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  1. I got a ticket last night and I will be going. My focus if I get the opportunity to ask a question will be more on the board and running of the club than the team as I haven't seen us this season due to not renewing my ST. I hope the place is full and they have an extremely uncomfortable evening.
  2. I questioned this weeks ago with regards to players leaving our club and doing better. There has to be something wrong with the atmosphere at Falkirk FC as it happens way too many times.
  3. Got a ticket for Tuesday night, need to fill the place and make sure they are left in no doubt the current situation at our club cannot continue.
  4. Is it black, i thought it was navy blue. No way should it be black.
  5. This 100%, they would have fecked up not us. As an aside the white kit is nicer anyway and should have been our away strip.
  6. This is true, Dundee wore their home kit (navy blue) against St Johnstone on Saturday and it was fine. Our home kit is dark enough not to clash with teams in royal blue.
  7. I see the 3rd (white) strip was as a result of the SPFL contacting the club and telling them the 2nd strip was too near the colours of Cove, Peterhead and Montrose. I'm sure that was mentioned on here when the 2nd strip was released.
  8. I agree with this. Don't think it's a good idea for managers/players to argue with fans but if fans want to hurl abuse they shouldn't be too precious to get some back. Loved the quote from Eric Cantona when asked if he had any regrets about booting the Palace fan and he replied with a cheeky grin that he regretted not booting him harder. Maybe see Sheerin jumping into the stands soon .
  9. This is a crazy argument. I've no idea what Sheerin said or didn't say but I'm 55yr old and never in my life have I heard someone say "come here and say that" and it's not taken in the context of " you say it again and you're getting your c**t kicked in" or you say it again and I will try to kick your c**t in. Never ever heard it said in a friendly way, maybe just me though.
  10. I agree but I would be hoping Yogi could get better loan players in during the next window. I was just thinking out loud when asked who I would replace Sheerin with, I actually hope he learns from his mistakes and turns this round but from what folk that still go to games are saying it doesn't look like he will.
  11. I was never really in favour of Hughes coming back but I definitely think he could get us out of this league and he wouldn't be a yes man for Holt.
  12. Railway line ran down the back of the Hope Street end. The other end and terracing that ran parallel with the Main Stand had houses behind them. Sure I read somewhere that we could have built an 8000 seater on the site but at the time we moved you had to have 10000 seats to get in the top flight and it wasn't possible at Brockville.
  13. Someone on twitter saying Sheerin was arguing with fans and doing a lot of swearing, not good.
  14. I'm not on Facebook but I wonder if these clowns commenting are actual Falkirk fans.
  15. Go but only if Deans and Holt follow him out the door. Sheerin leaving and that pair staying will change nothing.
  16. We may never have a better chance of scoring but we don't have the players to convert the chances. Bite your hand off for a 1-0 with a scabby o.g
  17. Never seen a thread as quiet as this for a Bairns game the day before the match. Just shows the amount of fucks being given, club is on its arse.
  18. I think before Holt or Sheerin for that matter identify any further signings they should consult their previous clubs fans on P&B to ascertain their scale on the shiteometer. It's amazing the amount of times we are told that signings are shite by fans and 99.9% of the time they are spot on.
  19. We will agree to disagree but my opinion stays the same. Our board are so arrogant that protests will mean nothing to them, the only way to make them sit up and take notice is if ST sales and gates start going down. The only way to force change and make them engage towards proper fan involvement is to starve them of cash. It may be pain in the shorter term but I feel it would be for the benefit in the long run. Whilst there is an us and them attitude we will never all be pulling in the same direction for the good of our club. As I say though each to their own, if folk still want to give them cash that is up to them.
  20. Please give us an idea of what you would do to get your message across to the board. Some of us on here haven't renewed ST's and don't buy merch. 50/50's etc so we are not financing them. Others choose to go to games and voice their displeasure there, I'm not condoning stuff like vandalising folks cars or some of the other shit that has gone before but what would your answer be. The club is on a massive slide and nothing appears to be getting done to address it despite the bullshit Deans and Co. feed the fans.
  21. Because we have way too many of them. League 1 club being run like a top flight club.
  22. If ST sales drop and gates do likewise they will take notice. I also stayed behind outside the main stand when we went down and it done f**k all good. As MSG said the only way to force these clowns to do something is to withhold their funding. Singing, shouting, displaying banners, vandalising board members cars like last time does nothing, in fact if anything it just hardens their resolve.
  23. Yip I am the same, started going mid 70's and the football was shit scratching about the lower leagues in front of piss poor crowds. I honestly thought we had seen the back of this and I truly believe if we had been run better we could and should have been an established top flight club. I'm 55 now and I don't know what the future holds for our club but I doubt we will see us playing at a decent level anytime soon and for that I absolutely hate the c***s running the show just now and for the past 10 years. Our support deserves better but while we rock up in our thousands and give them ST money we won't get it.
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