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  1. Was a draw buddy. 96th min equalisers usually result in a moral victory so I’ll take that. 👍
  2. Poor result for Cowdenbeath. Looks as if their chances are slipping away for a playoff spot. Going by this thread seemed a one sided match from start to finish.
  3. No one said anything about any alleged homophobic abuse previously or anything to do with a coaching staff member giving anything back. I am purely going on the basis of her actions and verbal abuse towards the home team dugout, referee, linesman and the lack of basic knowledge of the game. Usually if you don’t know something you keep quiet. Not this one though. Screaming at the ref for playing injury time as there was no injuries during the game 🤦‍♂️
  4. Was standing behind the BSC bench. Their subs said it was never a pen to them. The indirect free kick was given for high feet in the box. All kicked off at the end. 96th minute equaliser. Red card for their coach who then tried to punch one of the Kelty Match helpers. Their physio an absolute embarrassment of a woman
  5. From a Kelty Fan view point thought The ref was terrible. The rose 2nd goal was a clear push and should have been disallowed. About 5 minutes after was a clear hand ball and should have been a rose pen. Then later on was a deliberate handball to keep the ball out. Fair enough the ref couldn’t see but I seen it clear as day the the lino was right in front of me. Would of been an interesting list 15 mins at 3-3 and Kelty down to 10
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