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  1. Yeah bit like a mini Eastville Stadium (BRFC) with the speedway, greyhound track around the outside. Those were the days. Good luck to Cowden next season,with proper planning and recruitment, maybe you'll have a good time.
  2. Just a quick selfish chat, am trying to sort my next visit to Scotland, would the wosfl possibly be starting by end of July ? as I'd like to book up fast and cheap asap !
  3. My F.A Youth Cup run comes to an end at Old Trafford, Manchester United v Forest.An excellent game,3-1, amazing crowd of 67492 Inc 5,500 away. Forest had decent chances to take the lead and responded well to going behind - thanks to a howler from Videk in the United goal. Controversial penalty with the foul outside the box 2-1, then Garnacho claimed a double late on. Journey began with Walton & Hersham v Corinthian Casuals (1-5) back in August.
  4. Thought I'd put this into the forum, finished my week in Scotland down at Benburb watching Pollokshields 3 Maryhill Milan 0 in a GDSFL Cup semi. Fair result as Milan couldn't really pose a threat,or get enough men forward throughout. Some decent play on show,wish I'd stayed for the other 2 games rather than go down to Ibrox that was poor.
  5. Not a great spectacle, but with some Gers' changes, why didn't DundeeU at least give it a go ? may as well have lost 7-3 Just a case of breaking these teams buses down, one goal was enough. Quietish atmosphere,you must still be knackered from midweek ! A rare visit to a big ground, £29 wasn't too bad.
  6. Congratulations Darvel, a reward for those who have been around the club before recent times.Dont think any club would turn down financial help - just IF and when that may run out. Out of interest,what sort of support could they attract in the area ? Mainly cos I don't see many att records in the wosfl, that's all. Enjoy the party
  7. Regarding the benches, began with just 1 so called Rose fan's non stop abuse toward the Tranent bench - think the bloke was led away or taken outside. This was at 2-1 mainly. Just enjoy the game for Christ sake, all the committee people acted swiftly,well done.
  8. 3-3 v Tranent, enjoyed that one. Couldn't see that happening when it was 3-1 tbh. Didn't see them posing a threat until bringing the subs on, gave them a bit more life going forward. Thought Rose had defended the high ball well until late on, be disappointed to concede those two goals. Decent stuff with a good crowd there it seemed.
  9. Just back from the under 21's final v Johnstone, excellent 2-0 win was deserved overall. Cracking f.kick from Campbell on h/t , followed by another good finish by Traynor I think (lucky to get the free kick initially) The Burgh had one glorious chance, and a few half chances to get back into the game, but the better side won imo, probs around 3-400 in att.
  10. Genuine question to both club and fans : where do you really want to be in say 10 years time ? Talbot seem a well run club, with great support from the size of the area. Without the 'sugar daddy type' would beyond the Lowland be a step too far ? Always enjoy visiting, don't hear much criticism tbh more frustration than anything. Good luck the rest of the season.
  11. That was a poor showing, very little decent possession, slow passing and easy for Rob Roy to defend balls in the air. Can only remember the one header on target, little else in the 2nd half. I expected a fired up response but it never came, didn't see another way to break them down - no change of plan or tactics. Thought Rob Roy played ok,more of a threat tbh. Decent crowd ?
  12. Just back ,couldn't see that 2nd half coming - Bo'ness just lumped it long,didn't play any passing game really. Easy to defend that, Whitburn worked their socks off,and could have scored one or two more. A bit unlucky to be behind 01 as they missed a few decent chances in the first half.Enjoyed that one, 300 crowd a good guess, any official figure ?
  13. Any guarantees that the tickets will arrive by Friday ? Being a postie myself, wouldn't trust them ! Will give it a go anyway.Quickest way I did,was Eskbank train then a stroll,say 30 mins +(that was 10 years ago mind)
  14. Enjoyable game, shame Bullwood didn't have a go much earlier. Pather played some decent stuff and posed greater threat, numbers 7 & 11 especially. After domination, the GK made some good saves late on, to stop the 'Bulls equalising. Niggly stuff with the crowd joining in, tremendous. Possible treble now on for FC Pather.
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