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  1. Yes seen it with him during a game, turns to connolly and malcolm in frustration slating players, very little encouragement from him, then when the big mistake happens he can't understand why they've done it but he's the guy that signed them . Moral at the club seems low at the moment and they'res definately a divide there. This might be trivial but I'm assuming its barry thats put a stop to the A Team music being played after a goal is scored, its left my 9 year old quite dissapointed
  2. Thanks for the reply mate, tbf i think the boys looking at it as a stepping stone to get back up the leagues,
  3. Any of you guys able to tell me what Griffin Sabatini was like as he's playing as a trialist for a local junior club tomorrow where my mate is a coach
  4. Don't know how montrose will approach the game but hopefully their style is too come out and have a go at it as I think alloa might have more success if that's the case, I thought against airdrie alloa struggled to break a tight, compact team down and only got a bit of success when they went longer but too little too late, so hopefully montrose will have a go as they say
  5. Navy blue, youre last excuse there is a belter, my 10 year old wouldn't even come away with that
  6. Good result for alloa, hopefully they can kick on from this as I do think they're capable of challenging at the top end of the division But for falkirk I can't understand why they get it so wrong year after year
  7. Think they've got the under 20s goalkeeper in the squad now, who I'm told is a very good prospect and the reason why mcdowell was allowed to leave.
  8. Parrys 's not the only goalkeeper that's away, im hearing mcdowall is no longer there either
  9. Hearing Neil parrys away to clyde, this will come back to haunt alloa
  10. Yes I thought they looked more dangerous when sammon got taken off and boyd went up front , sammon offers very little for me, I can't work out how he likes the ball too him, its certainly not in the air as he wins very little for a big guy , a good point though with being down to 10 men which I think was deserved, you can't go into tackles like that when you're sitting on a yellow card. The goalkeeper was totally at fault for the queens goal ,so does he have a goalkeeping choice to make,
  11. Great result for raith yesterday, well done, how's Liam dick doing for youse guys, always thought when he was at alloa he could play at a slightly higher level, he maybe just lacks a bit of pace I would say but a decent player, also I see zannatta is again showing the form after a couple of years in wilderness, wish we still had both these players at alloa now as they linked up so well down the left hand side for us. Good luck boys
  12. How did stevie hetherington play ? Maybe now he's captain his booking count might go down, he was always a favourite at alloa though, wholehearted player
  13. Gonna be a long season for alloa I think , it doesn't seem to be a happy place right now. The players signed are not going to get them back up to the championship. Crying out for a striker as sammon not good enough and armours goals return is really poor for a striker
  14. Is this the same Steven boyd that scored a screamer against rangers for hamilton
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