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  1. Ye ragin', aye? Naw mate, they weren’t gonna win either .... 😂
  2. They still never won the league. Falkirk were right there & others ... just saying....
  3. To be fair the Clyde goalie & striker Goodwillie deserve it. Plus young a Blair Lyons was a standout in the League. East fife & Raith players are missing from this team. It should be selected by the SPFL 😂
  4. You would think with PT main sponsor being “Employment Law” they would be able to challenge this decision. No club needs to be relegated this season. Also, the Dundee vote was a “No” . Where have you ever heard of a vote being submitted then retracted? Seriously corrupt! This whole SPFL Board need sacked as they have damaged Scottish Football forever. No respect for any of them, absolutely disgusted! Even the newly appointed board dealing with reconstruction. Without doubt only self interest there. The already relegated teams are not their priority and won’t be considered!
  5. Some header clearance from the defender👏 A lot of heavy legs both sides
  6. Your a nice guy.. .. great support for a boy trying to gain confidence.....
  7. Uneducated response from a Falkirk fan as expected.... Perform like that & Raith are sure to Win this League. You had pure Luck yesterday, displayed no quality for a Full time team .....
  8. Montrose were the better team yesterday! even though they lost! That’s football Falkirk should be embarrassed at that performance! Like I said full time team getting paid too much! Did you not see your number 19 being nutmegged by number 20? Well seen edited by your very short highlights 😂
  9. As expected highlights never showed Montrose goal or attacks ... Very poor highlights.. very short... How much are McManus & Salmon on 😂
  10. Falkirk were favourites... . . But after yesterday where they produced no quality whatsoever against a part time team. I doubt very much that they will finish top... just saying!!
  11. Falkirk are a full time team,! Seriously!!! 😂 on what wages? .. .. we all know they were lucky each time .... Yesterday Montrose scored, It was a draw...the ref was a total joke! Called wrong decisions for both sides ....
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