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  1. Clubs should also bring in anti-drug measures in the loos. 3 or 4 guys in one cubicle can only be doing 2 things. Or maybe both. Although why they'd want to snort coke mixed with shite flakes, pish and pubes is beyond me. Might help to stop the so called hard men causing bother during and after the game.
  2. Somebody certainly couldn't handle their drink on Sunday. Vomit all over the floor just as you go in the toilet and one of the cubicles. About skited on my arse going for a pish after the game
  3. When I first started going, we were in the North Stand. I remember the old railway sleepers and the ash and the old red brick toilets up the back that leaked down the terracing. Can't remember when we moved to the South side though
  4. He also got injured towards the end of the season. He was in a moonboot at the final
  5. my one of a kind fire pit. Was made for us at a friend's work, our names are at the bottom
  6. Dundee ICT Partick Arbroath Raith Queens Park Ayr Cove Hamilton Morton Think the teams 1-4 are the more settled squads with Dundee just shading it, after splashing more cash in January. 5 to 8 can change around but either (or both) Morton and Hamilton will be relegated. Think the Rovers will just miss out on the play-offs again. With us having a new manager and whole new defence. Will take a while to gel and I think we will struggle to win games to start with. Once we get Lang, Spencer Vaughan etc back, I could see us climbing the league.
  7. https://footballshirthistory.weebly.com/scotland-h-s/category/raith-rovers Decent pictures of all home and away kits here
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