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  1. Western League Premier : Clevedon Town 2 Welton Rovers 1 att 102. Scrappy affair between two Somerset (ex) giants. Two goals from Archie Ferris settle the score, not greatest quality but plenty of effort at least. A lot of the Bristol and Somerset clubs struggling for support now that the old guys have died off, and youngsters are either playing or have other interests.
  2. Slow burner at Lesser Hampden, visited a few times. Are there plans to have any terracing - on either side I guess ? Different ideas at Ayr look good, again I hope they keep terrace unless told it's unsafe, by some jobsworth. Always interesting to see how clubs progress - unless they just bang seats onto the terrace which looks crap.
  3. Deveronhills is my guess. Visited Dyce couple of years back so good luck if they've put the work in, was a basic ground that I saw. What support do they / could they get ? Would be a good start to see some nrjfa clubs try and improve, hope the costs don't put them off.
  4. Didn't see the early k.o so only saw 2nd half of Almondsbury v Nailsea & Tickenham (Western div 1 ) 03 att 50 ish. Good stuff, tackles galore, saw two goals, both possibly could have been prevented. Visitors just come up from the Somerset County League and look a good side, currently 2nd place.
  5. Quite right,can see an influx of B teams over the next few years - and when they start winning the league, some clown will ask why they can't get promoted, another can of worms opening up.Cant see any benefit these teams have provided so far, expect they'll all be in the 1st teams now that they've played against grown men (wasn't that the idea ? )
  6. Should have made a ruling that all clubs with B teams would agree to pay an away following of 300+ to the hosts, whether they take that many or not. A small % of the OF regular 50,000 crowd. Get back in the reserve League.
  7. Hasty drive to the Creek (Bristol Manor Farm) for Shirehampton v Bristol Telephones in Western League Div 1. £6 prog £1 hot drink £1. After a goalless first half, a 46th min opener as the visiting gk couldn't hold a shot, simple finish. Floodgates opened for a 5-0 victory, with the Phones having two late red cards to seal their fate.
  8. Gloucestershire F.A Trophy for (28 Hellenic/Western Lge clubs) Longwell Green 0 Cribbs 2 straightforward win for the visitors with two 2nd half goals v hosts who rarely threatened. Att 50+ £6
  9. Just think VAR takes away the instant enjoyment of watching football, we all accept dodgy decisions, things to talk about. Annoyingly playing on, and then possibly going back to make a decision really tedious. Must be hard to referee with just 2 angles (Inc linesman) with people watching from all angles on a TV set. Do VAR officials get questioned ?
  10. I'm pretty sure that some architects could make a plan to redesign the interior of Hampden - install new seating etc. Remove all seating to reveal a 'blank canvas' for the arty and skilful types to design. Personally the bigger British grounds are way better than Wembley and Hampden. Murrayfield I like, the new ground outside for Edinburgh perfect for them. What if a big sponsor could get naming rights for Hampden, may help the costs involved.
  11. Any fund raising for the club ? Maybe Victorian Dad, but catch the scum and then set fire to their houses. Seem to have had a spate of these in Scotland during this season, real shame.
  12. Glad some of you are 'old school' using pen & paper, the use of colours very scientific ! Mine just go in this book with my records of rugby union/League, cricket and speedway stadiums I've been to. Before dementia sets in, I can still visibly recall most grounds, blurred I admit.
  13. Great display Pollok, fully deserved to get through on the night.Looked excellent under the lights too, worth getting them up. Only complaint, get the handyman up the ladder and repaint the covered side roof - can remember it gleaming black & white.
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