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  1. Paton stayed away from EEP for a few year after he felt he had been treated unfairly by a previous regime. Different now of course and always good to see him at the ground. A thoroughly decent man. I'd love to see a Stand names after him specifically.
  2. f**k off primate racket.
  3. Anyone else getting an advert for Costa Coffee everytime you enter this part of the forum?
  4. Kelty: who even knows where that is. "tap end eh the Meedies, neebur". Alloa, great place. Do my messages there every week. I think it should be moved into Fife. Move the borders now!
  5. I've not been an admirer of physical attributes, more their balling abilities right enough. But they cowdunbeef are up there with that Ryland geezer (or whatever his name is).
  6. Joe has some teeth himself: think Donkey out of Shrek.
  7. Kozma, simply an enigma. George O'Boyle was a better signing at that time. Hamish French is a legend. Cardle deserves recognition for sure. However he is past his best now and I wouldn't like to see him return and really struggle.
  8. Main point for me is, we keep buying the Season Tickets and we've more chance of keeping on improving the squad for this coming season.
  9. Fuckin breezy n easy. Well done Pars chaps. Pass the bitter stained piss bucket back to the Bairns.
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