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  1. Curioser and curioser. Scottish Championship: No call for pause as clubs asked if they want to continue playing - BBC Sport
  2. BBC story has been updated with a quote from Maxwell's e-mail - Maxwell wrote: "One SPFL championship club has publicly taken the position that all football should be suspended. "The Scottish FA would like to understand the position of your club... please confirm if you are content to continue under the current exemption or whether your club considers that the Championship should be suspended."
  3. "Maxwell did not name the club in question and there is confusion over who he is referring to." Top work again from the overpaid tea boy. This is beyond satire. Presumably the SFA were inspired to come up with this suggestion based on the detailed discussions at the SPFL meeting earlier this week........
  4. Bit harsh. I realise that a Zoom call with 50 attendees will be a nightmare, so asking for questions in advance makes sense. However, I'm not convinced that reading out an official response with no scope for discussion or challenge is great governance. Presumably other SPFL have been conducted by Zoom where some discussion was allowed.
  5. Apparently not, at leastaccording to Iain McMenemy. Chairman's Update - Stenhousemuir FC
  6. Believe it or not I haven't. I would expect both to contain a lot of grumbling (which to an extent could be justified). I wouldn't expect to find an explanation of who decided on the distribution model and why, which is what I am curious about.
  7. However, I'm surprised that there hasn't been more discussion of the way the cash was divvied up, and the apparent lack of a clear rationale for this. It would be odd if the SG dictated how the funds were allocated between the different divisions (other than saying that clubs in the top league can only receive loans). Presumably the SFA decided how much of the £10m total grant would go to the SPFL and how much to football outside the SPFL, but you would think they would then let the SPFL decide how the £8m was to be distributed. The SPFL keep telling us that they are merely the servants of the clubs. However, it doesn't appear that they consulted them before deciding on a distribution model. Admittedly that would no doubt have led to more squabbling, and god knows how the voting system would have worked. All a bit academic now admittedly, but again the lack of transparency is notable. Out of interest has anyone seen anything confirming how the model was decided and what the rationale was? A brief search left me none the wiser.
  8. The post you've quoted is reasonable bar the reference to 'shite for a decade'. They reached one Scottish Cup Final, the semi of the Scottish Cup and the League Cup and several play offs in the last decade. Presumably 'shite' = not in the top 12. In my near 50 years of watching Scottish football they will have been outside the top 12 more often than not.
  9. Agreed. You have the additional factor that attending a game like this would be nothing like a normal game. Many of your mates wouldn't be there and social distancing would be required. I reckon plenty folk would look at a 'sanitised' match day experience on a cold day and figure that watching at home with a couple of beers would be preferable.
  10. Russia Today actually. A boardroom putsch with Galloway and Alex Salmond as joint supremos.
  11. I get where you are coming from, but from a legal point of view it is very rare for a director of a company to be personally responsible. Morally I am with you.
  12. The Club could be fined for a breach of the law, I doubt if he could be fined as an individual. Again any action by the SPFL would be against the Club.
  13. Yes, but you need notice to call an EGM. Would be a tad tricky if the SPFL contacted the club to ask WTF is going on, only to be told that nobody can answer as all the directors have resigned and there will be an EGM in a few weeks. Anyhow, it's academic in the real world. Billy H will be around to face the music even if the other two directors decide that they have had enough.
  14. Tricky in practice - what is the mechanism for shareholders appointing new directors. However, agree with the post below that Billy H will not go anyway. Agreed but it's not a good look for him if the other two go. For the avoidance of doubt I have no idea what their position is.
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