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  1. You'd have to eat the chocolate on top first though, to reach the caramel. Or do you eat them both together?
  2. Can't say I've tried that, however I find the only way to eat a Ferrero Rocher (and the white Rafael equivalent) is to carefully bite off the chocolate/nut layer first, then the wafer, leaving the inner chocolate for last.
  3. "Much as I like Gillingham, I don’t like going there on a Tuesday night" Forgot to add "wet" to Tuesday night....
  4. Little black..... whoops, sorry.... Pacific black ducks.
  5. Red browed finch, aka red browed firetail
  6. The very chap.... "Eiður is the son of Arnór Guðjohnsen, who was also an Icelandic international footballer. He made his full international debut for Iceland as a substitute for his father in 1996"
  7. Actually a bit tame now considering what's gone before... but this is an eastern brown snake, second most poisonous in the world. h2 1401.MP4
  8. Can't remember exact details, but wasn't there a case of a son substituting his father for the Iceland national team not so long ago? Late 90s maybe?
  9. Where did you see this? I live in Brisbane, spotted this one on a walk beside the local creek.
  10. It's a pheasant coucal. An Australian cuckoo but brings shame to the family by building and laying eggs in its own nest and raising its own young.
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