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  1. Thought he played well. Wasn't afraid to go in for a tackle anyway
  2. https://www.fifetoday.co.uk/sport/football/raith-rovers-injury-blow-as-brad-spencer-ruled-out-for-seasons-start-3750018 Bugger
  3. See they're in discussion with Lewis Strapp, wouldn't mind us going in for him. Although he'd probably get offers from bottom half Premier teams
  4. Just seen him down the High Street. Would be good if we could get him on loan, Fulham should do it if only to make up for sending us Abraham
  5. They would need to move all the tiles and names off the stairs tho. I remember sitting in that stand when we beat Dundee United after McLean left us after 1 game in charge to take over at United. Think I prefer the South stand
  6. I'd have Scott Brown as player/manager with an experienced assistant. Worked with Jimmy and Martin. Pity Paul Smith went to Falkirk as they'd be a great partnership. Definitely don't want the usual riders on the merry-go-round
  7. Can't believe no Rovers fans have mentioned Timmy Abraham yet.
  8. I'm sorry, totally missed that one. Brilliant though. Seems like there's a never-ending supply of Simpson memes. Never spent so much time on another teams forum
  9. I would have liked to have seen the Stonecutters song redone. I would have done it but don't have the time or expertise
  10. Think a draw was a fair reflection of the game, although Rovers should have buried them in the first half. Tbh I was nervous the whole game, mainly due to Rovers' ability to gift struggling teams 3 points or collapse in the last 10, rather than anything Dunfermline done. The ref had a shocker but to me he only seemed to give Dunfermline more free kicks for the same fouls that he waved play on for us. Couldn't see why he had to book Tumilty for time wasting but agree he should have been booked for the tackle. That save from Fon Williams was something else. That ball looked to be going in all the way. Those normally go right through his gloves. Have to give him some credit though. A wee lassie sitting in front of us got hit in the face from , I think, Taits shot that went past the post. It broke her glasses and cut her nose. For Williams kept coming over and asking if she was ok even when he was getting pelters from some in the crowd. Fair play to the guy. If the Pars play like how they did at the start of the second half, for the majority of the game, then they should be fine. They need to bin Grant though, but I hope he stays. He reminds me of Locke. Probably a nice guy but absolutely hopeless as a manager.
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