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  1. "FC Edinburgh" fans should have taken the hint from the Private Eye crossword- the answer to 29 across was "Palmerston" and the answer to 25 across was "Utter ruin"
  2. Queens v the original **** in the League Cup in 75-76. We lived close to Palmerston. There was torrential rain and my Dad was sure the game would be off (though with the benefit of hindsight his experience told him that a game against them on a foul night wouldn't be great experience for 12 year old meand he probably assumed they would roll over Queens). Queens won 2-1 after losing the firs leg 1-0 and it took an extra time goal for them to get through en route to a treble.
  3. Hibs are at home to the tribute act on Saturday with a 12.30 kick off, so chances off a parking space at the back of the stadium are slim. Pretty sure the retail park is the best shout.
  4. You weren't in the new stand on Saturday were you?... Fortunately not. Enjoyed our non-segregated day out in Elgin. Fair point that not every set of fans are capable of behaving like adults.
  5. QosFC: Information for Montrose Away Game No segregation? A cash gate? It's like stepping back in time (in a good way).
  6. CJ from Reggie Perrin. I guess you have to be the wrong side of 50 to get the reference
  7. We moved back to Meadowbank 3 years ago having lived in this neck of the woods in the past, and I was looking forward to seeing City play on our doorstep sooner rather than later. To be honest the possibility of Queens and City* being in the same league didn't cross my mind. Until recently I would have expected to go to quite a few games with my pals who are City fans. I will go to the games when Queens are here, but I suspect that will be it. Very sad. * I don't want to acknowledge the FC Edinburgh brand.
  8. It does indeed. Hard to envisage anything being completed this season if that's the case. I was chatting to a mate who is involved with Edinburgh Athletic Club last night. He highlighted this fine piece of understatement in an interview with June Peebles, CEO of Edinburgh Leisure (he thinks it is a direct quote from her, but it may be the view of the reporter). "The basic facilities for track and throwing are in place, but some further infrastructure would be needed to run any Commonwealth Games in the future. " Meadowbank opens its new doors to the public on Tuesday | The Edinburgh Reporter
  9. Had another look at the stadium today. The first picture shows the window of the hospitality suite on the third floor (the first floor is Edinburgh Leisure offices). A fence is being constructed which runs roughly from behind the goals at the west end to behind the goals at the east end. This must be to allow for some standing room. Presumably the idea is that fans who want to stand come in through the turnstiles on London Road (there are 2) and can then shuffle along to their preferred vantage point. There is a separate patch of grass behind the goals at the east end of the ground with a gate giving access (see second picture). There is a substantial solid fence round the west and north sides of the ground which is presumably there to deter spectators from trying to look in from outside. It does also smack of the developers putting down a marker. Presumably some form of portaloos will be required if reasonable numbers of fans (I think an extra 1,000 was mentioned) are to be given access to the standing area. No idea what they plan to do with catering. Obviously there is no cover at all if it starts raining. The only saving grace for this place would be proper facilities on the north side as Edinburgh City FC Edinburgh had planned. My gut feel is that that is unlikely to happen any time soon, if at all.
  10. I had a wee look round yesterday before admiring the view from the £18 seats. Hospitality is on the 3rd floor. Obviously it's not accessible to the public but like AllyMonc I suspect it will be decent. How 'FC Edinburgh' will make use of it is less clear. They could keep the hospitality folk in the suite for the duration, but that would seem like a weird experience. 3 floors up and for the time being it will look like a game with no spectators. However, the alternative is to use the 2 lifts and the stairs to get punters down to the seats in the current grandstand where the viewing is poor. I can't see how that can work at half-time. I doubt they will be planning to move these folk to the new stand if and when it is built as that involves a lengthy walk while open to the elements. Like most recent events associated with this club, a bit baffling.
  11. I think there is a requirement to have some sort of barrier between spectators and the pitch in an SPFL stadium. It does seem a bit pointless though. A fence could deter someone up to mischief, but the railing doesn't seem to achieve anything other than ensuring a 5 foot 6 inch shortarse like me sitting in that seat can't see the goal at the far end. To be honest I would probably still have been planning to go to the game tomorrow if Edinburgh City were playing...
  12. So no part of the delay was down to a dispute/disputes with contractors then My understanding is that CEC went with a 499 seater because there are greater safety checks required for stands with 500 or more seats. Like you say the inside looks great. I went to the (excellent) gym today, and thought it would be rude note to pop out and enjoy the splendid view of the pitch.
  13. Does this mean that Scottish football has successfully addressed its problematic relationship with alcohol
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