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  1. It's very misleading tbh.but the lowland league have not asked for reconstruction of the league either. at the meeting with Ian Maxwell we cited doing away with the play off against club 42 for the winner.the review he spoke about covered that along with other items.where any future colts team s should be placed.that sun item is a old publication from last year.the spfl 1&2 clubs meet monthly by zoom and have done so for a while.
  2. Regardless of another league spfl3 without the colts.the spfl 1 and 2 clubs will vote no because that would dilute the payments they receive from the spfl and the sfa.both spfl 1&2 have a monthly zoom meeting among themselves to discuss various topics.it use to be ken ferguson of brechin who was their spokesman.its now the stenny chairman.the colts bit is just a red herring, get use to it they just don't want change they've just witnessed 3 of their number relegated and the 3 have never got back up at the first attempt lets see how cowdenbeth do this new term.imo nothing will change once the colts leave after this season.until at least another 2 or 3 get relegated and that will give approx 7 ex spfl clubs in the LL the others will have no option but to go for it.
  3. Probably both stenhousemuir.and stirling albion.these 2 try to stop anything.
  4. Aye your right but they still took their chance.do we know if any of the juniors filled out the form.the 17 clubs who joined the east of scotland only did so one season after kelty skooshed the league. by filling out a form, i get that people on here dont like broomhill but they have done everything by the rules,they applied and the board at that time must have liked what they saw compared to the others.
  5. You're forgetting that talbot like a 100+other clubs had exactly the same chance to fill in the same form but didn't take the chance they decided to keep playing in the juniors. why was that do we know thet reason,without question present LL clubs will be relegated but its to say they only got there by filling in form.think they just took thier chance when it arose.
  6. Why friday!! they'll play home and away.that means if opg are at home the colts will be away.
  7. Look here is another reason it will note work.42 spfl clubs 34 clubs at tier 5. all have full voting rights. 139 clubs and AAs attend yesterday agm only 72 could vote.if you think the spfl and the sfa are going to allow another 16 clubs voting rights your wrong.that way they always have a edge.heard today their looking at clubs with grandfather rights i.e.clubs who are licensed but not in tier 6 removing their voting rights all together to bring it in line.
  8. The spfl where invited to the last pwg meeting.thats the first time ever!!! they had been invited.they sent a secretary along because Doncaster and cullum were both otherwise engaged.she only took notes.having sat on both eos and Ll boards and both npg and the pgb.plan z was booted right out the window the only person who ever really brought it up was the junior rep at anytime he could.before!! and after any other meetings. George fraser brought it back to the table both shfl.and the LL dismissed it again.that is why the sjfa took the stance if you take one club you take them all (tj) war cry)hoping to get both tier 5 league's would support it.to my knowledge rod petrie has never suggested it since because everyone knew it wouldn't float.
  9. The honest truth of the matter is plan z was booted by both shfl and the slfl really before it actually got started so did LL east and west.the pwg has no power whatsoever,its for want of better word a talking shop.the main problem with this whole scenario is the sjfa only run a cup competition which is unfortunately had its day.the west region and east region ran the leagues which is still the case in the mid and North.am at a loss as to why the sjfa are invited to the pwg. it should be these league's.the sjfa are constantly trying to keep the junior cup relevant simply because it keeps them relevant.any new league would have to be agreed by the 3 leagues spfl shfl. slfl. and the sfa. somehow i really cant see that being agreed anytime soon.
  10. Think the LL have Saturday as priority for league game's,not cup tie's
  11. Aye you might be right.but these clubs are not in the these leagues thier in the LL. Which am not convinced all the west of scotland teams actually want to be.but there's definitely a better chance of 2 up 2 down.
  12. Not that any league should move over or out the way for another but has the west league spoken to the south about coming under its banner.i still believe no sos club wants to go to a 3 way playoff or even has ambition to play in the LL they more or less just want to play in their own wee enclave.think threaves motive is that will not happen now.but they still have a foot hold in the Scottish being licensed.i think thier 1 of 5 clubs.also their league secetary would be a great addition to the west as well. that would make it a 2 way playoff not 3.
  13. 1 when the lowland league first started there was no promotion! also no relegation! for 2 seasons i think. Also no named champion or club with a licence to come up was and still is the rule.(dont think that will happen now) 2 for every rule change thats made the s.f.a need to sign them of.it wasn't the colts playing there were other rules in pack.one was to increase the league for 1 season to 17 to include boness as they won the eos.the west declared null and void.no champion.if kelty didn't go up then 2 clubs would have to be relegated. 3 there was only 2 teams ready to go. at that time
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