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  1. Why should a Pollok or Talbot, for example, lose good crowds against each other just so the teams further down get it instead? As I said above the teams in the top 20 are there on merit.
  2. Why comment when you don't what your talking about ? That's the way I see it though. That's why I commented. Lots of greeting about nothing going on.
  3. All teams (outwith the 20) start at T7 are still only 1 season away from T6. Nobody has lost out here, and the Junior "big clubs" are there on merit. Should they lose income from big gates just because the "wee teams" thought they had a chance at a slice of the pie. What will be achieved staying in junior?
  4. Scottish Cup final on grass on a Sunday for me. Hampden would be great but as long as it's grass. Semi finals, 1 leg Friday night all day. As far as a winter break, the xmas fortnight is plenty for me.
  5. 1 of the "big" teams in the West needs to be brave and just say, "if the SJFA doesn't get an all in, we will be moving to WoSL". Once 1 of them say it, the rest will follow. I get the feeling it's what they are all thinking, they just don't want to say it in case the WoSL league doesn't go to plan.
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