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  1. Boyd basically declaring rangers champions in November. What could possibly go wrong.
  2. That hedges is a decent player. A little green perhaps. Can see him leaveing Aberdeen soon. Probably needs to branch out. Etc.
  3. I’m kind of buzzing about getting to the playoff final. Great to have some cheer amidst the current oppressive gloom.
  4. Opposing stands at fir park presenting a fine opportunity for a life sized game of “guess who” I see
  5. Seem to recall hand sanitiser flying off shelves too about a trillion years ago when this all began.
  6. 5.4% of those tested over the weekend positive over past 24 hrs...
  7. They are liable to disagree in the Louden.
  8. “squashing the sombrero” also being particularly noisome.
  9. Was on the Glasgow underground today for first time in months. Quite creepy to see all the various billboard ads in various stations advertising theatre shows/concerts in March or April. Like a musty wee time capsule on wheels.
  10. https://m.soundcloud.com/mister-mark/making-your-way-in-europe
  11. Apologies. For some reason I failed to notice the grim subtext beyond the stupid humour conveyed in the pic..
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