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  1. Raith Rovers have had their decent wee spell. Caley put them back in their Linoleum shed. It's just how it is with wee, wee, tottie wee teams like Raith Rovers.
  2. Disagree. What I will say, there are better than both out there and we're now out there looking for that player. Which is a good decision as we need to strengthen up front.
  3. League starts on Saturday v Caley. We'll see how that goes, but I think we'll win. We're in the mix this season.
  4. Poor 1st half last night much improved 2nd half. Still a bit short up front for me. 3 clean sheets as well, so overall good stuff Pars.
  5. It's a shit house and forever tainted with its poor behaviour back in the clubs Admin days. I never, ever, ever... look at it.
  6. Based on Celtic recently releasing key young players on loan, we've taken on Mcinroy for instance. I'm saying if Dembele was available would it benefit us if we could get a young player with his reported explosive potential.
  7. Celtic's young Dembele is potentially up for grabs on loan. He could do us s turn up front.
  8. Afolabi flattered to decieve. There's a reason a guy with his obvious raw talent, physique and potential strength hasn't made more of an impact, he's basically too lazy. That was my impression of him and I was keen for him to succeed as he looked promising early doors. There's a player there somewhere, but can his next manager get him going properly? Remains to be seen.
  9. Worth watching the interview with the German gentlemen. They've demonstrated their commitment by providing equity to allow the club to prepare for the season(s) ahead. One thing that attracted them to the club was that we were being managed prudently from a financial perspective. They're stressed they aren't about throwing cash at the club though, they talk about long term sustainability and their longer term commitment. They come across well and also acknowledge the scepticism of the Scottish football fan. We just need to trust them and the current Board I suppose, to get this right and see us climb back up to the top league. They mentioned the need for proper training facilities which is an excellent initiative in my opinion. I'm actually excited about that.
  10. He's just defending his club. I genuinely don't mind Raith. They're Fifers. The only 2 clubs I dislike are The Rangers and Falkirk fc. The latter especially.
  11. Hamilton are in same league as Celtic. Same situation 😂
  12. Raith Rovers are really, really wee. Wee as a wee thing.
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