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  1. It's the reality clubs are dealing with right now. Hearts/Budge said as much when it came to selling season tickets for next season. You have new clubs waiting to join the east league, and the new west league will be waiting to kick off. I think September is a good assumption when football will start again with pre season in August.
  2. Clubs can set budgets, offer new contracts, sell season tickets etc. At the moment they are in limbo. At least the Highland clubs now know the next ball they kick will be a new season and plan on that basis.
  3. We're all getting the clap at 20.00, have I picked that up right? breaks up the monotony I suppose but puts extra strain on the NHS. Irresponsible.
  4. It's encouraged in many offices though, focus on stress, mental health etc, making sure people get away from their desks and switch off. More reason to allow more WFH. There's also the aspect of less cars on the road.
  5. England have scrapped 2019/20 for most of non-league, the Conference still to be decided. No promotion/relegation.
  6. Will the Lowland League offer two promotion place next season now?
  7. This. I'm WFH currently and can do 99% of what I need to do. Sadly I have one of those moron old skool managers you allude to and despite my previous requests it was a case of "It's an office based job" and my retort of "it doesn't need to be" fell on deaf ears. He'll be hating all of us WFH indefinitely. What I will be doing when we're back to normality is raising with the powers that be that every employee who can WFH should be given that opportunity at least once/twice a week. Better for the environment and better for work/life balance.
  8. Stay in the Juniors and rake in the cash 💰
  9. http://www.insideworldfootball.com/2020/03/25/crumbling-pyramid-english-feeder-leagues-debate-whether-end-seasons-immediately/#.Xnx0NtpN6J8.twitter
  10. A wee bit difficult as well when you can watch virtually every single game involving Messi and Ronaldo, we've probably been with them every step of their career. Italian fitba wasn't even on C4 when Maradona was with Napoli, we only really saw him at Mexico 86 and Italy 90 with a few fleeting glimpses elsewhere. How can you judge?
  11. Does Balmoral no have something like 150 rooms?
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