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  1. The issue is getting contracted players out. I totally agree we need players out and new ones in but it’s going to be hard to move them on if they don’t want to go or can’t get another club. I pray the club manage it though.
  2. I see in the Herald McGlynn talks about players playing themselves out of the team and the requirement for players to step up to the plate. It has taken him too long to learn that there are players in that squad who are incapable of that yet he has persisted with them. We need to see a bit of movement come January. We need a right back, a ball winning midfielder and a goal scorer. I don’t see it happening as we don’t have the cash and I think McGlynn would struggle to move any on. We have definitely improved under McGlynn and he has brought in on the whole better players but he needs to find his best 11 quick and he needs to rethink his lone striker strategy, especially where Burrel is concerned. The worrying thing for me is we now look as likely to concede goals as we do score them.
  3. I would say Coll Donaldson and Stephen McGinn, although McGinn looks like he needs a rest. Finn Yeats, Ola Lawal are in the “have the potential” camp. Leon McCann although not a McGlynn signing has been like a new, decent signing.
  4. I’ve been as critical as anyone on the fact that McGlynn has been hamstrung by Holts signings but the fact he keeps picking them ahead of his own signings is worrying.
  5. Think refs have been told not to give us penalties.
  6. If he swaps Burrell for Alegria it will change nothing. McGlynn needs to find a way to play both as the isolated front man just isn’t working for us.
  7. It’s worrying GB given the rumoured financial situation. Another season in L1 isn’t appealing but looks like what we’ll be facing.
  8. This is beginning to look like every other season we’ve had in L1 in that we gradually get worse as the season goes on. So many individual errors, a midfield that just isn’t fit for purpose and the lone striker who is totally isolated.
  9. Did Dundee not beat us in the first game ever at TFS. Granted it was a friendly but a win none the less.
  10. Didn’t get in for The Twilight Sad but agree The Cure were immense. So pleased they played One Hundred Years my favourite Cure track. Thought the couple of new songs were decent too.
  11. Tory c**t has a nice ring to it if you’re looking for something else.
  12. You forgot Juan Alegria (Rangers, loan), here to help.
  13. I’m to blame, I kicked the arse right out it during my recent visit to hospitality. If me and my chums hadn’t drank so much we’d probably have the cash for the 4th stand instead of being in this perilous predicament.
  14. Nope, they went out of circulation in September, even in Airdrie.
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