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  1. So happy with that, I wouldn’t have let him go when we did.
  2. Are they the kind that’s going to get us into the Champions League places
  3. They have a really bad element amongst their support, very right wing and staunch as feck.
  4. I paid for the ppv stream today but it was an awful watch. I actually fell asleep with 20 mins to go and missed the second goal. Mind you it was a braw wee nap I had.
  5. Well that was horrible, we look like we’ve just met each other.
  6. Mine is fine. Quality of football isn’t good so far though.
  7. I agree, his final ball is horrendous and he misses way too many chances for me. Getting money for a player in the current financial climate would be an achievement in itself.
  8. If we could get 40k for Morrison, I would be happy with that.
  9. I’ve said many times on this forum that we should go to a hybrid model until we are out of this league. Look at the top end of the part time market instead of continually dealing in the dregs of the full time players.
  10. I’m maybe out on a limb here but if Rennie and Miller were willing to stay past this season I would be having these talks with them now, the new board may be doing this. From what I’ve seen there is definitely an improvement in the way we are playing, we are creating far more clear cut changes and barring the defensive frailties we could have beaten Airdrie. January is always an extremely difficult window and I would like to see them given a close season and a chance to build something for the future, that’s if he was willing to relocate.
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