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  1. As I remember it, we had a decent penalty claim turned down by the German referee. The Georgia manager was also German. Not that I'm being cynical....
  2. France finished the group two points ahead of us so a draw wouldn't have helped.
  3. I joined a couple of organised walking groups recently, to get myself off my backside and out for some exercise during/after the lockdown restrictions. On my latest jaunt, I got talking to a 40-ish year old Aussie who came up with the most outlandish Covid conspiracy I've heard yet. According to him, the FBI/CIA/MI6/Mossad etc discovered a huge terrorist plot. In order to foil it, they decided they had to put an immediate stop to all international travel. How to do this without causing world wide panic? Easy... invent a global pandemic! So there is actually no C-19, nobody has died. It's all a cover story to foil those pesky terrorists.
  4. Both teams agreed it made more sense to play the game in Dundee rather than drag both sets of fans down to Hampden and not even half fill it. Dundee won toss of coin for venue.
  5. For The Shire, I can think of Ian Crawford, Dan McLindon, Bobby McCulley, Billy Little and Derek Ure off the top of my head.
  6. "The problem is that when the pyramid was started, the juniors weren't involved." Entirely at their own choice.
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