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  1. Then beating Bournemouth and getting their points deduction reduced to 6 points, meaning they now 5 points just 3 points behind Coventry in 21st.
  2. EFL mistakes are why Sheffield Wednesday Are being punished next season not this. Full case report out Monday 17th.
  3. Some of those who wanted to be owners of Charlton Athletic have been told no, by the EFL. And so it goes on.
  4. Leagues 1 and 2 vote for salary cap, with immediate effect
  5. Bury told no you cant enter the non league system. Application Rejected
  6. Wigan Athletic have lost their appeal against the 12 point deduction for going into administration.
  7. Harry Kewell takes over as Oldham manager. Paul Cook resigns as Wigan Athletic manager and is possibly on his way to Bristol City.
  8. Sheffield Wednesday deducted 12 points; this will be from next seasons total. SWFC Club Statement
  9. Interesting Article on charges against Owls and Rams It's on a site founded by a barrister (for what that's worth)
  10. With appeals etc, punishments for Wednesday and Derby, if found guilty, are likely to impact next season not this, in my opinion. Wednesday case is mainly that they were told what they did was ok, by the EFL. It was only when inept Parry took over and their minds changed. If Wednesday do get a points deduction next season and keep Monk as manager, they are almost certianties for relegation, agan in my opinion.
  11. RE: Wednesday; the independent tribunal has yet to make a decision; even when it does it is likely that the Owls or the EFL will appeal the judgement, so it will be messy for a while. My understanding is that there is not yet a date for the judgement, thats up to the indepndent panel. Then there is the 'similar' case against Derby to follow.
  12. National League North and National League South play off games to be streamed live
  13. Macclesfield deducted 2 points for not paying their players on time meaning they just survive and Stevenage are relegated from League Two.
  14. The only thing that is iteresting about league 2 (bottom spfl league) scottish football is who will be relegated from it, lose that, lose peoples interest. Lose peoples interest, lose finance. Lose finance........
  15. EOS are promoting. SPFL, unknown. L2 clubs wanting not promotion, from below.
  16. There is no senior v junior thing. The problem you have is what you think, and what you have been arguing for recently, is wrong. This is all people are trying to point out to you.
  17. All WOSL teams are ex-junior league teams, this is what people mean by ex-junior. If they give up junior membership they will be only senior league membership teams now. These teams are obviously now Senior teams. If teams decide to hold dual membership of the WOSL and the SJFA then they are in reality stradling the divide; becoming senior-junior teams or junior-senior teams, take your pick.
  18. Any games in the SJC will have to be fitted round ALL WOSL commitments, so its blindingly obvious they are most likely to be played only where there is a free date for them.
  19. 1. Ex-Juniors are already doing well in the LL without resorting to gutting anyone 2. Which way, up or down 🤐
  20. Whatever their standard its still better than Bon Accord's
  21. I would agree, multiple promotion between all leagues top to bottom of the pyramid is needed as soon as possible. All ex-Junior teams are johnny come lately's to the pyramid as they failed to get in at the start, so they will have to work with what is, they missed the best boat unlike SOS teams, who have therefore have a right to be a tier 6. If the SOS volunteer to move down the pyramid fine, otherwise there is no need for them to move.
  22. Why do you want them to get a STI?
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