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  1. Persisting with ray grant in the middle of the park with hetherington out wde is gonna cost him in more ways than one, grant brings nothing to the team.
  2. The 3 goals have ben gifted to raith with slackness of play.
  3. He has to play hetherington central , as you seen on Saturday he's much more dominant in there and reads the game better. Good pass through by grant for the goal but you can't live off that and he doesn't offer enough. Good point though.
  4. Yes I thought dunfermline completely lost a foothold in midfield and youre manager done nothing to change it, I also think its no coincidence hetherington had as good a game as he had without ray grant in there, I don't think they compliment each other at all. Hes not as dominant when grants in there. I hope peter grant keeps the team the same for Tuesday night.
  5. Aye I'd tend to agree with you but they've propably overachieved for a few year, I'd be more worried about dunfermline and yet another year in the championship or is that their level
  6. If he's running scottish football he's needing to do something about these referees, I know its easiest thing to do and blame the ref but some of the decisions against alloa this season have been shocking,
  7. How alloa got beat is beyond me, that dunfermline team won't get out that league,
  8. Its hard not to give the part time managers an extra mention as they're job i would say is harder than the full time guys, they're only getting to work with the players a couple of hrs on a Tuesday and Thursday night. Although expectation is maybe not as high although id like to see some of the full time guys trying to be a success working that way.
  9. Three away games coming though As much as parry has been brilliant over the piece I think he's struggled to get back to fitness after injuries. He's still pulling off good saves but I think a few of the goals he's lost have shown a lack o mobility about him. The goal yesterday was a shortish pass back but I think he was a bit slow in getting out to clear and he almost got caught in 2nd half as well alhough he did keep us in the game with a good 2nd half save. Don't think he deserves to be dropped but the manager must be thinking about something when he's brought this guy up from forest. Or is it just cover with neils past injury problems.
  10. Its no coincidence alloa played better when he went off , moved the ball better apart from a few loose passes. He's also hindering hetherington from getting more involved
  11. Its like watching a Sunday league game, absolute gash .
  12. Take grant out and put scougall in would-be my shout, bring trouten back into midfield, and play scougall up with cameron.
  13. Thought at the time it was a soft free kick and the replay confirms it, unfortunately Shields has received a sore one, also I certainly never seen evidence of Shields getting "booted off the park". Big 3 points for alloa after a dogged performance,
  14. Agree, not good enough at championship level for me, him n hetherington are too similar and we need more going forward from one o them and hetheringtons the better player. Missing flannagan more than I thought they would
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