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  1. Guessing that the ML will be in place by 21/22, and that the boundary lines have probably been sorted/agreed. There will always be clubs from difficult areas with clubs unhappy about travelling (to play football) . Hopefully the pyramid will settle down fairly quickly to include a clear pathway for ambitious amateurs etc. Hypocrisy, double standards, sounds like any football committees since year dot.
  2. Lets go the whole way, champions of both HL and LL promoted without play offs - 2 down from the spfl. Maybe if club42 sees a swift return on the horizon, they'll be more willing to change current rules. Personally I can see 5 ex juniors in spfl2 within 10 years, and coping well.
  3. Too many clubs down south are hanging by the thread of generous sponsors, whilst attracting less than 100 for a decent level. Guess any youth clubs who move upwards, need the backing of parents, friends etc more than ever. It's an exciting time ahead for the WOSFL, but we don't want to lose any clubs along the way. Hope the finances don't cripple any one.
  4. Guess the only safe way out of this would be to not relegate anyone, if PPG means someone goes up - it's not great I know, we just have to write this season off and hopefully return much better for 21/22. If all adults get jabbed twice by August, and people get tested regularly, then I think we should just give it a go. No answer that suits everyone, again.
  5. Yeah I realise that, just trying to see a way of keeping the SJC going IF its needed. Seems a cock up having Senior clubs playing in a Junior Cup that's all. Will the retaining of 'junior' status be at a certain tier downwards ?
  6. Somewhere in the future I think people have to accept that the LL, HL, WOSFL are Senior Leagues now - maybe to keep the Junior Cup going, the amateurs below, are the new 'juniors' sitting under the Senior Leagues. Don't think the majority of ex juniors will be interested once the pyramid settles down.
  7. The infamous 'lines' and boundaries certainly stir things up eh, seeing as we see Gloucester City in the National North I'm guessing things in Scotland won't ever be 100% due to geographic problems. Can clubs be forced to enter a league out of their area ? or is it a case of clubs applying for a particular league ?
  8. Feel sorry for the lower league Champions who then have to go through the play off lottery, win the league by 20 pts but come unstuck over 1/2 games. Similarly finishing 20pts adrift but we'll give you another chance. Champions up automatically, 2 definitely relegated. You're bottom and crap so get down. When will the OF Colts story eventually finish ?
  9. As with most FA's they have a fair bit of cash stashed away - maybe the money could be used by (ex) Junior clubs if they need ground updates etc ? They don't need to have bulging bank accounts,just help those who made you rich eh .
  10. Horrible things those 3g cages, not the greatest viewing places on earth. Re Glasgow Perthshire's Keppoch Park : couldn't they use the speedway club or is that too far away ? Roll on season 21/22 can't wait ! Glencruitten looks good, couldn't they develop down the one side to meet criteria ?
  11. Similar to down here in England, every league has a date when ground improvements need to be done, in order for promotion. Ground grading visits are done regularly, especially when going from amateurs to step 7. Always found that many youth clubs who run from say under 9 up to 16 don't really want to move to adult football, is that the same in Scotland ?
  12. Think the majority of clubs will look towards going 'senior' in time ,leaving those who wish to stay amateur, somewhere to play. Good sticking points would be the criteria level required for each division - thus stopping someone throwing money around, unless the ground is developed similarly. Given the current climate, finances are going to dictate. Fully expect many youth clubs to form links before too long.
  13. Correct, NO exceptions to any club, accept the rules or don't join up. Maybe the WOSFL can grow to have another division for the new clubs to join, then progress naturally. Are there any rules where teams finishing 1st will have to accept promotions in the future ? We've had many occasions down south where champions don't want to move upwards for varying reasons.
  14. Many clubs have struggled for years, and there are some big non league clubs in waiting to progress,open the pyramid for them of course. Biggest stumbling block to the OF Colts must be that Celtic CANNOT play Celtic Colts in the SPFL, thus stopping any promotions. Must be rules in place I'd imagine ?
  15. Not convinced that a Midland League etc would happen soon, just think that any ambitious clubs need to see a clear path through to 'senior' football, if needs be. Obviously not everyone can see the rewards over increased costs, and we don't want to lose any clubs. Good luck to clubs trying to progress .
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