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  1. Wouldn't surprise me though Keena going to Raith and doing well. How often does it happen to us, players leave having not been great and do a good job at other clubs. We sign other clubs cast offs and their fans tell us the player is shit and 99.9% of the time they turn out to be shit.
  2. Yet more examples of these clowns trying to run a 3rd div club like a top flight club. Loads said pre-season that a light blue strip would not do for certain away games. Why do we need 3 strips.
  3. I started going to games with my Dad mid 70's and then with my pals late 70's. I remember crowds of 1500 at Brockville, the only bus going to away games was wee Bubbles double decker picking up at York Squ, Grangemouth then Brockville. Despite the rose tinted glasses they were shite times football wise but it's what we are heading back to under the current leadership.
  4. Sorry if it read like it, was in no way having a dig at you as I know you are of a like mind to me. I was agreeing with your post and the fact that most of us, you included identified the problem of lack of a goal scorer early doors which should have been one of Holt's top priorities to rectify.
  5. I like Morrison and think he is decent and no doubt we miss him but I'm not so sure on the 15+ goal front. He started well last season and when things started going a bit wrong faded a bit. Don't think it's good pinning our goal scoring needs on wide players. I can't comment on the front men that have come in as not seen them but going by the majority of posts on here the need for a striker hasn't been addressed.
  6. Think if you look back at this Forum from the end of last season, through the summer until the start of this season there was loads of us posting that lack of a striker was a huge issue and this was where Holt should be focusing his attention. It was clear last season that we needed more goals in the team. Many on here stated that the type of striker we needed just wasn't available out there but to me that was bollocks, Holt is being paid to find these hidden gems and so far he hasn't done it.
  7. I fear you are right and can't see the decline ending anytime soon. The crowds will probably start to dwindle as well the longer we are at this level. Will be very difficult to attract the next generation of FFC fans to start watching the team.
  8. I agree but just can't see it happening. Not attending games so I'm not aware if there has been any fans voicing their feelings towards the board. Something definitely needs to change. Things keep going the way they are and we could be getting derbies with the Warriors and Binos next season followed by the Shire the next again.
  9. Think it's maybe time for Mr Deans, Holt, the Rawlins and the rest to hold a meeting for the fans. Not the type where they get to see questions first. A meeting like we had previously under the main stand with McKinnon, Margaret Laing, Lex Miller etc. It's high time they faced the music. I will mention this when I email the club.
  10. Think until we get a squad and manager who accept the fact that we are in the 3rd Div cause we deserve to be here and are willing to fight like f**k to get us out of it we are going to struggle. We need players who are up for the fight and not everyone other c***s cast offs.
  11. We sign too many players who don't have enough fight in them. We have a squad full of smaller players who are quite skillfull but get bodied in most games. To get out this league you need a bit of heart and fight and we lack it. f**k getting a DOF, Chief Executive etc just get us out this league, even if it means us signing the cream of the part-time market.
  12. Where is Bantabairn or the other board fanboys tonight. Could they please explain to us how Deans and his band of jokers are going to turn this mess around and is there any chance of them doing the decent thing and fucking off.
  13. Cheers for this. I would also encourage as may as possible on here who are not happy with how things are going to contact the club. It's a start and at least lets them know we are not happy.
  14. I will write to the club as well. Wasn't there mention at one of the Q&A sessions of an email address that could be used to contact the club with issues.
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