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  1. Managed to get in Trowbridge Town v Shrewton today in the Wiltshire League. Once a big, famous club, the hosts reformed in 1998 after going out of business. Totally one sided 9-0 victory and a crowd of 71 (and two dogs) £5 Inc programme.
  2. Know they've got drainage problems, that looks a shambles - has it improved this season ? Maybe I'll get up there one day and see for myself.
  3. Now to see if public transport can get me to Cumnock on the Friday then ! Disappointed that they haven't chosen a game for the Sunday, will have to find another game to finish my holiday. Glad that Pollok have been given a slot anyway, to make up for last time, good luck to all non leaguers.
  4. Think I saw games for tomorrow on the Scottish Amateur F.A website - whilst looking for games. Don't quote me, could be wrong !
  5. Every club can see a pathway upwards, guess some will find the financial outlay a struggle and be happy to stay around the wosfl. My gripe is that it's not a 2 up and down system (yet) so both HL and LL champions go up. You could probably put together a good division of current non League v the current spfl2 and see a vast improvement.
  6. Being selfish I'd hope for some games on Friday and Sunday too, finishing my week off ! Outside bets for tv : Brechin, Fraserburgh and Linlithgow. Good luck to all the non League clubs. Definitely a few good ones to pick from, can't wait.
  7. Dependant on whether there are Premier games on tv, they ought to make up for the cock up by showing Friday, Sunday and possibly Monday games. Fraserburgh my outside bet, with Brechin and Linlithgow safe bets. Maybe clubs who film their home games can help the poor BBC out, if they're short of a camera.
  8. Quick 5 minute drive from work to Oakland's Park for Western League Division 1 : FC Bristol (used to be Lebeq FC) v Odd Down (Bath) A decent game, goals in the 2nd half with the visitors levelling in injury time.10-11-21-22 att 29. The hosts began as Lebeq in Sunday football before going into Saturday and climbing the leagues. Name change hasn't gone down well with the old Lebeq boys to say the least !
  9. Typically the clubs worked their backsides off in improving the grounds, lights etc - then energy prices go through the roof, with few or no midweek games to use the lights and get income through the bar and ground. Think some clubs will have second thoughts, those with 3g who use them 24/7 seem to be ok so far.
  10. Would hope that KRR get a good deal to use the ground - if not, then all clubs should boycott its use until it's sorted out. Looking good though, never got to see the old ground sadly.
  11. Disgraceful BBC, I would hope the SFA would say ok to changing it back to a Saturday game, or pay some of the costs involved to both clubs. All the licence money and they can't afford a few blokes in an old Transit, wankers.
  12. Shocking that the Cup game has been pulled by BBC in favour of every outside broadcast unit going to London. Way over the top how we are being force fed this funeral. Are all the cup games being taken off the tv ?
  13. The egg chasers save the day, short drive to Shaftesbury Park for National West 2 : Dings 43 Clifton 24 att 400+ good local derby,hosts led 26-3 in first half, bit end to end in the 2nd. £10 Inc prog. Minutes silence and National anthem, everyone could have done that tbh.
  14. Even when games go ahead, you'll have the 2 minutes silence - that's how people show respect. There's not much else people show can do tbh, (lower the flags, put something in the programmes etc)I think the majority of clubs would have rather gone ahead, along with most fans.
  15. 12 days of national mourning is just a bit over the top,sad, but she was 96. Think once professional leagues decided to p-p tomorrow , no other League wanted to be the ones that went against the 'guidance' At least the Great North Run goes ahead on Sunday, oh yeah that's some charity thing so that's ok. Tbh maybe amateur/grassroots could have been played with a silence beforehand.
  16. Western Lge Premier saw winless Bitton 1 Clevedon 2 with around 75 att. 01 rocket from the no.9 then a good turn and finish 11, just into the 2nd half. Game decided by clear pen as a drag back saw a defender dive in, mistimed. Not a bad game in driving rain.
  17. Just a quickie, I'm up in Scotland during October, are Bonnyrigg still not selling tickets general admission to visitors and/or ground hoppers ? That's the final club in the current 42 to be done for myself.
  18. Looking a good draw, I'm back in Scotland October 15-24 so hopefully getting a few South Challenge and Scottish Cup (rnd 2) games under my belt. Brilliant updates and photos from the games at the weekend, well done everyone.
  19. Just a 10 minute drive to Ironmould Lane for Western League Division 1 Brislington v Wincanton. Scrappy on a bone hard pitch, Bris raced into a 30 lead through poor defending tbh and it seemed game over.31 tight angle finish 32 far post tap in and on around 90+8 a cross from the right was stabbed home to delight the travelling support in a crowd of around the 90-100 mark.
  20. As far as I can remember during my secretary days, (down in Bristol) no player under suspension could sign or play, until fines are paid etc and suspension has been served. Think now clubs can see suspension lists these days, then they shouldn't take the risk.
  21. Just throwing this one in, am due up to Scotland in January - are there many games that could be rescheduled in the WOSFL etc ? (7th - 15th) Just hoping to fill the week up somehow.
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