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  1. We drew away from home at the start of our league campaign. Nothing like giving the guy a chance eh
  2. Yeah, sobering thought. Have we under achieved, probably, but we've got to obviously earn it. Hopefully this is our year.
  3. How many things have cost us money because of negligence of the previous regime, certainly a huge amount.
  4. Secvo at Ibroke in the next round. Won't be within 100 miles of this game. I wouldnt set foot in thst shect hoose if you paid me.
  5. Okay m8. Good to have a board membeg on here 👍👌👍👌
  6. Scored the scrappiest goal you'll ever see down at Palmerston. Won 3-2 with him and Jonny Afolabi upfront. Unreal patter. What is this madness? My gast has been flabbered.
  7. Shite headline. He'll get over it. However what Ross has done should never be forgotten as far as Pars fans are concerned. He (and one and two others) took that initial risk in bringing our plight to the fans attention, then won the club back from a precarious situation. He seems relieved now to have brought us to this point with new investors effectively taking over. He's done a great job.
  8. Hopefully our team selections help him show his potential.
  9. https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/kai-kennedy-seals-rangers-exit-21116146 Kai Kennedy in coming.
  10. https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=DAFC_Fussball_GmbH_to_take_control_of_DAFC&ID=13227
  11. We've played a bunch of jobbers today, I'd have fancied myself in a back 3. Aye, you've got the natural height bud😂
  12. I honestly don't know why there's so much reliance on negativity seemingly as the main driver for some of our fans posts. That and high levels of what seems like anxiety on display. I get the concern but maybe not the aforementioned. I'm of the opinion it will happen. We lost a Manager. We had to go and find a replacement Manager. Advertise the job. Go though the 80 odd CV's, reply to each applicant individually. Negotiate with the preferred candidate and set up their contract. Once he's got the job, he has to bed in. Meet the Board, the staff, the players etc Look at what support he needs to help him do his job. Get those people in. Start to look at what playing resource is available to him. Then work out, within his playing squad, where he needs more players. Identify within the market who is potentially available to enhance the existing squad. Approach identified target players through their individual Agent. Work out what kind of terms it is they're looking for. Maybe then negotiate if there's a feeling of middle ground and an agreement being feasible. If all that then fails, onto the next player. Also remember each Agent is looking to get top dollar for their clients. Some play club off club to try and achieve that higher salary and payday for themselves. Each, email, phone call, text, Skype meeting, Zoom meeting, piece of correspondence, each piece of communication all take up time. On to the players contract once an individual initially agrees terms. Got to be set up through more negotiation, all takes time. Once the players signed, great, get them along to the ground, introduced to the fans through the media and also inducted into the club. All this for just one identified player and during a pandemic (Covid has made this process all the more difficult). Add to that looking to maybe bag around 6 or 7 players, and remember the club hasn't a huge team of backroom staff supporting these efforts. There's PG backed by a few Board members, none of whom are paid due to them having day jobs. Also, he's said he wants players but won't just bring in anyone to fill gaps. He's trying to enhance the squad with players who'll fit his vision (I'd rather that than just sign players them try and make them fit). This approach will therefore take time. As well as working to bring players in he's training the existing players he has and setting up friendly games, preparing for them. Again all the more difficult due to Covid (social distancing, continual tests, player transport etc etc). All about perspective. Too many self entitled fans nowadays who are used to instant gratification, or should that be instant, GRANTification 👍 Be patient and give the guy a chance before we get down to the serious stuff in the league. Then really start to judge what's happening.
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