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  1. Best thing I've seen is to send the Colts to play in Ireland, where their bigotry etc would be gladly accepted by those over the river. Can only hope the colts get stuffed every week and the champions of the LL and HL get a chance of going up, as per integrity of the game etc.
  2. Good to get things up and running then, apart from the Talbot, what sort of crowds did the other games get yesterday ? Hopefully the fans turned up in numbers, if allowed of course. Went over to Caerleon v Caldicot in the FAW Trophy, 00, 23 on pens, att around 50. Look to have two good weeks up in Scotland Oct/Nov.
  3. Slightly off the mark here but is it possible for a club to go from say the old Juniors, up to the spfl prem - groundsharing all the way ? Need a bigger ground, go somewhere else etc.Only a thought,regarding the nomad clubs.
  4. Scottish F.A Trophy ? Always thought that if someone had a decent job say £250+ a week and then got paid £50-100 for playing, he was just a footballer who hadn't turned professional. I loved watching the juniors and just see every club in the same light, now they've gone Senior.
  5. Think that IF the clubs had stayed as Juniors, then there would have been NO improvements to grounds etc as promotion was limited if not almost impossible from that level. Fully expect any clubs that didn't/couldn't run with the flock - could have gone amateur ? albeit a weaker level.
  6. Biggest question for me is, with the pyramid now in place (albeit dodgy foundations) are there enough players to go around these clubs ? Add to this, the possible expense on ground upgrades down the line, guess that only the ambitious and financially sound clubs would climb the ladder.
  7. Add a couple of pints, fall asleep in the sea air, miss the train back, sure I still enjoyed myself !
  8. Guess the only way is calling the spfl professional, then downwards it's senior, semi pro, then call it Junior. Amateurs or whatever you like. No way the Juniors as they were, are coming back. Think the clubs have invested too much £ to go backwards now.
  9. Would love to see the spfl balanced, with different teams winning silverware. Imagine the OF if they didn't win the league for say 2-3 seasons, NO European games etc , just wonderful. Maybe the non - league now dream of being in the spfl, but do spfl2 clubs dream of being in the top flight ?
  10. I can't see many away fans bothering to do Rangers B ' the big away day' guessing if you go, then you support the whole idea ? Are Rangers fans getting excited I wonder ? Suppose in reality they should sell out home games if the limit is say 3-500, if they're interested.
  11. Really can't see, in my simple mind, how the reserves etc doesn't work. Play with and against old pro's, along with similar youngsters, when they're ready, into the 1st team. The youngsters had a go in the Lge Cup and didn't set the world alight, seems that it's just the OF who don't understand.Hope the idea is dead in the water now.
  12. Seemingly some big clubs in the UK have a 'he's too young' attitude' We wouldn't have seen Pele until he was 25 In this country. World Cup winner ? Nothing beats seeing young/local kids being given a chance, come on academies, earn your bloody money now.If the OF can't do it, give these kids a chance somewhere else.
  13. Grealish,Marsh,Currie,Bowles,,Hoddle,Worthington etc us English don't carry flair players ☺️ Not bothered that we lost, just the way we took penalties - cocky, big headed, like they're unbeatable superstars. Not the strongest European sides ever, best chance to win it was now.
  14. Thankfully common sense prevails, now all they have to do is send the Colts out on loan to 2 or 3 clubs = different outcome but they're getting game time. Now bury the idea for good, and dig it up 100 years time.
  15. Think there's only so much you can do in being called Glasgow something, an attempt to attract new fans and sponsorship ? A loss of identity but will it be long before they revert back, I wonder.Can understand if the club links with a youth team etc or gets a big sponsor.
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