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  1. Would rather have Moffat on the bench than Bryden, least Moffat has the quality to change a game
  2. Yet another game Bryden comes on and offers absolutely nothing, someone needs to tell Bullen that he dosent need to bring him on every single game.
  3. On a different note, anyone know if any of the new hummel training wear will be on sale soon?
  4. Anyone know the size difference between the home top and the away one, would I need to size up or down at all?
  5. Does the email have a unique link to buy a ticket? Or is it just an email with instructions of how to log in etc
  6. Thought the stream was good, no freezing at all and picture quality was superb throughout
  7. Anyone else having to size up on the away kit? Both medium and large were on the snug side so had to get an XL which fits perfect
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