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  1. Do you think he'll make it back to the top? Too early to say for definite. There were glimpses of the talent that took him there, but he mostly didn't set points up very well, was fairly passive and didn't counter punch as well as he used to. But he knows he needs match time and to improve physically, so, if he can do both of those, the natural talent could take him back competing at a high level.
  2. Andy papped out in 3 sets tonight. Looked to me as if he was struggling a bit physically, particularly with his movement, after winning the first set. Could be his legs were a bit heavy after his exertions this week. Looked decent enough in the first set and would undoubtedly have won if he'd maintained that level. Good match time for him though and all part of building towards next year.
  3. It was the preview f the game on the OS where I saw it. Assuming Ross had a 2 game ban, should be available for Saturday.
  4. Think McGeacie is back for this one - sure I saw that somewhere. His second game suspended was the midweek one. Can't quite understand that since Banner wasn't suspended. Maybe tomorrow's SO will clarify.
  5. Didn't see the incident but the reaction of the QP players said it all. You don't get that kind of response unless it's a really bad foul.
  6. Shitting ourselves is the basic view. As a fan owned club, we are committed to living within our means as things stand. Like most clubs we'll be looking to maximise our income from sponsorship and other avenues. If the unthinkable happens, there's no reason currently to think that approach would or should change.
  7. Excuse the interruption, but thought you'd like to know Peaso has signed for the Shire.
  8. Don't think there's any Cove posters about yet to take the bait.
  9. Love your optimism Jake. Us old farts tend to look at the worst possible outcome first. When we're 10 points clear with 4 games to go, I'll start thinking of the title.
  10. Think that's a fair summary of our recruitment so far, pretty much just okay. Hoping that the manager can gel the players into a hard working, balanced team. That may be enough to at least get to the play offs this season. First priority is to get as far away from 10th as possible!
  11. Would welcome some of your first team squad players obviously. Darren Smith about to be announced as signing for a team further up the ladder from us. Clyde did cross my mind (I don't have any inside info) so there may be some quid pro quo going on.
  12. Well done Clyde. Some of the Clyde threads on here have been cringeworthy at times, but can't doubt the passion of the fans for your club. For that reason I hope you have a great night and enjoy League 1 when it comes. Suspect you might do pretty well next season. Condolences to Annan fans. Wouldn't be surprised to see you challenging for the title next year.
  13. Cheers, good to know there are intelligent footballers in League 2 even if it was us who suffered on this occasion.
  14. Interesting. Without taking anything away from the strike, I thought the fact the shot went round the wall suggested our keeper might not have set the wall up properly. May well have been expecting a right footed shot though and Cox has just outsmarted him. Thought Cox was outstanding on Saturday, and would happily have him at Forthbank.
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