is probably OK, on the basis that the sponsor and Premier Sports don't care about the diddy teams so a quick knock-out tournament might do. A start in October leaves plenty time for a 36 game season in the Championship IMHO. Subject of course to the major risk of a second spike, but we might as well give up if that risk dictates our thinking.
  3. I think you are lucky to have Dave MacKinnon as a chief exec - even if you can't spell his surname Not sure where you got the idea of 18 games from. In this interview he refers to a 'full programme' in the Championship with a suggestion that there will be a lot more games in 2021 when we can hopefully have crowds which are not restricted, or with more manageable restrictions. That seems sensible to me. 2 metre social distancing and no corporate doesn't sound worth the effort for anyone in the Championship compared to playing BCD. I get the impression that most Championship clubs will take the gamble that we can reach something near normality in early 2021 as the least bad option. It looks likely that a tentative start date will be proposed, and clubs then have to decide if we are in or out. 'In' carries a lot of risk. However, 'out' is not particularly attractive. For example - Queens - very few players left. We should survive if we go into hibernation, though that means we won't see the Dobster play again . We also run the risk of being relegated by default, as there can be little doubt that Partick and Falkirk are waiting in the wings. Dunfermline - likely to have bigger fixed costs, and enough players and other staff for them to run out of money very quickly. I'm pretty sure they will get by as their fans will do their best to keep them afloat. However, they run the same risk of being relegated by default. A bit of a dull one if you are a Pars fan and Falkirk benefit.
  4. Helpful to know. A wee bit like Skyline Drifter for Queens fans. He will post stuff - we might not necessarily like it or agree with it. However, we can generally accept that anything relating to data is factual, and that most of his opinions are probably not that far away from those of the Queens' directors. Fans might not agree with them, but in times like these it must be better to have a civilised debate with people who have an insight into the boardroom rather than howling at the moon?
  5. My gut feel is that the 2 metre rule is almost insurmountable. Think of a seat in the stand at EEP, draw a line for 2 metres in each distance, and consider the toilets.... We are an outlier using 2 metres, I do wonder if we might relax it a bit, and then the numbers might stack up a bit better for some clubs?
  6. September/October would suggest 36 games if Leagues One and Two opt out of this season, as that would mean no Challenge Cup and almost certainly no League Cup too. However, the first and most important question is who can afford to play behind closed doors? An incredibly tough call for most clubs as there is no certainty in relation to matters such as - - when some fans will be allowed in, with corporate fans being a big factor; - when normal crowds will be allowed back; - potential income from streaming and TV highlights; - any subsidy from the Scottish Government (pie in the sky IMHO).
  7. Out of interest which of this country's fine law schools awarded you a degree in law?
  8. I suspect the original suggestion was a bit tongue in cheek? The option of a delayed start is presumably based on the assumption that normal crowd levels will be allowed by January 2021. There is a risk that there is a second spike in the autumn and we have to take a step back. Obviously that is also a risk if the Championship starts in September/October, and must the Premiership's worst nightmare.
  9. 2 - why would clubs want to play a series of friendlies until the normal season starts?
  10. Just because you say "any striker under 6 foot" doesn't make it true. Was Gavin Reilly under 6 foot or could he make 6 foot on his tippy toes? I'm not sure if I can sleep tonight without knowing the answer to this
  11. The SPFL made a decision on the number of games in the 2019/20 season, with a 3/4 majority of clubs in different cohorts voting in favour (let's not go into that again!!). The question is who decides when leagues start for the 2020/21 and how many games there will be. As far as I can see there isn't a member's resolution on that point yet. So the big question is can the SPLF Board decide or do the clubs in each division get to make the call? Answers on a postcard.......
  12. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/spfl-clubs-warned-failure-thrash-22097900 "Championship clubs have already made it clear they’ll be in no position to play a full league campaign. But unless 75 per cent of all clubs can agree on some form of reconstruction, then the rules state it must be a 36 game season. “If any club can’t fulfil its own fixtures it would become a disciplinary issue - one of the most serious disciplinary issues there is - and it would carry unlimited punishments." Inclined to call bullshit on this one, given the 'off the radar' track record of the hack involved. Also, my recollection is that there is a specific reference to a 38 game season in the Premiership in the SPFL Rules (amended for 19/20), but no such number quoted for other leagues. However, I'm too lazy to dig further.........
  13. Kheredine Idessane on Twitter - Away from Downing St, am told the @spfl Championship meeting discussed starting Scotland’s 2nd tier in Oct but clubs want comfort from @scotgov (Fri) that stadia will be able to reopen with 1/3rd capacity by Jan (eg 6-7000 @JamTarts ) to finance completion of 18 or 27 game season
  14. Back of a fag packet speculation about who would be up for it, based on comments from directors, reports of squad sizes and chat on here. Nothing terribly scientific and sadly I'm not important enough to be 'in the know'.
  15. A hell of a lot more prize money (link below has numbers). I understand reservations about live streaming but the market for the Pars v Hibs is rather different to Pars v Queens. I get the concern that clubs could easily bleed to death if we are not careful. However, there are different risks with declining the option if it is there. The furlough changes mean that clubs have to start picking up part of the wage for players and non-playing staff from August and (probably) all of it from November. That money has to come from somewhere too. If the option is there (and I'm sceptical) it will depend in part on the current view of when crowds may return with social distancing, and when they might return in full. I think fans of clubs may have to find ways of providing life support to their cubs for quite a while - lots of examples of that around already. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/spfl-prize-money-available-your-21866037
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