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  1. Fair point, suppose the only way to finish the season is by playing everyone just the once ? At least that gives those currently playing a decent chance. Always going to be difficult making decisions mid season.
  2. Brilliant, so many clubs looking to get licensed, get the floodlights up and running, get grounds tidied up and improved. Should have been in Scotland next week, can't wait to return !
  3. Maybe put the current season on ice, then eventually finish it next - call it the 2021 season ? May buggar up some play offs etc, or just give them a miss OR make spfl2 larger just for next season (no relegation in 20/21) PS I believe you can (unluckily) catch the virus outdoors but we can't stay locked away indefinitely,can we ?
  4. Optimistic but hopefully next season will be almost back to normal, with the sponsors queueing up to help ! Best days of my life playing sat/sun wish I could turn back the clock 🕛 can remember in the 90's paying £3 subs, £300 for a season's fixtures (maybe 15+ games) , £10 to get the kit washed etc etc.
  5. Think that unless something is decided before the season starts - PPG or something, then most titles will be tainted in some eyes. That's what upset the majority of clubs down south - teams running away with it and clearly getting promoted, were cruelly denied. Hopefully the current season can end without the null and void.
  6. Think if all the spfl had been tested, and had got maybe halfway through the season - then even a return in March could have had games sat and midweek all the way through to June. Don't think the governments are anti football, just don't have the answers regarding crowds, gatherings etc. Been hypocrisy all the way so far.
  7. Think the big question with the EOS and other leagues, is IF the season can't be completed, how is the 20/21 campaign going to end ? Personally I'm against all divisional splits, playing each team once at least gives some sort of semblance. Hopefully we can see a March return for all leagues.
  8. So long as all games are played, BCD or not, then the title has been won fair and square. The PPG nonsense would make titles look a bit cheapened, what is the difference - win the Lge with the likes of Talbot not playing OR win the Lge when the likes of Talbot have a below par season (it may happen). this and next season could be the best chance to progress.
  9. Would be interesting to see leagues calling it a day after 50% of games, or maybe the divisions could split in half or something, to create mini lges just to complete the season sometime. Hopefully by March things may look a lot brighter with everyone more positive 🙌
  10. Was basically the shambles of how to end all the league's in both England and Scotland, PPG etc etc. Should have come from the top, a bit of leadership, far fetched I know. Hopefully next season can be a bit nearer normality with all clubs still intact with fans back !
  11. Health and finances always said to stop , IF fans had been allowed to watch, then maybe we should/could have carried on playing. Maybe didn't learn from last season's null and void chaos.
  12. English Premier football is boring, and yeah I'd rather go and watch lower league games too - less quality but you can connect with the players,like the old days. Get it rid of the money,get the game back.
  13. Good luck amateurs, maybe a rejig of the leagues will help next season with possibly lesser teams still playing. Lost leagues (sat & sun) down here in Bristol, looks like a skeleton thing now. Think most players up to 35-40 will hope to keep playing in a full 21/22 season,just to return to a normality.
  14. Agree totally, delay until March then if possible to continue - the better weather will give us sat-midweek games until June maybe. If clubs and players don't feel safe then fair enough. Shouldn't affect any monies from the SFA as these ain't normal times and knock league cups etc on the head.
  15. Think quite a few leagues down south, probably step 5 downwards , will decide to call a halt to the season - clubs have played so few games by now. No complaints over extending the season into June if needed, may need next season to be delayed ,not a big deal really. Hopefully by March we can see the proverbial light in the tunnel and decide whether to restart or finish.
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