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  1. Our play is really slow and laboured, we don't get the ball forward fast enough. Apart from Morrison no pace about the team and the back 4 and keeper look shaky. Early days and hope to see lots of improvement going forward.
  2. Skelped the Forfar boy on the back of the head in front of the ref
  3. Enough of the shtey replays of f**k all. Get in there 😁
  4. Phoned, should get it tonight from the FFC TV guys 👍
  5. Me too, still not had my FFC TV email yet though.
  6. How quick do you get your email from Falkirk TV if you renew your ST. Would I have it for tomorrows game if I renewed this morning ?
  7. Would he rather clubs went to the wall. Did he have a go at the Pars for taking German investment or is his issue only with America.
  8. This is my second season that I've not renewed. The end of the relegation season absolutely sickened me. I retired in the September of that year after working shifts for years snd taking holidays, swapping shifts etc to get to games but I had just had enough and decided I wasn't giving them the money. I obviously still love the club but we desperately need change.
  9. I'm not talking about just tonight. For years our board have made decisions that have hurt the club and the majority of our fanbase have done nothing apart from the protest at the back of the stand a couple of seasons ago. The fact a club with our fanbase find ourselves competing in the 3rd division of Scottish football for a second season is disgraceful in itself before we even start on scrapping the youth set up, accusing fans of racism, treating long serving employees like shit etc etc.
  10. Exactly, for years the boards of FFC have taken the piss out the fanbase and the majority still rock up to part with hard earned dosh. These individuals are finance driven and the only way we were ever going to get change was to hit them in the pocket and not buy ST's, merchandise etc. but never going to happen.
  11. Watched most of his Youtube videos and on the whole they are decent. Seems to get most of his facts from wikipedia and he does a wee history of the area as well. Most of the time he gets hunted when he tries to get into stadiums so FFC have came out of this really well with the access he was given.
  12. Connor Sammon is shite Joe, shut the f*ck up
  13. 3 replays of a pen that never was while play is down the other end of the park, holy f**k FFC TV is dire.
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