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  1. Undoubtedly thats true they would have been welcomed with open arms as most had not gained a licence.thats why the lowland league staggered it in take 12 then 14 until it reached 16 clubs.but again the all in or none in was said again along with the quote--- none of our clubs are really interested in the pyramid.as it will not last any lenght of time.
  2. No!!! its just our board send us breif updates of everything thats going on were our league is represented.it was the members who voted against all options that were on the table especially option Z in particular.they also voted to a club to try and start a wosl.
  3. My thoughts!!! other parties have been deliberately been causing unnecessary problems.mainly to save the junior grade in some shape.if am right (which i think i am) then thats their choice.and if they dont wish to be part of the pyramid and thats their choice.but i will add this the lowland league have always been up front with everything they have left nothing out they were fully against cheery picking as thats everything against a pyramid.now that its been forced on them their just trying to do what they said lets get it over the line.
  4. Not true my freind.rod petrie did agree that if it had to be conference's it should be for one season.just like the e.o.s.run theirs at teir 6 as that was the model to be used.it was only last thursday at the professional game board meeting he indicated he and the s.f.a might have a change of view. It was at another meeting after that they pulled the plug.highlighting there was a ready made structure in place.he has always been against leagues being more than 16 but would agree to a bigger number to start with once it was pointed out the highland league run with 17.
  5. Thankfully a very good well thoght out post.i do think however the engagement part has been covered and undoubtedly a percentage of clubs moved as not to be left behind.i don't think the s.f.a.could spring anymore surprises.and can guarantee the lowland league dont have any to spring.given that once your own board is selected by your clubs you will be on your own to decide your own fate as a league and can spring your own surprises.for me who has no junior affiliation the negative in fighting is some what disappointing.you's really need to give it a try and see how it goes.after all the majority of your clubs voted to engage with the pyramid.some times thing dont always go to the best laid plans at the beginning its how it ends which is the most important thing just now.
  6. I think you're wrong there!!! It should and has to be the clubs choice to keep or remove the word junior from their name.thats their identity to their fans old and new.the east clubs were under no pressure to change or keep the word junior.that should undoubtedly be the same for the west clubs.as i said their history must not and definitely will not be forgotten as each should club has many things to celebrate from their achievements through the years.
  7. Am not trying to justify anything at all. The word sporting integrity covers a mass of things depending on your outlook.i just think that after coming so far then a massive shift from rod petrie and the s.f.a.( wonder why that happened) be rest assured it was nothing done by the lowland league.they are just trying to make the best of it they can.which yes will not please everyone.
  8. Your absolutely right.the wrjfa agreed to engage with pyramid.now that this has happened i personally think its a great move forward. However i don't think that any club who move over should ever forget their long history"s and traditions these things should be highlighted and celebrated by each individual club.the fact that they've all moved together reinforces that these things will stay.its only a name ( junior league) that changes but the old rivals will still be there for all to enjoy.most or all will surely keep the word junior in their name that surely must stay.
  9. Well you tell me what you think it is.this glich has been taken out of the hands of these who were driving it forward.the s.f.a.have suddenly moved goal posts.think they're trying to do the best they can.theres always someone or some club going to be unhappy.but lets just see what happens.
  10. Yeah it seems the best course.things will settle down and hopefully we can get back to playing football again
  11. But surely they must look to the future for their clubs.there is now access to the 20s development league whether they have a team to compete now or in the future.these players can be used on Saturdays players returning from injury or suspension can play in this league.theres no registrations fee.theres also scope to improve their grounds belive me my club just started with a open feild.everything was reconstituted from old.our toilets are a wefare unit thats been plumbed in.our floodlights are second hand cost £25.000k.it just seems to me that so many are stuck in a mire and want to save the junior grade it football wherever you play it.i honestly believe if they actually gave it a chance they would see its no different to what they know.ask any club in the east of Scotland how they have found it they will only say good things about it.but again its only a game of football.
  12. Can i ask as am relatively new to both the juniors and now the west of Scotland forum.why are so many people just plainly negative all the time to change its a new league so there will be teething glitches in the first season whenever that is.
  13. Slightly wrong there fella.the wosfl decide things for themselfs once their board is formed.as do the Eos & Sos.the board administer's the league.
  14. Grim stuff indeed!!!! but its not the fault of the lowland league i can assure you of that.the s.f.a.are the culprits in this.i think other parties have managed to dirty the water,thats caused the shift.
  15. I know for a fact he is very unhappy. but it is none of his or dave's doing.the fault, (blame) lies else where.other parties are behind this.
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