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  1. Looking forward to watching the game, with the ground capacity, any news on more ground improvement in the future ? Going for a 2-2 draw.
  2. No interest in the O.F , the entire spfl reserve/academy thing is a shambles. As far as I know, reserve teams aren't allowed in the spfl (maybe wrong) If the big boys won't play youngsters in the 1st team, then let them prosper somewhere else. Are the OF going to be in the Lowland again next season ?
  3. Think the South has a future for these clubs, can't see many wanting to join the WOSFL or progressing too far up the pyramid. Similar to the County Leagues down south - the jump up is too far and costly, while the players enjoy staying local.
  4. Thanks, do use the WordPress quite a bit, very useful. When I download the EOS my old tablet won't open the file. Will keep looking at both the Lowland and EOS websites for updates. Used to enjoy the West Youth stuff on a Sunday (Troon etc) but that seems to have gone. Trying to fill my next week in November with as many games as poss. (October saw me get 7 games)
  5. What a shambles, we may not know all the facts but this one stinks. Feel sorry for the players and management, who if are unpaid, deserve credit for their results so far. How many games can they p-p if they have no players ? and would the WOSFL make an example of them, regarding future postponements ?
  6. Where can I find these under 20 fixtures and venues ? Maybe my lack of keyboard skills, but couldn't find it on the WOSFL website probs right in front of my eyes !
  7. Hopefully those new signings don't all come from Penicuik's under 20 squad, thus decimating them. Good luck to the new boy, would be nice just to see the Vale competing at least. Seems the club have made mistakes, hope that's in the past now - no real benefit struggling year after year.
  8. Looking forward to the draw as I'm back up in Scotland November 13-21st, so if some games can be played on the Friday as well, then I'll be happy ! I like the cup seeing as there are quite a few rounds before the final itself, not the old Junior Cup, but definitely worth winning imo. Do the winners get into the Scottish Cup or anything ?
  9. Always thought that when the 'big' games arrive, then all parties should do their best to stick them on terrestrial tv - this is where the £ comes into it, as Wily E.Coyote said when offering a pittance for a half decent Scottish cup game. I saw the 2nd half and then later on Sportscene, too late for me usually. Sky - we hate it, we love it. Money talks sadly.
  10. Last game of the week : Ardrossan 2 Drumchapel 3 just like last week, Rovers got caught at the death after looking like getting a point. Drumchapel had players who had/could play at a higher level but were made to work hard by the constant harassment from the home side. Unlucky for the o.g defender couldn't do much about it, but time and again 'Chapel had free headers inside the box, always a threat. Really decent game, and a good ground and set up.
  11. Agree, had the gift of the own goal but Shippy rarely threatened until late on. The two quick goals did the job, especially that cracker from way out. Lochore looked good going forward, always likely to score again, while the hosts didn't look a cohesive unit - chasing long balls too often. Decent game, must have been 150+ in the ground.
  12. Most teams that I've seen, who are cast adrift, usually have local youngsters who clearly aren't up to the level. Unless you find £ to throw around, which doesn't last forever, swallow your pride and go down. Can't see the joy of perennial strugglers getting beaten by 10+ scorelines. Will try to see the Vale this season.Good luck in the games ahead.
  13. Thanks, thought that it was both. Both clubs can't have any complaints then, should be a warning to other clubs - points deducted or cup ejections may not matter, bang the fines up to hurt clubs.
  14. Hopefully the Vale just manage to survive and find a level they can compete in. See so many sides down south, out of their depth, some clubs die then reform, think relegation is a relief. All depends on the pool of players available. 13 is a hard one to swallow, unless they can bring in experience or something asap.
  15. Latest game at Petershill v E.K wasteful visitors in the 1st half, one clear cut and several going high and wide. Peasy had crosses with no one on the end of them. Clear pen 10 E.K appealing for offside after a deflection sets the player clear to shoot home 20. Late consolation 21 margin of victory could have been bigger, final ball poor on occasions. No Pie &No Bovril, covid related I guess.
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