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  1. Is there a cost to FSS if i pay my subscription by PayPal, if there is I will cancel and set up a standing order.
  2. Yeah, I totally agree. You give what you can and you get equal voting rights no matter the amount.
  3. I joined the FSS when it first started and I’ve recently upped my monthly contribution but I see it as a donation to the club, I know I am lucky in the current financial climate to be able to do this. I don’t honestly care about voting rights/owning shares etc but that’s just me and each to their own. I see this more as a monthly donation than anything else.
  4. If they keep developing maybe Finn Yeates and Rumarn Burrell. Don’t know if that’s who they are thinking of but of the top of my head they are the ones that spring to mind.
  5. The thing that I don’t get is there are loads of folk on here with agendas and whether they are right or wrong we all want the same thing, success for the Bairns. Why the f**k can we not just all work together and try and support our club. Think how we would all feel if the Bairns went out of existence, it’s absolutely unthinkable. After a bit of deliberation I’ve upped my monthly FSS contribution, I know to some this just can’t happen as they simply cannot afford it but in my eyes this makes them no less of a Bairns fan than me. You give what you can afford and that’s it. Wouldn’t it be great if we all just pulled in the same direction.
  6. If there was a real danger of the club going out of business fans would dig deep in the short term. This would be a stop gap however and we need sustainable plans going forward which may mean investment from outside forces other than the fans.
  7. Maybe it’s time to get a begging letter sent to Jim Ratcliffe. With Ineos on our doorstep, a few millions to him in sponsorship to the Bairns would be like the rest of us putting in an extra tenner a month.
  8. I pay £10 a month to the FSS and I probably could afford to pay more but now is not the right time. In the same way that I have said to my wife, no way am I booking a holiday for next year until I gauge how this current UK financial cluster f**k develops, then I won’t be committing money out elsewhere. Things are just too risky at the moment, I’m in a privileged position and I know for some the choice is way more stark, heating the house or feeding the family. Badly worded statement that isn’t taking account of the financial plight many fans find themselves facing.
  9. f**k me, I’m in Lanzarote and I think that’s the first time Falkirk have won a game when I’ve been away. Really beginning to love this team COYB
  10. Fucking hate McCoist commentating, in fact just hate McCoist.
  11. That was good, I just wish FFC TV had filmed the carnage in our end when we scored.
  12. I take it under a different name, stupid question as I can’t mind an Olaf on here
  13. My memory isn’t so great now but I did quite like One F, I can’t really mind all the posters, was Olaf Thom one of the folk who used to wind folk up.
  14. Seem to have a lot of members, is that a common trend in your support.
  15. Just had a look at DAFC. net and a number of Pars fans on that thought the pen was soft. Have to say at the game I thought it was a pen but watching the FFCTV highlights I’m not as convinced. To be fair though if it was for us I would have been shouting for it.
  16. I agree with this and I would also give a bit of credit to the much maligned Nesbitt. Thought he was excellent and at no point in the game hid, was always looking for the ball and did his job yesterday.
  17. I’m not knocking Dunfermline for playing to their strengths, you do what you have to do to get out the third tier cesspit.
  18. Two totally contrasting teams for me, Falkirk play nice football, Dunfermline use their presence in the air and have more dig about them. My concern is out of the two, what style is more likely to get you out the 3rd div.
  19. The standard of refereeing at this level is outstandingly bad. We have seen far worse than yesterday, you sometimes wonder if they are actually qualified.
  20. I said to my wife on the way out I felt like it was 2 points dropped. We should have been out of sight by h.t and watching the highlights confirms this. Dunfermline had chances second half but if we go in after 45mins 2 or 3 up the second half is a different game. I also felt all through the game we played nicer football and the Pars relied more on high balls into the box. Think we have a better squad at the moment and if we can get all our injured players back and maybe get a right back in as cover to allow Finn into midfield we won’t be far away. Also think Henderson/Donaldson will become a great partnership, have to mind Henderson is still only a couple of games back from injury. Overall happy with the way we are going.
  21. I used to know one of the Falkirk lads and he always used to wear a bright yellow stone island jacket and he couldn’t understand how the cops always identified him on CCTV
  22. I agree regarding Nesbitt, thought he was excellent today and actually showed a lot of fight and desire. We are quick to rip into him but I thought he was decent today.
  23. All that get involved in that kind of shite are bawbags for me. They fight or dance/jump about in places always covered by CCTV in the knowledge the cops will be there soon. If they seriously wanted a fight then get to f**k into the woods or somewhere like that where you can beat the shite out each other with no interruptions like the Eastern European mobs do. Folk should be able to go to games or go about their business without having to witness these fucktards making a c**t of themselves.
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