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  1. I've no love at all for the royals but I wouldn't have booed, I would just have sat and let those who want to respect it crack on.
  2. Go with yesterdays formation and attack from the start, none of these shitebag tactics. Would rather get beat having a go than get beat trying to sneak a draw.
  3. Watched the highlights and this shows how more creative we were yesterday and how players we have all slagged off performed when the team is set up to attack. If the management team change this in the remaining games and we fail to win the league it has to be on them. We definitely have the players with the quality to win our remaining games but we have to attack teams. Sammon and Keena need game time together to form an understanding.
  4. I'm not just talking about our Stadium, I wonder how it would have gone down all across Scotland. Obviously at Ibrox, Tynecastle and Airdrie would have been observed but I'm no so sure elsewhere.
  5. How would that have gone down in grounds all across Scotland if fans had been in stadiums 🤔
  6. Got to be fair and say Sammon has looked decent so far and has the better of the Clyde defence. We just need to get better delivery into the box.
  7. Fingers crossed there are many superspreaders amongst them 🙏
  8. BBC reporting it's all Sturgeon and the SNP'S fault, their nasty seperatist behaviour has driven the young man to an early grave.
  9. Anyone saying Falkirk are playing decent football knows f**k all about the game or they haven't been watching us. I agree re the club and Crunchie, if they have been in the least bit awkward about fans getting the money together to name the stand after him tell them to go f**k themselves and honour the wee man in another way. These b*****ds do everything they can to piss the fanbase off. They only understand money and unfortunately withholding it from them is the only way to hurt them. Sadly I think the Rawlins are our last hope, if this goes tits up god knows how we progress as a club as we still have too many "happy clapper" COYB facebook supporters amongst us.
  10. You won't get many arguments from Falkirk fans. We have to watch the shit they try to pass off as football every week.
  11. Cheeky b*****d to be honest. What gives him the right to say that about Airdrie when we really haven't looked to play football in a long time. Stinks of a sore loser who is living on borrowed time.
  12. Oh for a wee sustained period of stability 🙏
  13. Tell you all something, being a Falkirk fan isn't an easy gig. I am a glass half empty kind of guy, my wife says I always see the negative side of things and I truly blame it on 47years of following they navy blue b*****ds. They cause so much heartache in my life that it's hard to be positive about things. I would bite your hand off for us to be a well run club with a good board, manager,players that don't always seem to be pulling in the opposite direction from the majority of the fanbase.
  14. Just get them and the majority of their shitey signings to f**k. Absolutely scunnered with this club just now. As a support we have had more than our fair share of pish for too long in my opinion. Could we not just cancel the football again, I was happier then.
  15. Give Holt the job for the rest of the season and see if he can improve us sufficiently to get us over the line, has to be worth a try.
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