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  1. Should we really be surprised that our club has gone from well run to the bones of its arse in a couple of years. We have board members who have previous for running good/trusted companies into the grubber in a short period of time.
  2. Hopefully Lee and David can get them playing, would be happy with them going forward if they can turn things round. Agree however that it does give the players some power going forward if they decide they are going to down tools.
  3. I don't believe that the club will be looking for another manager. I think Miller and McCracken will have been told that they have a period of time to prove they are up to the task and if they do they get the gig. I might be wrong but I don't see either coming unless they have been given some assurances.
  4. Looks like he is just going through the motions, interview was flat and he looked like his team that he couldn't be arsed. He needs to f**k off followed swiftly by the arseholes that are running our club into the ground.
  5. That's funny my Wifes first game last season was the cup tie at Ochilview, she hasn't been back since.
  6. I hate the board/msg and for that reason I will stay away from TFS, they would however go up in my estimations from lower than a snakes belly if they sack that useless c**t tonight.
  7. So glad I never renewed my ST, these absolute jokers in charge of our club don't deserve our support. I had pledged to support the BTB bid but I'm not sure I would put any money in now whilst any of the board/msg are still at our club. I have spoken to others this morning who are of a similiar mind They treat the fans with utter contempt. They have handled this whole situation terribly, they were told at every turn that MC was not the genuine article but it has taken them over 3 months to work this out. They are a disgrace.
  8. Never been to hospitality in my 47 years following the Bairns, agree that when you see the pictures you struggle to recognise any of the folk there. I got offered a free place a few years ago by my pal who worked for a Grangemouth plumbing company that went bust, when I realised who was at the back of the offer I declined.
  9. If beating us all the time gets rid of McKinnon then i'm sure our fans will contribute to the cost.
  10. Just seen the crowd was over 4000, the board will do f**k all regarding McKinnon whilst numbers like that are rocking up to TFS. Haven't been to TFS this season as didn't renew, are the fans getting vocal against McKinnon yet ?
  11. The season starts next week or some other pish like than, man is a clueless clown.
  12. Probably because his car got done after the last game of the season.
  13. Have watched the last 2 games on FFC TV as on holiday and what strikes me about McKinnon is his lack of tactical ability to change things. His substitutions are always like for like and his changes rarely influence the flow of the game. I wanted rid of him at the end of last season and nothing I have seen in the East Fife game or today has changed that. I do think we have a squad capable of winning this league but not under McKinnon.
  14. Time to take a gamble !!! Not a chance, if this guy is not 100% the real deal then no way should our board/msg be doing any sort of gamble on the future of our club. I also disagree with your comments about Kenny and the btb bid. For me all they have done is raised concern with regards to the MC bid, as to whether he is a genuine person and has the financial backing to complete the deal. I obviously cannot speak for others involved but they would still have my backing and financial support.
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