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  1. Every day following the Bairns is like Sunday 🙄
  2. I see the happy clapper brigade on twitter are slating any fan who requests a refund without knowing the financial situation. A lot of fans may have lost their job or had their hours cut and every penny is important. We really are a c**t of a club with a large number of c***s for fans. Think the time is fast approaching where I chuck it, can't be arsed with it all anymore. Nothing is ever going to change.
  3. Initially though prior to GD pledging shares money was handed over for the January transfer windows with nothing in return, is this not true.
  4. That's why I never joined it, always said the cash should have been in exchange for shares.
  5. We did save the club back then. I used to get paid and head straight to the Bank of Scotland in Newmarket St and pay money into the Back the Bairns account. Also attended loads of events, one of which at the Leapark Hotel was attended by Totts and Crunchie, real club legends. We all pulled together and saved our club. For what, as you say to be treated like shite 20 odd years later.
  6. They are on a hiding to nothing with this as no matter if we only sell 500 ST's they cannot wheel this out as an excuse if we fail to go up, they turned down £600k of investment after all so they don't need the money.
  7. For a fan of another club well said 👏👏👏
  8. I think the full Q&A session will be a staged sham and for that reason I have decided to ignore it. I'm not going to submit a question and the way this is being done confirms further for me that I am doing the right thing by not renewing my ST. They don't want to face the fans, if they did it would have happened before now and would have been an open zoom Q&A.
  9. To be fair to them, if you look back on this thread there is far more details of their bid than there is of the boards reasons for rejection.
  10. It's very difficult just now due to Covid restrictions but boy do we need some kind of fan meeting as soon as its viable. Fans at each others throats is doing none of us any good. We all need to know what's going on. Deep down we all love the club and want the best for it. There is no doubt Falkirk FC has potential but until we are all working together it's never going to happen.
  11. How though with only 26% of the shares and an investment of only £300k do the Rawlins have control. Is that not a worry.
  12. That would be my one question. Maybe if we all ask it they will feel obliged to answer.
  13. I might be naive as to how these things work but could this group no work with the patrons group to buy up shares in the club.
  14. I've no got FB so that doesn't open for me right. Is it like representatives of the different supporters clubs.
  15. Who is the new Supporters Association that Deans mentions the club are working with in the ST pack. He states the club will be working with this group with who will in coming months take up a seat on the board and have input on how the club is run.
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