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  1. Can anyone explain why there's a full fixture list on Friday, 6th November? Or am I being thick?
  2. I can't tell whether this is satire or not, anymore.
  3. If he was a white guy they must have shot him, as an absolute last resort, because he was dangerous. If it was a black dude, they probably just did it for fun, or because they could. Isn't that the narrative?
  4. I know. That's why certainly the Irish 'famine' can rightly be considered a genocide. One could argue that genocide is when a government intentionally kills people, ans this was just callous indifference. But if you're confiscating food from people who are starving, that amounts to murder, surely?
  5. Must've been a white guy then. Hahaha! There we go...
  6. Well that was my point. But then again, apparently not...
  7. Racists? I've been told it was an attack on asylum seekers by a neo-Nazi?!
  8. Woah! That's some psychopathic shit right there - people are starving to death and regional party officials are only worrying about surpassing their quotas? Or were they just terrified of the consequences of not meeting quotas. Anyway, comrade. The revolution might happen this decade, so who would you put up against the wall first? Tories, bankers, fascists...people who wear glasses? 😄
  9. China was exporting food whilst people were starving. In the Ukraine food was confiscated from people who were starving at gun point. So, aye, they starved to death, but the Holodomor was a deliberate act, whilst in China the government could have prevented it. Still, you get the government you vote for, oh wait...
  10. I'm sure the puns will start once we know more about the victims and attacker's motive. 😄 I remember how I learned of Princess Diana's death, a pal rang me up and said, "Did you hear Princess Diana was on the radio last night..."
  11. I know, Communism murdered 100 million people last century, and you still get vile c***s advocating for it. Fucking depressing.
  12. The far left did kill approximately 100 million people last century...but other than that, they're lovely people.
  13. There you go again with your facts and statistics! "FaCtS dOn'T MaTtEr, It'S fEeLiNgS tHaT cOuNt!" - they probably think you should be locked up for some sort of hate crime, as those facts are RaCiSt! No wonder half of the folk that frequent the politics forum also post in the depression thread, and wonder why people vote Tory. I laugh at their stupidity.
  14. I actually think there were attempts made to stop protests about the grooming - mostly by left-wing groups and the police, mostly, is I recall.
  15. 'What about black on black crime though? type post.' No, it's really not. It's about examining the statistics to verify the cause is genuine before tearing down statues and cheering on a cause that is potentially very divisive and antagonistic, rather than listen to media hysteria. It surely isn't difficult to see how someone from Burnley, a town roughly about the same size as Paisley, might know of girls who have been groomed by gangs and think to themselves "where were all these hysterical protests when that was happening over here?"
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