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  1. Partick thistle are doing the tango in league 1 baby
  2. I dunno what game you watched but you didn’t deserve that point
  3. We should give away fans what we have Montrose when we won the league the first time . Then when bigger crowds are expected give them the normal segregation
  4. Whole things a shambles, should have covers down or something to prevent it being called off, lovely day in Dundee, only positive is that the alcohol is flowing
  5. Wild that they call it off 4 and a half hours before kick off, Arbroath only 20 mins away so fans don’t have to travel far
  6. Dundee and Brechin both going bust, welcome to the party
  7. Doesn’t look great but only a small portion of the water is actually on the pitch so hopefully dries out/drains in time for Saturday
  8. Hopefully play better than we did last time at dens and can take 3 points back to gayfield
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