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  1. Heading to a mates back garden pub, few of us watching the match. Best of luck to the team and have a good day folks. COYP
  2. To all the Falkirk fans I salute your ability to appear both aloof and loyal during these difficult times. Aye right, get it right f*ckin up yeez 🤣🤣 I hope you're inhaling the Pars vapour trail for years to come. One of thee most unpopular clubs in Scotland.
  3. We'll see. Not much between the teams and I don't think the pitch will matter.
  4. He does that. Pretty patient as well given the shite interviewing.
  5. Oh okay then. I happen to disagree. We're pretty rank being honest.
  6. Don't worry the Pars will shit your bed for you. Can't see us winning over these 2 legs given the majority of shite-bag performances we've produced this season under Crawford. Obviously I hope I'm wrong.
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