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  1. Think at this level a decent striker is the hardest position to fill. Every club is looking for a goalscorer and there aren’t that many decent ones around. Think the best bet is to try and get a younger player, a Stokes like loan signing who finds a bit of form and bags a few goals. A youngster with maybe an older guy who is willing to drop to this level could do the trick, but don’t ask me who’s out there in the older guy market. It’s a hard job finding decent strikers.
  2. If he had been more focused when he was with us, got himself in shape and scored a few goals he would have had offers from clubs in leagues higher than us. Most of us would give their all for a chance to have just one minute playing professional football and it’s horrible to see players not grasping how lucky they are.
  3. I got an email from the CI folk and it’s now saying 1600 for tomorrow nights game, it also had the link to the limited edition programme which I clicked on to buy but it’s sold out already.
  4. Whether or not the carrot logo looks great, I don’t mind it, these folk have put their money into our club and should be applauded for it. We most definitely have some moaning b*****ds in our fan base. We are just about to begin our 4th season in the third division of Scottish football, you would think we have more to be concerned about than a carrot logo on a strip.
  5. I tried that and on my 2nd game I stretched to reach the ball and done my hamstring
  6. I used to do that too but sadly my days of fives/running/gym are gone too now.
  7. I agree regarding the red, I don’t even like red away kits. They have to be white for me. Mind you if it is a red away strip it won’t bother me too much as I’m way past the age of buying replica kits.
  8. A 12-3 scudding of the Pars would make it the greatest strip ever
  9. I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure it was mentioned that colours have to be submitted to the SPL well in advance also. I’m not sure if that included shorts, socks etc.
  10. It was mentioned at the meeting that the designs had to be with Puma long before the new board came in.
  11. Never thought about it but someone on twitter said it’s got a wee look of PSG about it. Just a shame we couldn’t coax M’Baptie out of retirement to grace it, he would sort out our midfield frailties.
  12. That 15 away strip was one of our best away strips ever. The home was pretty nice too. That definitely deserved to be a cup winning strip.
  13. If we play decent football and the teams doing well we will forget the blue shorts soon enough.
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