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  1. Parry looks as if hes got a sore one. Just came out for a through all and something looks to have went, doesn't look good, wilson on now
  2. Thought adam brown had a decent game last night, his final decision making can be criticised at times but I thought he did well, definitely need more firepower up front though as Thomson wont get enough goals and Buchanan's best is behind him, Evan's looked sharp though
  3. It be the same as any other club where players are identified and the manager will look at them and maybe speak to representatives of the player and their wage demands will be sky high. This is where it's hard for part time teams as they're propably hoping guys have got right good jobs and playing football is a top up on wages and they happen to be good players. Alot goes on behind scenes we dont know bout.
  4. Will do a good job for you , big strong centre half
  5. Although still young I was not impressed by him at all, would not come off his line, kicking was poor and didn't do enough organising the defence. But as I said still young and loads of time to improve but I think you should be looking at better.
  6. Iain flannagan will be a big loss to alloa the way peter grant wants them to play , flannagan was a very brave player and would take the ball in areas others wouldnt dream off in order to keep possession, always seemed effortless too him, very good player who could have played at a higher level .
  7. You never know in the current situation he might not have a job to go back to so full time football at this stage might suit him. I
  8. Thought alloa played well today, and I actually think flannagan not playing allowed us to get the ball forward quicker as some of the play in the 1st half especially was great to watch. They defended well also especially taggart who I thought was immense, scott banks looks a player and had to great efforts after some great footwork. But I think hetherington was my MOM, but all played really well
  9. Does Dundee still have a club TV channel?
  10. To be making a profit out of football club is few and far between. Alot o clubs spending money they ain't got, well done Alloa
  11. Robbo wont be back in today, still got a problem with his foot
  12. Would bring robertson back in for Stirling possibly, although playing stirling gives the option of going to a 3-5-2 easier. I just thought he looked vulnerable at times against dundee utd
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