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  1. Thought dunfermline were very lucky to get the win today, Alloa certainly deserved something out of it. Thought it was a clear penalty for the pull on sammon, he had no need to go down as he was getting away from the defender, No sure what was wrong with Robbo today but I thought his presence was missed in there as King and Millar are a bit lightweight and it was always a risk playing Durnan who didn't look 100% fit The keeper could have done better for the goal but it was a total fluke and just caught him out of position. Impressed again with Stanger and I think he is capable of playing at a higher level,he has all the attributes to be a good defender.
  2. Do you think hogarth will be the back up keeper, I think Muir has come on the scene after they've committed to the hogarth deal and they may not have went with hogarth if muir had come about earlier, jmo
  3. Not convinced with Stanger on past couple of showings but hope I'm proved wrong
  4. I heard he's on a pre season tour with an spl team and will be back from that next week and joining up, Need a centre half as well if it turns out Durnan will miss 3 months of the season with fire service training.
  5. Took in the game last night and thought at times stirling were knocking the ball about well without a real cutting edge and Alloa took chances. If you're gonna rely on Robert Thompson getting you goals I think you'll struggle as he's nvr been prolific, although can do a job with someone beside him, he's a bit like Connor sammon In that respect I was impressed by the number 10 for Albion,
  6. Earlier post says the no 10 was Bradley Rodden who has been playing for Rossvale, couple o good finishes but I didn't think he offered much more, I thought the no 11 looked tidy enough, Was quite impressed by the colts no12
  7. I'm with you , I wasn't over impressed with no 10 although he finished well for his 2nd goal, I thought no 11 looked OK and was always available for a pass and moved the ball about well Yes I thought colts no 12 looked decent
  8. My opinion of boyd is he can do so much good on the ball and totally make an arse off the end product, this happened far too often last season for me, he's very quick, skillfull and direct though but final pass sadly lacks. I think he'll struggle at top end of championship
  9. Hes hoping for full time football I think , no great loss imo, no end product majority of the time
  10. Unfortunately for yourself you'll propably be stuck with scougall for another year unless some one makes an offer alloa can't refuse, I can't believe you don't see him as an integral part of the team, he's been our best player since Brian Rice came in, you just had to be at the game on Saturday to see as soon as he went off we fell out the game and stopped creating chances
  11. I actually thought the bombscare he's referred to had a good game on Saturday and was probs you're best defender, It was never a sending off, another terrible decision by poor officials and not the first this season
  12. If alloa play the way they did until the sending off on Saturday I think they can win, and keep 11 men on the park Alot of these boys played as if a huge weight had been lifted off their shoulders and it was refreshing to hear some positive encouragement from the bench for a change
  13. Be good to have it back, it might create a wee bit of atmosphere about the place again Of course we need to get a goal 1st
  14. Will we be getting a return of the A Team music now Barry's away or was that just false talk that he put a stop it Its the first thing my son asked when he knew he was gone
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