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  1. was told on Saturday that dalbettie's manager is from down that way.
  2. please read again i never said there was automatic relegation.what i said was clubs have been relegated and i named 3 of them.
  3. the lowland league do have relegation.the bottom club drop down as vol.and Hawick r.a. whitehill will tell.in the past if there was a club not eligible to come up they could reapply.lothian thistle won the east of scotland but did not have a licence so couldn't come up. and if the LL champion loses the playoff and a highland league club wins it there's a another club to be relegated.
  4. The highland league bottom club gets a play off.
  5. Yes i know that.but my point was there is relegation and there could be a second club relegated if a highland league team wins the playoff say against east fife
  6. No the bottom club is relegated just like vol last year.
  7. The bottom club in the LL is automatically relegated regardless.
  8. East fife will be relegated 9 other clubs will finish above them.
  9. Strollers asked for the fixture to be reversed.
  10. Nope the sfa and spfl insisted they were erected.
  11. They really want everything!! Jus to call their own. F.c Edinburgh missed the chance to put thier badge on them.
  12. The extra pitch brings in much needed extra income as its used every night and most days. Ideal model for LL and Spfl clubs in the lower end of things.they also get rent for thier conference room.
  13. There was really no rules last season.the s.f.a.and the lowland league brought the rules in together for this season.
  14. sorry should have said the rangers board member was also a pgb member.
  15. Please dont bid out.and your not seeing double. aob comes at the end of most. if not all meetings the question was asked,
  16. No i haven't!! Whats your take on the steps that lead to the colts.bear in mind it was raised under any other business at the of a scheduled pgb meeting.by a rangers board member.
  17. Plus they never invented the colts in.the majority of the Lowland league clubs voted them in nothing to do with bsc.
  18. A lot of your idea's for the pyramids smooth running are valid to some degree.3rd place playoff.has to take in there could be a 4th team being relegated if a highland club where to win the playoff the sos teams got there first because they started the league.its interesting to read people's post that they should somehow just roll out of the way for others who now think because they took a leap of faith its their devine right to be better placed than they are.there has to be some compromise to making it work.can maybe see the lowland league clubs voting for 1 up and a second place playoff club 15 playing the runner up.but alot needs to happen above the lowland league first and also below to actually force it to happen
  19. Yep mostly.good game strollers played well especially the younger new signings they were among the scorers.
  20. Civil service strollers beat Dunfermline 4 v 1 tonght
  21. Mate. They will only play at Innerleithen in a friendly.vale got relegated from the lowland league to the east of scotland league.its caley braves who play outside m&ds not inside.
  22. I always thought Darvel where a big wos big!! gun.dont think they will find it easier in the LL.but lets wait and see eh.
  23. Why? thier in the league. regardless of what people think my club like many others will have to play them at least twice.
  24. Saw on twitter they had a crowd of 450 watching a game the other night.
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