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  1. At least we have a potential start date, (after furlough ? ) any more news on any div2 clubs wantng to have a season off ? all depends on whether fans are allowed in to provide income I imagine.
  2. Thornbury Town (Hellenic Lge) lots of clubs around Bristol have progressed really well with their grounds, once parks teams now at Western League level.
  3. Let's hope a shortened season is agreed prior to kick off , don't want any more cry baby, hard done by stories running all summer long ! Think most leagues will be slightly different next season, at least, depending on how the viruses behave over the winters.
  4. Hopefully we won't get many occasions when teams cry off due to lack of players, should have known the number of players they had / were likely to sign on, before they applied to join the 20's. Positive stuff for the youngsters, wish I could turn back the clock 🕛 just go and enjoy yourselves.
  5. Agree 100% if I can try and see inside their minds it sounds like a Senior club are trying to play in a Junior Cup - bit like Man City or someone playing in the FA Trophy. Call yourself Glasgow Brickworks FC and play non bricked, who cares ? The Juniors have gone, they were great times, let's move on please.
  6. Boring but every F.A does not like getting beaten, even questioning a booking/sending off can lead to a longer ban,heavier fine. As to Hearts,well, 1)overspent a big budget 2) lost a vast majority of games 3) other teams had the cheek to beat them 4) took part in the end of season vote and 5) believe they are bigger than the spfl and law of the land. HOW UNFAIR LIFE IS ⚖️
  7. Admit some of that maybe true,looking ahead, what can these sort of clubs aspire to ? or are they just happy to be part of the spfl ? Hopefully the big hitters of non league can find their way through - could spfl2 be enlarged,just playing home and away ? As with the English Leagues some clubs have their time and then sink back to their level, Stoke, Ipswich etc. Guess that lower Scottish clubs have a smaller pool of players to pick from,makes it difficult.
  8. Just imagine, Ashley gets out of Newcastle and then looks for another club to become his cash cow 🐄 I just wonder.... Seems like the bigger the club, the more desperate need to find money from anywhere, good or bad. Hate somebody - don't buy from them .
  9. What happens when Hearts go down,fail to perform as title favourites and finish 5th...do they say it's unfair to keep them down coz they're a big club ? No club should be taking season ticket money yet, only when fans are allowed in. Guessing that every Hearts home game will be sold out in the Minor Championship ? Putting players on stupid money has to include a relegation clause, common sense.
  10. Well,that was a remake of the Longest Day or 12 Angry Men - did we actually get anywhere apart from Hearts overpaying their players , finishing bottom, and then complaining they may 'suffer' through getting relegated. Surprised the judge n jury stayed awake, roll on tomorrow.
  11. Would be excellent news to see the North Juniors progress at their own pace to join the pyramid, some clubs possibly won't be interested or be financially unable, would be positive move though - then we'll get the Juniors mustn't die rants on here again.
  12. October to May around 32 weeks, just needs a bad winter to upset things. Wonder if the WOSFL plan on arranging many night fixtures to get games played ? that on say Tues/weds would be great. The spfl should be able to get games cleared including night matches. Being a late start to the season, would they have a winter break again ?
  13. Was he talking about just the professional game ,as he wasn't very clear ,like every politician. Once you get hundreds or thousands into the shopping malls etc and the pubs are almost normal again - then no reason why football/sport should take a back seat. Think that fear has replaced common sense on some things covid19.
  14. Great news over the 30/38 split, just wondering if next season will ever happen...nothing until October then, maybe divisions of 10 East and 12/12/14 in the West just to get the games in somehow. With the ground situation, would the lge think of Thursday and Friday games ?
  15. Seeing as it looks like NO football before October then season 20/21 will have to be planned differently, maybe the future divisions of 16 etc be put on the back burner for a while longer. As we're all friends together let's call West the Companionship 😀
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