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  1. @djchapsticks - is it time to update the thread title, sir?! Who has got their number? Mine came today.
  2. Are any Saints fans willing to write to the club and request that they make some concessions for longstanding season ticket holders who have fallen on hard times? I'm thinking they could reserve their seats until at least the start of the season, and keep make the Early Bird prices standard.
  3. Dunfermline's away top is really, really smart. Fair play.
  4. Haha! Aye, I think I'd have to do that if they won't let me do it the honest way. Thanks, pal.
  5. @Ludo*1 - I didn't want to quote your post, but those shirts look fantastic! I'm really envious, actually. Hopefully the sponsor will ruin them! What is it with Partick Thistle and virtue signalling? In all seriousness, it's a very stylish shirt. I'm not sure how they can have the gall to release a third strip though, seeing as they've just been relegated to League 1! Another very smart shirt. I cannot decide whether I like the yellow stripe or not. All the others so far have been average or worse, in my very humble opinion, of course.
  6. Thanks, mate! No, very few games are sold out. In fact I don't think there was a single sell out this season. I hope St. Mirren are willing to do this, but I will not hold my breath.
  7. I can imagine folk do try to scam the club, however that's not my intention. The wee man is a Rangers man first and foremost, but likes St. Mirren. I think he could be converted and thought it'd be good to give the club some extra cash, but he has already told me he will not be coming to every game. Hopefully the club will see sense, and allow me to pay extra to upgrade the ticket when he's not going.
  8. Besides feeling bad for doing the club out of money, it'd be very embarrassing if he was somehow discovered. I'd rather just pay the difference. Hopefully the club will allow me to do that. ETA - Just bought it anyway.
  9. TLDR - please see emboldened text. I'm considering getting a season ticket for my girlfriend's son, who is a Rangers fan. He often comes to games anyway, and besides the fact I'm putting more money in the club's coffers, there'always the chance that I might convert him. Having spoken to him, he says he's okay with the idea but that he might miss some games. As he's under 18 it's a concession ticket, so what I want to know is can I pay to have it upgraded and have an adult friend of mine use his (U18 concession) seat when he's not using it?
  10. This is the second series of Manhunt, the first was about the Unabomber, which I also thoroughly enjoyed. Deadly Games is about the bombings that occurred when the Olympics were held in Atlanta, Georgia in the 1990s. I'm on episode 5, but so far it's really, really good. I'd give it 9/10, though I love these true crime dramatisations. Highly recommended. It's available on Starzplay, which I have subscribe to for just £1 per month through Amazon Prime.
  11. Will season tickets go on sale at midnight, or will it be after 9 or 10 am?
  12. It was good to see a fellow Saints fan in my local Lidl, in the East End, today! Aye, and before some smart Alec remarks, it is such a rare sight to see Saints colours where I stay that it genuinely does deserve a post on here.
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